How to activate your Merkaba? Awaken your body of Light

- Célia Jeandel

How to activate your Merkaba? Awaken your body of Light

Discover the power of your Merkaba

“Sea” = light
“Ka” = spirit
“Ba” = body

Light, mind and body.

Merkabah or Merkaba is a star tetrahedron, it appears as a three-dimensional 8-pointed star with two triangular pyramids, one points upwards, the other downwards. Coming from the spirituality of Ancient Egypt, it became very popular in Jewish mysticism and the book of Ezekiel, or in stories of ascensions to heavenly palaces and the "throne of God", but also in many other religions. Use it wisely and for the greater good.

It allows harmonization of masculine and feminine energy, exactly as in Yin and Yang.

To understand what Merkabah is, you must first imagine the energy flow and energy fields that surround the human body. The first, Prana or Chi is the life force. It is the invisible energy that exists everywhere in the universe. Prana enters the body through the top of our head (crown chakra), this is the reason why there is a hole in the top of the skull of unborn embryos which gradually closes and hardens over time. as we grow. The majority of Prana flow passes through the center of our body like a tube. This energy flows through the eight main centers called chakras . Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “to turn the wheel.” From each chakra there are branches of energy lines (meridians) that join every cell of the human body.

The Metatron Cube is a wave form of sacred geometry. This figure superimposes all of the Platonic Solids as well as the Merkaba into a single symbol.

Metatron's Cube orgone pendant

We have a Prana field that surrounds our body due to the meridians and the flow of Prana . This is now the aura field . The auric field is an elliptical-shaped electromagnetic field of energy that completely surrounds our body and whose colors vary depending on feelings, thoughts and emotions. We have hundreds of electromagnetic fields other than the auric field. These fields have precise geometric shapes.

Each of them is composed of three identical fields of the same size and shape. We are able to rotate two of the three star tetrahedron fields in opposite directions using the ancient Prana breathing technique creating a seventeen meter energy field which is our "light" body, the Merkabah.

Official definition of Merkaba on Wikipedia

Using Merkaba for Healing and Balance

The benefits of using Merkabah are very varied:

It is a most powerful healing and protective tool . Using the ancient Prana breathing technique, we are able to restore the flow of Prana through the pineal gland in the center of our brain. This renewed use of our gland, which has been practically dormant for 13,000 years, allows increased use of our telepathic and extra sensory perception capacities.

Merkabah balances and revives activities between the two sides of our brain. Such training strengthens our sensitivities and mental abilities (at present we only use 5-10% of our brain). Merkabah helps us in our spiritual growth, it connects us to our higher self (i.e. to ourselves at a higher level of consciousness).

The Merkaba allows us to feel the unconditional love of Kundalini practice (opening of the heart) healing ourselves and others. Thus the Merkaba allows us to create different peaceful and harmonious realities. The Merkabah can be “programmed” to do anything, the only limits are our own beliefs and our blockages.

There is a very powerful connection between the Merkabah and the Metatron Cube

The Merkaba is like a tool allowing one to transcend reality to access other dimensions. Revived studies and practices of Merkabah are emerging all over the world after so many years of being removed from different sources, including the Old Testament, Kabbalah, and even traditional tarot cards.

Each of our Merkabas is in constant connection with Source , so your creative matrix allows you to combine soul intention with the spark of source energy to create any reality of your choosing.

Like crystals, it is programmed by us, through meditation and intentions. It is in rotation, it rotates actively, thanks to breathing exercises carried out simultaneously with the propagation of our intentions. You alone control your Merkaba , no other human can, although healers can help you with breathing to support your work.

Active programming is yang-based in energy, task-specific, detailed and proactive; If there is negative energy emanating from another person, you can program your merkaba to deflect it. If you desire a specific job or relationship, your merkaba can reach into the energetic matrix and help create that reality.

To affirm, declare, ask and thank is to program the merkabah to easily access this physical reality and to be able to realize all our needs and desires.

How to activate your Merkaba? Awaken your body of Light

Meditation with your Merkaba

Take a meditation position or lie down, close your eyes and clear your mind.

Tetrahedra envelop your body: the male pyramid points upward and begins at your knees, extending several meters above your head.

The female pyramid extends downward from your shoulders and reaches several feet below your own feet.

Do your pyramids rotate? Now let's activate them so that each pyramid rotates in a different direction - the male pyramid rotates left to right around your body and the female pyramid rotates right to left around your body.

Together, they more fully energize your meridians. As they spin, see them create a field of light around your body, growing larger and larger in a saucer-like shape expanded by the centrifugal force of your merkaba.

