Orgonite | Everything you need to know | Properties, Benefits and Virtues

- Célia Jeandel

Orgonite | Everything you need to know | Properties, Benefits and Virtues

Orgone and Orgonite

Discover the benefits and virtues of orgonite , this fascinating object which attracts positive energy and neutralizes negative waves, to improve your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

History of orgone

The term "Orgone" comes from Doctor Wilhelm Reich , to describe an energy that he observed in laboratory experiments and which did not respect the laws of electricity or magnetism. He demonstrated that organic materials attract and retain orgone energy, while metals attract and repel it simultaneously. These two forces contained under pressure thus create a so-called “ piezoelectric ” energy.

Although Reich's discovery of the first orgonite and naming of orgone energy are relatively recent, concepts of similar invisible life forces have been around for thousands of years, known as qi, ch 'i or chi, khi, gi and ki respectively in traditional Chinese, qigong, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese cultures.

According to Reich, The effect of an orgasm is to generate large amounts of a special form of energy called orgone . Although the idea was new to Western science when it was proposed in the 1930s, orgone can trace its roots to the Kundalini energy of ancient India or the Qi of traditional Chinese medicine.

He came to believe that orgone could be collected and stored in the same way that electrical energy can be stored in a battery . For this purpose he invented a device called an orgone accumulator – a wooden booth lined with a sheet of metal that would collect orgone from whoever sat inside. Convinced of having discovered a previously unknown form of energy, Reich even persuaded Einstein - the most famous physicist of the time - to take an interest in the orgone accumulator.

In 1940, Wilhem Reich invented what he called a orgone accumulator , which consisted of a box, constructed of alternating layers of organic and inorganic matter.

In 1941, Albert Einstein confirmed in writing that he also observed this thermal anomaly, the orgone accumulator showing "a temperature approximately 0.30-0.40 degrees Celsius higher".

As orgone energy is invisible, it was difficult to prove that this device accumulated orgone energy as claimed. However, a significant anomaly remains to this day; Reich noticed that the temperature inside the orgone accumulator was consistently higher than that of the dummy boxes or the environment.

While orgone was rejected by the scientific establishment, it became popular with American avant-garde culture. All the radical literary figures of the time - Norman Mailer, JD Salinger, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs - were passionate about the orgone accumulator. For conservatives, on the other hand, orgone represents "the new cult of sex and anarchy", as Harper's Magazine put it in April 1947.

He soon became public enemy number one. In 1954, federal authorities issued a declaration banning orgone accumulators and any associated literature. He was fined $10,000 – a lot of money at the time – and sentenced to two years in prison. The judge ordered that all orgone accumulators be destroyed and all copies of his books burned. The Encyclopaedia Britannica describes the mass destruction that followed as " one of the most egregious examples of censorship in U.S. history ."

Many words have been written about Wilhelm Reich , many of them focusing on the question of whether orgone is "real" or not - in other words, whether it is science or pseudoscience. That's not the question. In fields like psychiatry and alternative medicine, the important thing is not whether a theory is "true" or "false", but whether patients can benefit from it. Orgone is no less scientific than Freudian psychoanalysis, and no more pseudoscientific than the countless complementary therapies that are practiced. There is a reality to the orgone accumulator , because people like Norman Mailer and Allen Ginsberg were not fools.

Either way, the authorities wouldn't have gone this far just to remove something that "doesn't work." It would have been a waste of resources. If they opposed the Reich orgonites because they thought they didn't work, why couldn't they just ignore them and let the public make up their own minds?

"I am well aware that the human race has known about the existence of a universal energy linked to life for many centuries. However, the fundamental task of natural science was to make this energy usable. That is the only difference between my work and all previous knowledge.

- Wilhelm Reich, 1956, in a letter.

The mystery therefore remains : What did Wilhelm Reich do to justify such harsh treatment? Some people will automatically assume that he has tapped into a real, physical energy source that the government wants to keep secret. It's always a possibility, of course. On the other hand, it may simply be America's horrified reaction in the middle of the 20th century to the "new cult of sex and anarchy." Today, this theory remains mysterious.

