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Following my order for a reloading tray, I am 100% delighted.
Deadline respected, product well protected for shipping and above all: visually magnificent product but so powerful energetically speaking, I am an energetician and I can testify to its power. It will be in my office, looking forward to ordering one for my home


I ordered an orgonite as a pendant, it is superb, even prettier than in the photo. I needed to get some restful sleep again, because I was having a lot of insomnia. Since I put it on, I sleep like a baby every night. I highly recommend this pendant.

Mary Magdalene

Very happy with my order, carefully well protected package, the angel pyramid is splendid (placed on my bedside table), I feel more peaceful
I wear the Orgone Metatron Carnelian medallion for my protection.
Thank you very much for these beautiful tools!


Last month I bought a tree of life, aventurine and black tourmaline relaxation pyramid. This pyramid is absolutely beautiful, I love looking at it outside with a ray of sunshine. It is installed in my living room near my TV, decoder and I feel a clear improvement in my well-being. A big thank-you.


The pyramid orgonites received are of good quality. Each of them emanates a certain strength, positive energy as well as a feeling of well-being. They were made with passion, you can see it through every detail. They are also an optimal size.


The pyramids are very beautiful, the bracelet and the pendants too, I am delighted with my purchase! For electromagnetic protection, it also seems effective, I have less headaches and I sleep better! Thanks to Natural Mystic for the quality of its products.


I bought a very good quality orgonite, I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I was able to measure its vibration rate between 20,000 and 25,000 Bovis units and after a night with a flower of life underneath it rose to a rate of around 40,000 Bovis units, therefore ideal for increasing the vibration rate of a room or a small flat.


I bought two pyramidal orgonites, one in April and another recently...both are made up of tourmaline, waves shaped like the flower of life...and biterminated crystals. The finish is very neat and the delivery fast. I place them on a Schumann wave generator in order to potentiate their effects.


Quality products, careful packaging. It seems to me (although this is recent) that my orgonite pendant which never leaves me improves the quality of my sleep which was very disturbed.
I have ordered twice again on this site and await my delivery with faith and serenity.


Orgonite is a material composed of resin, metal and crystals, which acts as an energy transformer. It is used to neutralize harmful electromagnetic waves, improve sleep and promote general well-being.

Orgonite works by transforming negative energy into positive energy. The crystals and metals present in the composition create an energy field that balances the surrounding environment.

Users report positive effects such as improved sleep, decreased stress, increased mental clarity, and reduced symptoms related to electromagnetic waves.

Simply wear your pendant or place your pyramid in your living space, near your electronic devices, or near you while sleeping. Let it act naturally to benefit from its benefits.

No, orgonite does not require any special maintenance. However, you can clean it periodically by rinsing it with clean water and recharging it in sunlight.

The effectiveness of orgonite is permanent, as long as the physical structure of the orgonite remains intact. It will accompany you all your life.

We offer a whole exclusive range of orgonites, including pendants, pyramids, trays, pendulums, orgonite wearables, all handmade with high quality materials and carefully selected crystals.

Choose the orgonite that naturally catches your eye or the one that best suits your specific needs. You can consult our product descriptions but also use the store chat to get advice on the specific properties of each part.

Yes, we offer you a selection of 8mm pearl bracelets. Our fine stones are authentic and of excellent quality, it is an ideal complement in the acquisition of an orgonite.

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