What is the Torus and Toric Energy? At the origins of the Universe

- Célia Jeandel

What is the Torus and Toric Energy? At the origins of the Universe

Toroidal Energy Field? Torus? But what is it ?!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” ~Helen Keller

What is the Torus? What does it mean?

Did you know that it is actually possible to live your life, overcome your problems and the things that hold you back, and create your ideal life simply through your heart?

From within, your heart emits an extremely powerful toroidal energy field , and it has been scientifically measured to extend up to…. 8 km from your heart.

The heart's electromagnetic frequency escapes from the heart and returns as a toroid field , which is the oldest structure in existence. The Torus takes us back to creation, to our origins, it makes the connection with the Sacred.

How is a Torus represented?

Its shape is similar to that of a donut , whose center is folded on itself.

the torre is a sacred geometric shape

The torus is said to define the functioning of consciousness, since consciousness is structured with geometry. The energy of this torus is constantly regenerating and self-nourishing. It is a dynamic three-dimensional (3D) shape , called a Torus Knot when transposed flat into two dimensions (2D).

What are toric energy fields?

Toroidal energy fields exist around everything: people, trees, the earth, the sun and the Universe. This is the key to everything, because your entire life is created by and from this place. Most toric dynamics contain two tori or "tori" - like the masculine and feminine aspects of the whole - one is spiraling upward and the other downward.

draw a torus sacred geometry

The Torus is linked to a formidable column of energy. The modeling of these toroidal vortices can for example be observed when smoke is spit out in the form of “rings” (toroidal vortex cannon) as in the experiment below:

The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field produced by the body. An exchange of electromagnetic energy produced by the heart occurs when people touch or are in close proximity to each other.

Have you ever met someone and thought "Wow, he/she has so much aura, he/she is so charismatic"? Well, the shape of the human aura is that of a torus.

The human aura is not a fixed form; it is a continuous movement. Universal energy from everything around a person flows into this dynamic form. The universal field of vital energy is infinite and unlimited; it’s why we’re all connected.

torus pendant

In our body, each chakra, each acupuncture point, each energy center is a toroidal flow. It circulates within itself. The human torus connects to larger tori, which are part of our individual souls. All tori are connected to the Source.

Amplify the energy of your heart with the Torus

The torus is the first scientific model that shows that we are distinct individuals, but we are all interconnected. This is where human connection, love and knowledge can take place.

Dynamics of the Double Torus according to Nassim Haramein

By learning the power of toroidal energy and the Universe, we can achieve stress relief, mental clarity, and deeper connections with others. We can use this intuitive connection to understand our soul's wisdom and guide us toward who we truly are.

When a person experiences a genuine heart feeling, such as appreciation or compassion, it naturally increases the coherence of their heart. We have also come to know the intuitive energetic core as our “inner voice,” which sends intuitive information to our brain. Connected, both transmitters and receivers of electromagnetic waves , we commune with infinity.

The torus is a very powerful form of sacred geometry , holding many secrets and mysteries of the Universe. This image represents the process by which all energy, when properly aligned, is continually in motion, up, down and around, between spirit and matter.

The image of the torus explains how an object begins with a descent of spirit, or an ascension of matter, through a central channel or tube of light/energy/consciousness.

The object's energy cannot go further in one direction before splitting, returning to its source, regaining energy, moving forward again, reaching a certain height or depth, before to have to return to its source again.

It is a process that occurs in all objects of existence , eventually. An object can go no further in its ascent/descent before the opposite polarity brings it back to itself.

And it is this principle and this same technology which are reproduced today in a generator or a toroidal motor . Here, a toroidal transformer:

toric energy

When our human existence is functioning properly, and we are circulating energy in a toroidal fashion, we are in balance and satisfied with our actions (even if we aspire to achieve something, we are satisfied with the process we are undertaking).

When a person or situation is not in harmony with universal energy - like a sociopath such as Hitler - the energy eventually stops flowing and the situation becomes "stuck" and unhealthy - no movement occurs . Eventually, the Universe corrects itself. This may not happen in a person's current life, but the situation will reappear in a future life and they will need to work on the situation until they have resolved how to behave in a balanced manner. , compassionate and detached in a space-time where spirit and matter are in harmony .

Some healers work on the human aura, which is actually toroidal in nature. If you feel like you are stagnating in your personal development, in your spiritual quest, or if you need to move things forward in an even more positive way, then incorporating the torus into your environment is very helpful. The same applies if your land, house, office or work needs to be energized in a healthy way.

So you can incorporate a technically accurate image of a torus - and other basic geometries - into your personal environment (you can also visualize it mentally). To increase your vibration rate and develop your feelings/connections, you can wear a pendant in the shape of a torus or Torus Knot.

The Torus has very interesting pure geometry properties from a mathematical point of view (three-dimensional figure formed when a circle is rotated 360° around a line located in its plane, but not passing through the circle itself )

How to draw a Torus, or Torus?

In three dimensions, a torus is represented by a curved tube closed on itself. This geometric solid designates the surface generated by the rotation of a circle around a straight line , called the axis of the torus.

donut tore universe

On a plane (two dimensions), here is how to draw a torus in a few minutes.

On a telluric and physical level, some consider that generating free energy would consist of capturing the energy of the torus-shaped magnetic fields present around the earth.

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