Recording by Wilhelm Reich April 3, 1952, rare

More recently (1986-1987 and 1995), two crossover experiments confirmed this thermal anomaly . Researcher James DeMeo also confirmed this in 2009:

"This confirmation exceeds all known thermodynamic expectations and is now documented in a very carefully conducted experimental protocol. There is no other known cause of the anomaly, other than a real and real effect of orgone energy , or something very similar to this ."

In addition to the thermal anomaly, It has been noted that plant growth is positively affected inside orgone accumulators . A multi-year controlled laboratory study of germinating mung beans showed significant improvement in growth inside the accumulator compared to controls, with an average 34% increase in sprout length.

In a natural environment, this life energy, frequencies and information flow in and through a certain order and universal/divine intelligence. Along with constant technology and man's intervention in this natural order through radiation, electromagnetic pollution, chemical pollution, stress, etc., it comes to disrupt the vibrational patterns of the natural order and therefore to a defect in the transmission of information from our cells. Which generally results in disharmony in all our bodies (physical, psychological, mental and of course our energetic body).

orgone energy subtle etheric force around a woman's face

Similar concepts are known as prana, ether, pneuma, mana, lüng, manitou, ruah, prana, life force or universal energy in Hindu and Indian culture, Igbo religion, ancient Greece, Hawaiian culture, Tibetan Buddhism, indigenous peoples of America, Jewish culture and Western philosophy respectively.

Reich himself sometimes referred to orgone energy as "vital energy", and various other names for subtle energy include ether, odic force, reiki energy, bioenergy, orgone energy. bioetheric energy, biomagnetic energy, huna energy, animal magnetism, astral energy, four-dimensional energy and emotional body energy.

Introduction to Orgone Energy

Before defining the action and effects of orgonite, its benefits and its virtues, it is appropriate to define orgone energy.

If we keep in mind and accept that our brain and every cell of our physical, mental and energetic body are in constant interaction, through electromagnetic frequencies, through the exchange of information, then the impact of orgone becomes easily understandable and clear .

The true energy source for orgonite, Orgone refers to a ubiquitous invisible sea of ​​subtle etheric energy that is typically found in higher concentrations in living tissues. It is present in every man, animal, plant or mineral.

In Humans, it is an energy which refers to Love (the highest vibration) on a spiritual level but also to sexual and reproductive energy on a physical level.

Orgone and orgonite share the same origin, the same Greek root as the word orgasm, orgasmos, meaning "to boil with ardor".

Also called vital energy , it interacts with the physical environment, affecting magnetic, optical, thermal, electrical, metabolic and chemical properties to varying degrees.

Properties of orgone

In terms of properties, through observation, orgone is believed to be polarized , massless, affected by living things, capable of penetrating and traveling along all known materials at various speeds, and in constant motion.

Orgone flows in the direction of magnetic fields, moves perpendicular to electric fields, moves relatively slowly (50 meters in 20 seconds), tends to rise upwards, radiates over a large distance , follows optical laws , is present everywhere in varying concentrations, is affected by weather, and travels more efficiently and with less resistance in water and soil than in air.

It is believed that orgone fields can transmit information without transmitting energy, and that just like living beings , each physical object has a characteristic orgone field .

What exactly is an orgonite?

Composition of an orgonite

Physically, contrary to popular belief, orgonite is not a stone . Or rather not just a simple stone . It is a combination of minerals and metals in a carbon chain, an assembly of materials chosen and assembled in a very precise manner.

A definition of what an orgonite is today:

" Orgonite is an invention made from a mixture of metals and carbon-based material (the "matrix") and which most of the time contains crystals or minerals and sometimes other additives. Orgonite has was originally invented by Karl Welz and improved by Don Croft, all based on earlier work by Wilhelm Reich. Orgonite is used in alternative medicines described as pseudo-science by the scientific community.

