Sacred Geometry or the magic of shapes

- Célia Jeandel

Sacred Geometry or the magic of shapes

What is sacred geometry? What forms does she use?

Definition and meaning of Sacred Geometry:

The term 'Geometry' comes from two Greek words: Geos, meaning Earth, and Metron, meaning 'tailor-made'. Together, the two words literally mean “to measure the earth” or “earthly measures.”

Sacred geometry is a view of the world through pattern recognition. It is a complex system of spiritual or religious structures and symbols that involve time, space and form . According to this view, the basic patterns of existence are sacred. By studying the nature of shapes, patterns and relationships and their connections, it will be easier to gain insight into the history and mysterious laws of the Universe.

Sacred geometry is a universal language that describes the inner workings of nature and the intrinsic order of the universe. It is the natural link that unites all forms of life... from microbes, plants, animals and humans to the movements of the planets and stars.


Download the “Sacred Geometry” pdf for free and print your shape waves. Flower of Life to print.

download sacred geometry pdf

Sacred geometry shows the quality of the relationship between unique, individual differences and shows how various elements can be organized into a whole, while still preserving their individual uniqueness. Everything has an underlying geometric pattern that connects it to the cosmos. Geometric cosmology provides a tangible way to examine the intrinsic order of the Universe.

This order shows how the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. It is both exoteric and esoteric, providing an interface between the seen and the invisible, the quantitative and the qualitative, the finite and the infinite. It symbolizes the relationship between form, movement, space and time. Everything that appears solid in the world is actually in a state of vibration.

These same vibrations are similar to emissions of electromagnetic waves and constitute the vibration rate of the person or object (which is usually measured in geobiology and pure magnetism with a pendulum).

Beneficial waves are a powerful method for improving our well-being. By working with sacred forms, we can boost our energy and spiritual awareness, as well as strengthen our energetic base. By experimenting with different sacred forms, we can find the method that best suits our own spiritual journey and personal well-being.

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Nature is teeming with impulses, oscillations, wave movements, rhythms, and cycles in a vast spectrum of universal energies, all of which can be defined as vibrations and frequencies. Frequency can be expressed by number, number by shape, and shape by geometry.

Everything in the world is energy in a state of continuous change. The sum total of energy in the universe does not increase or decrease, but continually transforms from one state to another. There is no end, only change. The end of one cycle marks the beginning of another.

Credit: Youtube INREES "Sacred Geometry - L'EXTRA Lab S5E4 (Report offered)" 

Sacred geometry has spanned the ages , starting with the Minoans, Egyptians, Sumerians, Hindus, Chinese, Phoenicians and Greeks who offered it to the public. It refers to the different representations that have been traditionally used in architecture, art and meditation throughout the centuries. These are the same shapes found in natural organisms.

In ancient cultures, it was recognized that various geometric patterns appear repeatedly in nature , such as the spiral shell of snails and hexagonal honeycombs. These common shapes and patterns that can be seen in nature are called sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry can be broken down into mathematical formulas and symbols that form the building blocks of everything in the universe. This ancient theory is supported by modern science because molecular forms form the basis of life, the same forms that are identified by ancient cultures.

From dancing atoms to spiraling galaxies, all types of expansion and motion are governed by the same set of mathematical laws. These laws are contained in the primary shapes and patterns that develop from uniform divisions of the circle and sphere. Note that the triangle and the rectangle are also primordial figures in Sacred Geometry.

They are graphic representations of the mathematical principles on which nature acts . They describe self-organizing forces that manifest in infinite diversity. Patterns are reflected in nature as natural forms, but with an important distinction. Although these are organized geometrically , each shape is unique and can only be closer to the mathematical principle on which it is based. Although governed by a mathematical rule , natural form always gives way to physical constraints.

Nature uses the golden ratio

Natural forms are determined by the interaction of intrinsic and extrinsic forces. In the case of a plant, for example, intrinsic forces are governed by genetic coding that geometrically organizes molecular arrangements to shape the plant characteristics of that particular plant.