Breathe in and out, in and out, a circular pattern that further fuels your merkaba.

Now focus on how you would like to shape your personal merkaba. How are you going to get this real personal computer to work for you? Take the time to focus your attention on the subject and define your wishes and intentions with your merkaba now.

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Know that whatever you have planned, your merkaba will now be completely working on it, its goal will now be fixed.

Activation and programming of your Merkaba

  • Relax in a comfortable position, sitting or lying down, close your eyes and let your mind know that you are ready to program your Merkabah.

  • Visualize the tetrahedra surrounding your body; masculine pointing upwards from your knees, and feminine descending from your shoulders to the bottom of your feet. Imagine your pyramids spinning.

  • Activate each pyramid so that they each rotate in different directions, the sacred masculine rotating from left to right around you, the sacred feminine from right to left. Notice if you feel the energy as they activate and spin.

  • Visualize a field of light around your body, which gradually expands into a saucer shape. Breathe deeply and slowly, and exhale. Now focus your attention on what you desire, set your intentions, your Merkaba will work on your vision without parasites.

  • Give thanks and say “And so on” when you are clear about your visualizations. Visualize your aura glowing around you, imagine each of your chakras in harmony with each color and believe that your body and DNA cells are ignited at full power. Know that you are energized and your energy is merging with the matrix to call forth whatever you desire.

  • Rest, rest your body, you may feel like you have left your physical body. Use caution when balancing before driving or moving. Thank your vision, have faith, and expect magic to perform the miracles you desire.

  • Now slowly turn your attention away from your Merkaba and back to your aura, see the healthy glow all around you, your chakras in harmony, your cells are lit to their full potential. You are energetic and doing well.

Come back now, into your body, into this room, and be ready for LIFE!


How to do a Merkaba meditation

The very word embodies its meaning... our body, our mind connected and surrounded by light or energy.

The Merkaba is made up of 2 counter-rotating pyramids, creating energy fields around us. The upper and lower points are energetic polar opposites that complement each other.

The higher point connects us to the divine, the ethereal and grace. It is a force of positive energy .

The lowest point motivates us. It connects to the force of the earth, holding us tight. This is the force of negative energy .

Together, within us, they balance giving us grace and strength if we are willing to follow the journey to source and activate our own Merkaba energy field.
Metatron's Cube orgone pendant

Guided meditation using your Merkaba medallion sculpture/pendant

  • Sit gently with your legs crossed,
  • Place your Merkaba sculpture/medallion in front of you.
  • Place your palms together, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
  • Raise your hands above your head, following the highest point of the Merkaba. As you do, inhale and exhale.
  • “My mind connects to the divine light above. I feel lighter, enlightened and guided by grace.
  • Bring your hands back down.
  • Now feel comfortable sitting up. Feel the power of the earth connecting you.
  • “I am grounded and I stand firm, the strength of our land holds me firm and secure”
  • Now look at the center of the Merkaba. Here is the source. Your being, your soul.
  • “May the celestial divine and the earthly force come together in me. The divine will nourish me and the earth will hold me. I have complete confidence in myself, in my body, my mind and my soul.
  • Now observe the points of the Merkaba. It is your energy from within that radiates through your body, protects you, forms a shield and touches others.
  • “I am protected. I am strong and kind. I am strong and guided in my journey.
  • Inhale and exhale. Raise your hands to your forehead and return to your heart chakra. Thank the Merkaba for his guidance and strength.

The Merkaba represents pure divine energy , constantly rotating, harmonizing, balancing, flowing, moving and expanding in all four directions at all times, supporting you where you want to go. It is said that we can travel via a Merkaba to any spiritual dimension as it infinitely circulates the energy flow of the divine trinity with all elements, in all directions and all at the same time. It harmonizes masculine and feminine energy, so understanding how to work with it can literally allow you to manifest any desires.

The largest energy field that surrounds our body beyond our auric field is our own Merkaba. A healthily functioning Merkaba is therefore composed of two tetrahedra that spin incredibly fast in opposite directions, creating a light body capable of traveling between dimensions and the interstellar.

The Ascended Masters use their Merkaba to connect with higher realms and spirits, it is said that the Chariots of Fire in the Bible (or chariots of the gods) actually refer to the Merkaba. When active, the Merkaba taps into ALL of the energy and matrix of Source that we call earth. The DNA is fully activated and many believe the potential for immortality and even time travel is there, but even more amazing is that your body can heal itself here, and unlimited creation is possible.


How to activate your Merkaba? Awaken your body of Light

Activate your Merkaba with Reiki

Testimony of a Reiki teacher with a group.