In comparison with the fabrications of Wilhelm Reich, based on alternations of metallic and organic layers, and which would have been orgone accumulators, orgonite would have the property of converting negative orgone into positive orgone. "

Its operation is therefore based on his scientific research which led to the existence of what he called orgone energy . The torsion field and zero point energy came from Reich's research. To this crystal - metal - carbon recipe we add high vibrational symbols - sacred geometry - to further amplify the healing frequencies.

Orgone energy is similar to what the ancients called prana, chi, vital energy or even universal energy. According to Karl Welz orgon is captured by layering organic and inorganic materials which are able to harness this vital energy and amplify it so that you can actually feel its radiance.

In 2000, Don Carol Croft was credited with adding crystals to the famous mixture. In doing so, the crystal matrix is ​​locked into an amplified state of its own frequency. The enclosed metal filters negative frequencies. This technological combination creates a high frequency output and a low frequency filter in one piece. The metals used are copper, brass, stainless steel and zinc.

operation of orgonite with resin metals and crystals

When orgonites are within range of a negative energy source (such as electromagnetic frequencies), they transform it into positive energy.

How ? The positive wave is induced by the presence of negative ions which constitute part of the healing and energetic properties of these amazing devices.

You surely feel better after a storm, when you are near the sea, near a waterfall, in the mountains, in the shower or even during a forest walk.

Conversely, you probably feel more anxious and less comfortable before a storm, when the air is heavy, when you stay too long in a closed room or when you breathe the air of big cities.

All this has an explanation, a scientific one at that. In the first case, the air is charged with negative ions . And in the second case, the air is mainly charged with positive ions . Numerous studies have found that air charged with negative ions seems to have numerous health benefits: reduction of anxiety, stress, anxiety, depression but also asthma, chronic fatigue, certain allergies…

Negative ion, positive ion?

The atmosphere contains positively or negatively charged electrical particles : positive ions and negative ions. This is called “air ionization”. Certain climatic, meteorological, electronic or human conditions cause the air to be positively charged , others cause the air to be negatively charged. And it is on these same principles that geobiology and bioenergetics are established.

Thus, you can transmute positive ionization (negative energy) wherever you are (at home, in the car, at work, etc.) by increasing the level of negative ions (positive energy). To illustrate: the negative ion is to air what vitamin is to nutrition. The positive ion corresponds to a bad toxin, so air charged with positive ions harms us, and air charged with negative ions does us good.

Environmental vibrations

Our body, our animals, our plants and all living things are extraordinarily sensitive to vibrations . Rather, disease is a disharmony of vibrational patterns, a disorder of otherwise ordered energy. If we succeed in fixing the disturbed pattern, healing on the physical level and the psychological and intellectual level occurs again.

Many people have reported a positive effect on the psyche , if an Orgone generator is in the room or by wearing an Orgonite around the neck. The disappearance of depression and headaches, as well as the elimination of sleep disorders have been reported in many cases ; In most cases, the dream experience is much more intense and colorful.

Likewise, people who suffered from persistent fatigue or exhaustion often experienced significant improvement in their condition. Additionally, the air near an Orgone generator appears to be cool, which may be related to negative ionization, which goes hand in hand with Orgone (think cool air after a thunderstorm).

An orgone field reduces the effects of electromagnetic radiation . It is not the radiation itself that is thus eliminated, but the impact on the natural flow of energy is modified.

The energy of the inanimate life force (called DOR) is stimulated and then activated (POR). A Orgone generator , or orgonite, can also be used as a source of daily strength, it can help relax and reduce stress, balance the body's systems and promote the body's healing powers. Some Pyramids are also dedicated to improving sleep and encouraging dreams.

In principle, Orgonite can be used everywhere where the natural flow of life energy is disrupted, for example by radiation, electrical smog or chemical pollution, disease or stress.

This energy leads to better healing , even if of course it does not definitively cure all illnesses (each illness carries its meaning, ill-said ). It sends us a message, and until we understand that message, we cannot get rid of the disease. Like Orgone energy also has a harmonizing effect on our psyche and mind and can change our consciousness itself, it helps us understand the message of illness if we are open to it.