Thus we find the golden ratio in the development of plants but also of human and animal embryos, as well as in their proportion. There is therefore also a sacred geometry of the human body .

Extrinsic forces are the influences external to the biological form of the plant. They are largely environmental, such as soil content, temperature, humidity, wind, rain and sunlight. Nature, in response to the action of force, creates an infinite diversity of forms from a basic inventory of archetypal mathematical principles.

Sacred Geometry or the magic of shapes

Archetypes are the basic processes of pattern formation which, operating within strict limits, create unlimited varieties. Natural shapes are diagrams of the forces that created them. Each natural form is a blend of beauty and function, demonstrating how nature develops the most refined regenerative technology, based on a geometric system that combines energy saving and optimal performance.

The waves of beneficial forms: How to improve your well-being with sacred forms

Beneficial shape waves are electromagnetic waves that are generated by specific shapes. These sacred forms have been used for centuries in different cultures to improve health, spirituality and prosperity.

A shape wave is a design made up of geometric shapes and symbols. All forms emit waves. The action and power of these waves depend on the shape itself. The more refined and regular a form is, the greater its influence will be because it will come closer to cosmic archetypes.

A shape wave is an elaborate representation of several geometric shapes , symbols. A symbol expresses, despite its simplicity, a reality. It is the represented synthesis of a universe of concepts, ideas and phenomena. The seed, for example, is a symbol that carries the potential of the tree, its next fruits and therefore the forest that will follow.

We find these pure geometric shapes in nature: the circle, the square, the spiral, the triangle, the star...

Certain forms also enjoy great strength because they have been nourished by ancestral traditions: the Taoist yin-yang, the Egyptian cross of life, the seal of Solomon....

We use a beneficial form wave as a means of transmitting an intention, a wish, a request. The energy centers that are our chakras are activated to “read” the message.

The basic forms of Sacred Geometry:

SACRED GEOMETRY PDF (sacred geometry)

Download the “Sacred Geometry” pdf for free and print your shape waves. Flower of Life to print.

download sacred geometry pdf

Platonic Solids:

These are three-dimensional shapes , each of which is made up of faces of equal size. The platonic solids are:

Tetrahedron - 4 faces (pyramidal shape)
Hexahedron – 6 faces (such as a cube)
Octahedron - 8 faces
Dodecahedron - 12 faces
Icosahedron - 20 faces

platonic solids

The creation of the Octahedron is the first step or “day of creation”. The next step involves the revolution of the Octahedron on its axes, forming a sphere.

At this point, all of reality, including the consciousness of the cosmic designer, is contained within a sphere.

The sphere

It is a container that can contain all shapes . The sphere represents inclusion, unity and wholeness because all measurements are equal within a sphere. The spherical shape can be seen in planets, cells, seeds and atoms.

In early traditions , the supreme being was represented by a sphere, symbol of a being without beginning or end, continuously existing, perfectly formed and deeply symmetrical. The addition of a second sphere represented the expansion of unity into the duality of man and woman, god and goddess.

The circle

It is a two-dimensional representation of the sphere . It shows the total fullness and unity of the universe. The ratio of its circumference to its diameter is Pi, an infinite number that never ends.


It is the center of a sphere and a circle . The point is the beginning and end of all measures, hence its association with the beginning and end of all creations.

The Vesica Piscis

These words are purely Latin and mean "fish bladder". It is actually the intersection of two circles having the same size as their centers touching each other. It represents common ground between people. It is the symbol of Christ in the Christian religion.

In all ancient religions which recognize the power of a Mother Goddess , her representation and meaning invariably use the Vesica Piscis to identify her. From the overlapping pools of water and chalice of the Goddess Garden at Glastonbury (aka Avalon) to the many depictions of the Tree of Life, the Goddess and her ability to create and give birth to life are celebrated all over the world.

By overlapping, the two spheres, the god and goddess created divine offspring. The Vesica Piscis motif (and its derivatives, the Flower of Life, the Tree of Life and the fundamental principles of geometry) has a millennia-old history and easily precedes virtually all major religions of the current era.