If you haven't done so yet, you may want to know how activating your own Merkaba can help you in your Reiki sessions, help you achieve greater clarity and it is also a great process that will teach you how to experience astral travel .

In our last Intuitive Reiki membership group, I taught my students how to activate their Merkaba and what was even more interesting because they had learned Intuitive Reiki , they were all able to experience it easily.

If you want to know more, research the incredible Drunvalo Melchizekek, founder of the School of Memory.

See our article on the powers and memory of water

While playing a video to explain to the students the process of activating the Merkaba, I then proceeded to guide them through the mediation to experience it for themselves, and the video froze. Then I was given clear instructions to guide them through the process using the help of my spirit guide Anya. It was a super fun evening, we brought huge energy and everyone left the room buzzing with happy energy.

As with most spiritual exercises , it is one thing to understand the process, but simply another to experience it. Merkaba is a powerful tool and I strongly suggest that you only attempt to work on it alone when you have thoroughly researched this topic, and intuitive Reiki.

How to activate your Merkaba? Awaken your body of Light

Activate your light body with Reiki

  • Do your research. There are many YouTube videos that clearly explain the process. Look at them, understand the Merkaba and start your journey into the realm of sacred geometry, which is another fascinating subject. Use your discretion when searching the web.

  • Set a positive intention and follow the intention setting process. Keep it simple.

  • Activate Reiki. As you begin the process, I suggest using Reiki to clear your space, call upon your Reiki symbols and healing and teaching guides, and if you like create a crystal grid before you begin.

  • Tune into your heart. To even activate the Merkaba you will first need to get into your heart, I suggest finding a guided meditation to bring you to a place of love and appreciation.

  • Trust your intuition. Start by visualizing the Merkaba, work with breathing techniques that will stabilize you during the activation process.

The Merkaba in sacred geometry

The Merkaba: Just like the “Seed of Life” and the “Flower of Life”, the “Merkaba” is a contemporary name for an ancient geometric figure, popularized among others by the author Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Although commonly described as a " star tetrahedron ", it is actually a star octahedron instead. Star shapes are created by extending the faces of a polygon, producing a new pointed shape where they meet.

Neither the cube nor the tetrahedron can be the stars. When the octahedron is star-shaped, the eight-sided figure becomes a star with eight faces and extended points instead, produced by two interpenetrating tetrahedra.

The metaphysical Merkaba is a restructuring of the energy body, represented as a series of rotating star octahedrons . It is said to be aligned with the main chakras along the spine, ending at a point above the crown chakra and below the foot chakras. Other details like the orientation of the points, the number of merkabas and the directionality of their spin differ between sources.

The seed of life, the flower of life, and the merkaba have all become major symbols of personal and collective evolution in the current renaissance of sacred geometry .

Find now on our blog all our articles dedicated to shape waves.

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  • Bonjour, le site est super! Beaucoup d information intéressante sur la géométrie sacrée … En revanche en ce qui concerne la merkabah, vous ne faites malheureusement qu écailler le vernis, vous avez tout sur ce site pour mettre en relation la merkabah (qui veux dire la même chose que Pyrénée c est à dire «  chariot de feu » qui est la forme activé de la merkaba …), la géométrie sacrée, la fleur de vie qui contient l arbre de vie etc… dans ce que vous proposez on pourrait avoir l impression que vous activez la merkabah… mais non vous ne pouvez même pas activer la première forme qui effectivement s active avec le double tétraèdre car avant il y a du nettoyage à faire pour activer ces champs d énergies! De plus travailler cet outil avec la kundalini est hyper dangereux ! Il faut travailler du haut vers le bas! Je vous invite à vous renseigner auprès de l expert l de la merkabah qui est Orwin Avalon qui a suivi les enseignements de drunvalo melchitsedek ( qui sont incomplets merkabah masculine qui amène à l ego), colette albouker ( merkabah féminine…), smith ( merkabah linéaire) et il a canalisé la merkabah non linéaire… j ai suivi ses enseignements et je l enseigne moi même…. bref si cela vous intéresse vous tapez Orwin Avalon sur YouTube , il fait un peu savant fou mais il maîtrise totalement la merkabah et sait de quoi il parle. La merkabah est en lien avec la tradition égyptienne, hermétique, essenienne, juive, et également avec les tarots. Voilà ce que je peux vous dire. En tout cas merci pour ces mise en lien!

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  • merci pour vos explications ,j’ ai la géométrie Sacrée c’ est magnifique

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  • Merci pour cette formidable description bien menée et illustree sur les points d’appui du corps Cela permettra de visualiser et de pratiquer dans les meilleurs conditions

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