Orgonites have a harmonizing and balancing effect on all living processes in humans, animals, plants and the atmosphere. The energy itself is always exactly where it is needed and therefore seems to act intelligently. Orgone generators represent a point of intersection between modern science and ancient magic. They have their own measurable aura

What are the applications of orgonites today?

"Particularly concerned about the digital and inorganic frequency soup in which we live, we experience waves from all power grids, cell towers, satellites reflecting back at us, as well as electric meters, type towers Alexa, microwaves and in general all electrical or electromagnetic systems present in our habitats . There is HAARP - the high frequency active aurora research program of the United States defense system, based in Alaska, which analyzes the ionosphere. Its antennas emit powerful, heating radio waves directly into the atmosphere.
Living things - people, animals, trees, other plants - do not fare well around these frequency blasters. The frequencies are inconsistent with the planet and its life forms . People are sicker, not sleeping well, depressed, anxious, exhausted. This is a real concern. Orgone energy or life energy is a way to offset some of the harmful effects of technological fallout."

What are the existing models ?

Orgonite pendants:

It is a positive orgone generator worn as a necklace around the neck. The undeniable advantage is the proximity to the wearer , and the activity of the medallion on your well-being in any place and at any time. The orgonite pendant is a model that we recommend and which can be personalized, both in the design and in the mineral composition. It is suitable for the protection of adults as well as children over 3 years old .

The orgonite pyramids:

Preferred for domestic use , ideally placed in a living room, an office or any living room, pyramid-shaped orgonite is ideal for improving the well-being of the family and creating great tranquility in homes.

They cleanse the energy of a place . There are pyramid models such as the “Pyramid of Namibia”. From experience, models integrating the golden ratio , like "Giza", are the most powerful.

Other forms of generator:

Other domestic shapes exist, rounder or more massive. These shapes are interesting, but opinions converge to say that pyramidal shapes work better because of the wave of shape they give off, even if the sphere remains very popular. Pocket orgonites or cabochons are very practical.

How to test an orgonite?

Testing the effectiveness of orgonites

You can find all types of information on orgonite on the net, from the most reserved to the most eccentric, nevertheless reference sites like this French-speaking forum are worth a look .

Here are videos in which we show the results of tests carried out on our orgone generators and their technology

Test video Orgonites placed in the freezer / Creation of Vortex

Video test of orgonite Natural Mystic Shop danger of electromagnetic waves

"We personally use a CE standard Teslameter (or Gaussmeter) to test the orgonite parts that we manufacture . The meter clearly confirms that our creations substantially and sometimes completely attenuate the radio microwaves emitted by wifi amplifiers, computers, televisions, and in general all the electrical appliances present in our homes. If you have a pyramid at home or in the office, you still get clear reception, but it compensates for a lot of the dangerous frequencies to which we are exposed."

Test carried out with Gaussmeter (Teslameter) CE standards

Some testimonials, observations and opinions on orgonite

Many testimonials and reviews on orgonite report the beneficial effects of orgone generators on the quality of life of users.

  • " I was more than skeptical when I heard about it for the first time. I bought one, which I tested with a Gaussmeter in front of my WiFi box. The result is surprising and clear, the waves electromagnetics were absorbed even better than with my shungite. " Orgonite review from Julien M.
  • "I bought it in 7 chakras, the orgonite flower of life model. Not only do I feel better at home, less oppressed, more rested, but I notice that it has beneficial effects on my animals. My cat and my dog come and rub against it regularly and seem to find a source of tranquility in my orgonite pyramid. I love it ." Orgonite review by Clara T.
  • "My opinion on orgonites? The manufacturing process is essential, as is the quantity and ratio of the components. A properly manufactured orgonite is a powerful device to combat energy pollution. Tested and... approved. I never leave them , in the office and at home, they bring me a feeling of peace and relaxation that I had lost ." Orgonite review by Marc F.

Nikola Tesla said of crystals : " In a crystal we have clear proof of the existence of a formative principle of life, and although we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it does not is no less a living being ."

Concepts of invisible life force energy have been present for thousands of years, in many different cultures and religions. Trying to measure and prove the existence of this subtle etheric energy is difficult, but positive testimonies and opinions are pouring in regarding the beneficial effects of orgonites in our lives, as in this article from 24H in Switzerland .