Vesica piscis geometric shape

It is also the representation of "the spirit of the Creator floating on the surface of the waters" which was mentioned in the Old Testament. In other words, the cosmic designer's next spontaneous realization or expansion into self-consciousness was to venture outside the confines of the sphere and project another sphere using the previous step of materializing a octahedron and rotating it into a sphere.

Into the second sphere created by the Cosmic Creator, a photon or particle of light was sent. By transmitting a second octahedron running in a sphere onto the membrane of the first sphere, the image appears of two circles intersecting at their center, a design recognized as the Vesica Piscis.

The Seed of Life

The seed of life is the symbol of creation and the symbol of the universe.

The seed of life is the basis of the seven stages , or days of creation. Creating a vibrational pattern of space (electromagnetic radiation) is the process of creation itself which is symbolized by various concepts such as "days of creation" to make something otherwise almost impossible to explain, much easier to model.

The seed of life is a fundamental part of the flower of life , from which the fruit of life comes. Another blueprint for everything, the Fruit of Life creates all elements, molecules, organisms, and even everything else in the universe. In other words, everything that abides in reality comes from the form of the seed of Life.

In the continuous process of replicating the spheres and forming more Vesica Piscis, multiple designs or illustrations can be seen emanating from the endless cascade (reproduction) of other geometric patterns. This is the case with the Seed of Life.

the seed of life

The rest of the "seven day" creation process resembles the successive division of cells shown here in a fertilized egg until seven cells or circles overlap, creating the perfect flower-shaped "Seed of Life" pattern. .

On the seventh day the process ends. On “SHABBAT”, or day of rest, the seed of life is completed. The entire form of the primary vortex that contains the plane of the cosmos is also finally completed.

The Flower of Life

It is represented by several evenly spaced circles that overlap, forming a flower-shaped pattern. The Flower of Life contains all the Platonic solids and the Metatron Cube.

The Flower of Life radiates and is the most spiritual geometric pattern in the entire Universe : The Flower of Life is a sacred symbol found in all the major religions of the world and even in the earliest vibrational patterns of the universe himself. Our article on the Flower of Life

The components of the Flower of Life can even be found in the very first impressions of energy from the "Great Void" during the earliest stages of creation. All things materialize from the perfectly organized quantum energy patterns of the Supreme Being; all matter, all creation is the emanation of God.

The Flower of Life, which always radiates a pattern of profound elegance and significant beauty, is considered the most sacred geometric symbol of all .

This configuration is also a geometric formula that symbolizes the electromagnetic spectrum. In Drunvalo Melchizedek's book, " The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life ", Vol. 2, much more information on this process can be found. “ Let there be light ” and light was the first phenomenon (the first cause) that God wanted.

Sacred geometry and flower of life

The Flower of Life is the sacred form most used to energize water, practice energy treatments and recharge crystals. It is often considered the most powerful waveform .

The Egg of Life, the Fruit of Life and the Tree of Life:

These forms complement the Seed of Life and the Flower of Life, and therefore represent the other stages of Creation . These progressive wave shapes are similar to the development of an embryo over its first seven days.

Our article on the Tree of Life

egg seed flower fruit and tree of life

Metatron's Cube:

Metatron's Cube contains all of the Platonic solids, making it the sum of the constituent elements of creation. It also includes The Egg of Life.

The Metatron in Judaism is the angel who guards the throne of God .

Metatron's Cube is a sacred geometric symbol that forms a map of Creation, and it is this "map" that mystics, sages and ancient civilizations have revered throughout the ages.

More than 13 billion years ago, during what we call on Earth the "big bang", the Source (God, Infinite Intelligence) gave birth to the Universe and this is what symbol of the Metatron Cube which explains this "birth" and the infinitely expanding field of Creation in all directions, in time and in space.

Our article on Metatron's Cube

Metatron's Cube

Source energy, through the field of the metatron cube, creates the potential field of creation - a field of high vibrational frequencies that ripple through creation ultimately creating color, then sound and finally to their lower levels of vibration , physical matter.