Manufacturing of orgonite

Read our article: How make your own orgonite

What crystals or minerals are recommended for using orgonites?

"We use dozens of the most beautiful healing crystals and stones on Earth. But our current favorites are Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Aventurine, Citrine, Orange Agate, Carnelian, etc. sure Quartz. Their benefits and virtues complement and amplify each other in an astute balanced mixture of (organic) resin and metals."

Importance of shape waves

"Bridging the gap between science and spiritual aspects, crystals are like windows of light that anchor into higher planetary frequencies and possibly other dimensions. They are powerful frequency amplifiers . Pyramid shapes , unlike spheres, create swirls of light energy that regenerate the environment. In this way, they can promote optimal health in the human body and in nature. In this sense, we create 7 chakra orgonites, for example ."

What sacred symbols do you use and incorporate into your creations?

"We have chosen among the most powerful symbols : the tree of life, the flower of life, the seal of Solomon, the cube of Metatron (Merkaba) and the spiral. The orgonite flower of life is the most prized by our clients"

orgonite sacred geometric shape

Sacred Geometry, pieces made entirely by hand

Is the pyramidal or elongated shape of your orgonites also inspired by the theories of Wilhelm Reich? from So Carol? Or was it your own inspiration?

"There was no doubt that they would be pyramids or long pendants. A lot of research on these sacred geometric shapes (our pyramid is inspired by Giza) revealed to us the importance of reproducing them to amplify anchoring and expansion of healing frequencies. This form is incredible. It is mainly based onPhi and the golden ratio ."

Have orgonites at home. Do pyramid shapes help to promote peace and calm among people and in living spaces?

"The most interesting thing is the way this object deifies the spaces and the people who use it. At the foot of the Great Pyramids of Egypt, you can still feel the peace and higher energy radiating from a machine that operated at a higher and transcendental frequency.

They also emit harmonic and ascending frequencies . It's not like a high and low temperature meeting at one point. High frequencies actually lift low frequencies upwards, literally transforming them without crushing them. It's a change in frequency and that's why the pyramid wave is ideal."

Benefits and virtues of orgonites

How Orgonite can improve your well-being?

Crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years to heal and improve physical, emotional and spiritual balance, including by the ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks, ancient Chinese, ancient Japanese, Romans, Vedas Hindus, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Tibetan Buddhists, various indigenous tribes and even Neolithic men.

Specific uses included spiritual protection, physical protection, spiritual healing and balancing, physical healing, good health, burial/afterlife applications, talisman applications, sexual enhancement, attraction of love, stimulation of the third eye, balancing yin and yang energies, divination, producing visions, light and meditation.

  • Abundance Orgonite exhibits certain characteristics in the way it behaves and interacts with the environment around it. Being aware of these traits can help understand and optimize how orgonite pieces work.
  • It has been theorized that orgonite is excited by other forms of energy (in addition to negative orgone and SAR/EMR), such as sound, light, heat, and movement. It is possible that orgonites can convert some of these energies into positive orgone energy, so exposing them to other energy sources will help get the most out of them.
  • It will remain under revving like an idling engine when there is little problematic energy nearby, but will still be excited by other forms of energy , such as sound, light, heat and movement.
  • If manufactured according to strict processes it will not accumulate, store or become saturated with negative orgone energy, and will continue to convert negative orgone energy into positive orgone energy indefinitely.
  • However, all orgonite devices have processing capacity, and can be overwhelmed in the presence of large surface areas or sources of negative orgone energy. This can usually be rectified with larger and/or additional parts. The greater the mass of the pyramid, the greater its processing capacity .
  • Anecdotally, beginning to live with orgonite in one's personal space can sometimes be a catalyst for change, often for long-standing issues, arguments or problems. Such a change may be disruptive or painful at first, but is normally better in the long run.
  • The orgone device can provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere , resulting in less conflict and more positive interactions between people. This is particularly highlighted by the double terminated Lemurian Quartz crystals inside all of our personal orgonite pieces.
  • Workplaces and homes are two places that can particularly benefit from the presence of orgonites.
  • It is common to notice beneficial changes in the emotional state and behavior of people and animals inside orgonite devices, whether or not they are aware of their presence.
  • All of our products are passive devices that will continue to generate, convert and clean orgone indefinitely. There is no wrong way to use or place them, but there are good habits and techniques that can be used to get the most out of them.
  • Orgonite works slightly better in bodies of water, or when buried or partially buried outdoors .
  • Place Abundance Orgonite under your pillow , next to the bed, or under the bed to help combat nightmares and bad dreams and for restful sleep. It can help increase the frequency of lucid dreams.
  • As close as possible to the pipes at the point where the water enters the property is a good place to put the orgonite.
  • Wifi routers are good emission points for placing orgonites.
  • Window sills are good places to place them.
  • The device can be placed near plants , indoors and outdoors, helps plant health and stimulates their growth. It can be placed in the immediate vicinity, above the ground, semi-buried or completely buried.
  • Orgonite talismans and necklaces are ideal to carry with you, to protect you and to allow you to constantly stay in a positive orgone field.
  • Ponds, lakes, ditches, and other bodies of water provide excellent environments in which orgonite can work.
  • Pets love being around orgonite, and can benefit from having it near the litter box. Just make sure they don't/can't chew or swallow it.
  • Although it primarily functions to convert negative orgone to positive orgone , and combat the negative effects that electronic equipment has on etheric energy, orgonite has a wide range of uses, with new applications continuing. to be discovered.
  • Orgonite can be a good meditation aid , placed next to you, on your lap or by holding it.
  • It can also be used to "charge" water for plants ; it can be placed in watering cans or water tanks.
  • Customers have given feedback and reported varying degrees of success in maintaining and extending the freshness of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers by placing them on or near the orgonite pieces.
  • Placing positive wave generator on and inside refrigerators/freezers can have a similar effect.
  • Orgonites can help unearth and process unresolved emotional issues.
  • All orgonite pieces can be used to amplify intention , assist with psychic and telepathic work, cleanse and balance the aura, and promote spiritual growth.
  • Orgonite inherently offers protection against negative energies, influences, entities and thought forms.
  • Orgonites, like Shungite, collect and dissipate ambient electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), which can be particularly helpful for those sensitive to EMR/EMF.
  • It is advisable to place orgonite near sources as well as in personal space. Here is our EMF protection pyramid collection .
  • It's also a great icebreaker and conversation starter.
  • The positive vibe generator is useful when you want to amplify your energy . It is a powerful device that can transform a small happiness into a big happiness. This valuable form is good for people who want more energy or vitality. You could experience joy and prosperity using an Orgonite. It is also good to use when you want to have a feeling of daily growth.
  • Orgonites can be used to purify energy. They absorb bad energy to make it clean. The protection stones contained inside cleanse all bad vibrations. It will be useful in many situations if you put one in your bedroom. If you want to use it to purify, it would be good to install it at the entrance or in a living room where a lot of people come in and out.
  • Orgonites allow you to work on energetic levels
  • They use telluric forces present in our environment.

Finally, wearing a protective orgonite necklace ( or having a pyramid shape that generates positive waves) is a great help in combating the surrounding bad energy soup and mitigating its harmful effects.

You can now find our artisanal orgonites:

Amethyst, Moonstone, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Rock Crystal, Jasper, Rose Quartz, Shungite, Malachite, Hematite, Labradorite, Chalcedony, Calcite, Onyx, Garnet, Sapphire, Amazonite, Chrysocolla, Aquamarine , Rhodonite and many other personalized models await you. Also find our orgonite flower of life, metatron, merkabah and tree of life of Sacred Geometry.

How does your craft influence your approach to working with crystals, in particular?

"It's about honoring - honoring the wind, honoring the fire, honoring the water, honoring the earth, honoring the sky and its stars. Making the orgonites in the right shape is our way of honoring the crystals. We let's work in a spirit of partnership with the fabulous world of crystals , as much as the world of crystals works in partnership with the planet itself. The crystals and the planet are absolutely intertwined. They come from Mother Earth and are divine activators that purify the frequencies. One way to honor the crystals is to cleanse and charge them with the intention of achieving the best possible result before beginning to make the orgones. This activates a sort of divine essence within the crystal what are etheric energies.