Thus, the realm of Source energy (represented by Metatron's Cube ) permeates all levels, all aspects of Creation. As this original spark of Source LOVE extends in all directions of time and space, God is energy waves, God is color, God is sound, God is physical matter and God is the entire field of LOVE in one vibrational energy.

The light of God extends infinitely through Metatron's cube through one or more elements of creation - Earth, Fire, Air, Water coming together through Spirit . Galaxies, solar systems, planets, humans, plants, animals, DNA, atom, subatomic particles and therefore the energy/space between all matter is made up of one or more of these elements.

The Metatron Cube is made up of 13 spheres held together by lines from the midpoint of each sphere.

metatron cube pendant

The spheres of the Metatron represent the 'Feminine' while the straight lines represent the 'Masculine'. The Metatron Cube thus represents the weaving of masculine and feminine polarities to create the unique field of the infinite Universe.

Other forms relating to Sacred Geometry

The Spirals

All types of spirals (flat, right-handed, left-handed, 3-D, equilateral, or logarithmic) show expansion and growth that makes them symbolize infinity .

7 chakra orgonite pendant

Ankh, or the Egyptian Cross of Life

The Ankh, which is symbolized by a cross with a circle, is also commonly called the "cross of life" or "key of life". This is an ancient Egyptian symbol . The Egyptians believed that their time on Earth was only part of a greater eternal life: the Ankh symbolizes both the afterlife and a mortal existence on earth.

Ankh cross of life Egyptian symbol and sacred geometric shape

Phi, or the golden ratio

It is a mathematical relationship occurring when two elements have the same ratio to each other as the ratio of their sum to the greater of the two elements.

phi the golden ratio

Phi - A Geometric Blueprint for Life

Because the numbers do not repeat, there is no mathematical solution to the Phi Golden Ratio . The particularity of this number is that it is incorporated into all known organic structures .

The universal conception of the golden mean seems to be a geometric blueprint for life itself. Phi can be seen in all biological configurations such as the seed pattern of a sunflower, the spiral pattern of a sea shell, the proportions of human and animal skeletons, and in the patterns of certain types of cactus plants .

This value was known by Plato as "the key to the physics of the cosmos". Phi is approximately 1.6180339+..., but its entire sequence cannot be calculated arithmetically.

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How the Fibonacci Sequence Relates to Phi.

The Fibonacci sequence is a progression of numbers that have a very relevant correlation with Phi. Leonardo Fibonacci (1170-1250), a medieval Italian mathematician, discovered this progression while trying to understand plant growth patterns. This progression is: 1,1,1,2,3,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,55,89,144,233, etc., which is created by combining the previous two digits of the progression to get the following number, for example: 1+1=2, 1+2=3, 2+3=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13, etc.

The Fibonacci spiral is a graph of the Fibonacci procession of numbers in a spiral shape. This spiral is almost identical to the diagram of the logarithmic spiral of the Phi ratio, or golden mean spiral. The Fibonacci spiral is based on an integer equivalent to the arithmetically impossible golden mean spiral, which has no beginning or end, while the Fibonacci spiral has an obvious beginning.

The Torus

A torus is similar to an inner tube, with the round sides perfectly circular. The torus is a primary shape in sacred geometry , like the seven primary muscles of the heart having a toroidal shape.

Our article on the Torus

torus is a form of sacred geometry

The Pyramid or pyramid shape:

Pyramids, or pyramid shapes , emit very powerful vibrational waves .

Since Antiquity, it has represented the best relationship between strength and balance.

The waves are captured by the bottom of the pyramid and emitted by its top. The wavelength is determined by the base, the wave height or polarity by the height.

Placed under the pyramid, foods, objects and living beings receive powerful beneficial waves. Pyramids are often used to magnetize water to give it biodynamic and health-promoting properties.

Ideally, the four points on the ground should be oriented towards the four cardinal points to bring benefits to the surrounding environment.

pyramid wave shape sacred geometry

The Sri Yantra:

The shri yantra or sri yantra or shri chakra is one of the best known Indian yantras . This is a tantric meditation diagram made up of nine nested triangles around a central point, the bindu.