And for those who believe in the interconnectedness and aliveness of all things....

All the crystals we use, at some level, coordinate in this use."

Why use Original Orgonite from Natural Mystic Shop?

"We are really very attentive to the type and quality of the materials used , and we take the time to precisely position these materials optimally inside each orgonite, having found that the quality, positioning and arrangement of the materials within orgonites can have an impact on their function.

The main function of orgonite is to convert negative orgone energy into positive orgone energy . Although there are many orgonite suppliers offering a wide range of items, there must be a 50/50 mix of resin and metal, with a quartz crystal contained in the mix, for the item to be considered a true orgonite. Unfortunately many sellers offer orgonites which have not undergone a real manufacturing process, they are for the most part simple decorative objects.

The power of an orgonite is influenced by:

  • The quality and purity of the raw materials used such as epoxy resin
  • The inclusion of any other material such as fine stones and other natural stones , the C metal chips.
  • Care and precision in the arrangement and combination of materials to capture electromagnetic fields
  • The overall aesthetic of the piece and the intention of its creator
  • Waves of embedded shapes such as orgonite flower of life to dissipate negative energies

    " We go to great lengths to use the highest quality materials possible . When choosing our natural semi-precious stones, we ensure that the specimens are authentic and select the highest quality possible. We also include resin organic polyester as well as metals in the right proportions to improve the properties of the stones.

    We are very precise about the type and quality of materials, but also about their precise positioning.

    The Flower of Life is a hexagonal formation said to contain all patterns of creation and found in most ancient cultures, architecture and literature around the world.

    buy an orgonite

    In the context of orgonite, hexagonal formations are stronger than the sum of their parts.

    We try to incorporate hexagonal geometry as much as possible in the construction of our pieces, and of course the double-terminated quartz crystals (bi-terminated quartz) that we use in each personal orgonite piece have naturally formed hexagonal prisms to trees and naturally formed pyramid structures at each termination point."

    Conference sacred geometry, living architecture

    All of our large products require at least six days of slow, careful and precise work before being put into stock and then sold on the store.

    Use of positive wave generators

    Who are the biggest fans of orgonites?

    "It's amazing how many different types of people gravitate towards these accessories . Men and women of all ages and vocations. And children truly love the magical qualities of orgonites. Plus, with the alarming finding of scientific community around the growing electromagnetic disturbances of our modern world, more and more homes are equipping themselves with these "devices".

    buddha presenting 7 orgonite pendants generating positive waves

    Some of the people who order accessories from us at the store are what we would call " healers ", although there are so many types of healers! Energy medicine practitioners, body workers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, acupuncturists, intuitives and mediums, therapists, and others .

    People who practice meditation like pyramids because they feel their meditations are deeper and it is easier to maintain that equanimity.

    Trainers and other fitness-oriented individuals who want support with regeneration and pain relief.

    Also housewives, housemen, who ask us questions because they have heard about the need to minimize wifi radiation and household appliances .

    Some veterinarians have them in their offices, gardeners use them. So it’s about all aspects of daily life and practices!”

    What are the other benefits of having orgonite?

    " People sleep better with pyramids . But where you place it at night is a very personal thing. Many like to sleep with their pyramid very close to their bed.

    There are so many ways to use them . We receive emails and phone calls from people who describe pain relief by placing their pyramid (from base to body) directly on their body.

    One of our customers places the pyramid on his glass of water for a few minutes and swears the water tastes better every time.

    Vital energy generators are tools to help us maintain a more harmonious space . To put it in practical terms, a screwdriver is useful if you need a screwdriver. A hammer is useful when you need to drive a nail. Orgonites are really useful tools when you want to alleviate SAR from cell phones, wifi towers, etc. Orgonites will definitely give you a breathing space where you can do your meditation, rest more easily, or simply relax more knowing that your home is a healthier environment.

    buy an orgonite

    Based on the feedback we gather, as well as our own experiences, cats, dogs and other pets are also attracted to orgonites and enjoy hanging around them."