The 4 triangles pointing at the top represent Shiva and his rising energy.

Sri Yantra geometry sacred form

Yin and Yang:

This symbol represents the harmony of the universe. Thus duality, whether dark or light, masculine or feminine, provides the necessary balance.

The balance between these two opposing forces is a vector of harmony for those who contemplate this wave of form coming from Asia.

Ying and Yang harmony and shapes


Mandalas are sacred geometric figures used in spiritual practices, such as meditation, in Buddhism and Hinduism. Mandalas are often circular and include repeating patterns, symbols and colors.

Creating mandalas is considered a meditative practice, which helps one focus and achieve a state of calm and clarity.

All other shape waves

There are many other wave shapes that are used according to traditions. Let us cite the zôme, the scallop shell, the triskell, the Latin cross, the Seal of Solomon, the Merkabah but also Reiki symbols such as the gnosa.

The list is not exhaustive and this article covers the best known and most used protection waves throughout the world.

Energy objects and Sacred Geometry:

Sacred geometry has been used by anthropologists, archaeologists, and surveyors to incorporate religious, spiritual, and philosophical beliefs that have emerged from geometry in various cultures over the centuries. The different forms of sacred geometry are found everywhere in nature because they reveal to man the concept of unity through geometry .

The various sacred geometric shapes have been incorporated into the jewelry designs to facilitate balance, healing and self-discovery while inspiring the wearer on a journey toward the wholeness and unity of the self. Today, the protection form wave is still used in the practice of energy care for many therapists, magnetizers and other healers.

Typically, you will find these sacred forms in energetic objects such as orgonite pendants, orgonite pyramids but also in many other therapeutic tools, just like in Reiki.

From experience but also according to customer reviews, objects and jewelry that incorporate forms of sacred geometry are much more powerful on an energetic level.

Benefits of Sacred Geometry and shape waves

Sacred geometry is growing in popularity , therefore in recognition, therefore in interpretation, and therefore in evolving understanding.

Logos, marketing, tattoos, clothing, advertising, videos, lighting, jewelry, architecture and coloring in books like mandalas, it seems that we all recognize that sacred geometry is a universal language and that we are called to recognize it and use it.

Sacred geometry is therefore together comprising:

- ancient geometry : many ancient traditions used this form of geometry

- organic or bio-harmonic geometry : the geometry of nature

- archetypal geometry : illustrates the self-organizing forces of creation

- classical geometry : everything can be reduced to divisions of circles and spheres

- philosophical/theosophical geometry : the nature of the Creator

- universal geometry : because it permeates the entire universe, constructs images, marks personalization

- inter-dimensional geometry : because it functions at all levels of creation

The shape, size, relative position and properties of space (areas, volumes, lengths and angles) facilitate understanding of the world around us and the world within us.

This is how reality can be described, because it allows for a deeper relationship with our own psychology, our relationships with the natural world, with each other and with creation itself. For symmetry, order, and chaos govern works of creation, and geometry permeates all works of creation.

Today icons, clipart, anime are imbued with this mathematical music, just like the painting or the mandala.

The geometries of things around us create coincidences and intersections at interesting places, while basic geometric shapes communicate universal qualities common to all cultures, and practical design incorporates them appropriately.

Harmony manifests itself as shapes and numbers, patterns of movement, frozen and recorded, as symbols. We find it from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, from the structure of a crystal, like a rock crystal, to the layout of a galaxy. These principles of balance are found in Feng-Shui , the art of harmonizing one's Feng environment.

Sacred Geometry is the flowchart of living creation , carrying echoes of the original word of creation, like ripples felt and recorded in a journal, like an analog and graphic record of living experience. Sacred geometry is the visual language of vibration.

And everything is vibration.

SACRED GEOMETRY PDF - Flower of Life to print

Download the “Sacred Geometry” pdf for free and print your protective form wave.

Metatron, flower of life, sri yantra and other beneficial form waves. Click below.

download sacred geometry pdf

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