    Our Pyramide Harmonie collection is very popular with families.

    Sources of domestic electromagnetic pollution

    The six biggest sources of electromagnetic pollution present in most living spaces and homes are:

    • Cordless telephone bases (DECT); you can test with a device for measuring electromagnetic radiation; These bases emit fairly strong radiation (1-5 V/m) around 1m around.
    • With the microwave running , the faraday cage does not protect anything at all, when it is running it also emits quite strong local radiation (10-20 V/m)
    • The new smart electric meters inject a signal modulated by phase shift (similar to GSM and digital TV signals) throughout the home's electrical network.
    • Wifi waves generated by our internet boxes which propagate throughout the house and often to the outskirts.
    • Electromagnetic waves received and emitted by your mobile devices using 3G, 4G, 5G and WiFi when you use your smartphone.
    • High voltage lines in the city electricity network

    CPL (Carrier Power Line) is also very polluting because shielded cables are needed to propagate this signal without it being annoying, without shielding the cables also emit a digital signal modulated by phase shift throughout the house, as with electric meters. intelligent.

    According to comments from electrosensitives , the worst is the electricity meter and the Alexa-like tricks.

    How to place orgonites in nature?

    "Wherever you want! Wherever you think they are needed. There are many ways to use Orgonites, but we find the best uses are where you intuitively think they are most needed. Use An Orgonite is about experiencing and "feeling" the energy , so try it in different places to see if you can feel the energy (not everyone can feel the life energy of orgone, so don't Don't be disappointed if you don't feel any sensations immediately."

    place orgonites in your house or home

    Where to place your orgone generators in a home?

    Best practices are:

    • near sources of electromagnetic pollution (DECT, TV, microwave, computer, smart electricity meter, wifi transmitter, etc.)
    • near water inlets, to energize and energize the water (or even along certain pipes)
    • near your bed
    • near areas where you spend a lot of time
    • near the windows , so that these orgonites bathe in the sun (if you are really afraid of charging the quartz negatively... Which is almost impossible)
    • in indoor plant containers
    • where you keep your food
    Be imaginative and pragmatic, you will know very well where to put them! They can even be coupled near electrical installations EMF (magnetic fields) with Shungite.

    How to place orgonites near sources of electromagnetic pollution?

    "Always the same rule applies: as close as possible. In a home it's quite easy, you just need to place the orgonite on or right next to the desired electrical/electronic device. The geometric arrangements are very useful to increase the range. For sources of urban electromagnetic pollution or in nature it is obviously not always possible to place them right next to them, in this case you still have some leeway to place them nearby , so an orgonite will fulfill its function of restoring harmony very well."

    What is the first thing a person should do when receiving a pyramid?

    "Our orgone energy accumulators do not recharge, do not purify, they do not need it since they regulate themselves. Ours also undergo a sound therapy treatment at 432 HZ before being shipped ."

    Orgonite of abundance: program your orgonite for abundance

    • Place your pyramid in direct sunlight for 20 to 30 minutes. You can also always bathe your orgonites in healing sounds , such as bells, tuning forks, sacred frequencies.
    • Connect with your accessory . Two very simple ways to do this are to hold the pyramid close to your heart and consciously connect, or to imagine an infinity sign (a figure 8) between it and your heart.
    • Set an intention . Resonating with the stone will help you as long as it is in alignment with your highest and best desire, and without harming anyone else. Ask.

    orgonite pyramid placed on a table with orgone in an ogive

    Our abundance orgonite collection

    Important note : " Our orgones are not designed to be left outdoors for long periods of time because we use an environmentally friendly resin that does not hold up well to harsh weather conditions. However if you need something to outside your house, you can place them for a few weeks near fruit trees or in the vegetable garden. Like animals, trees and the plant kingdom love orgone devices of all kinds!"

    An artisanal orgonite is a precise assembly of crystals, metals and organic resin. Orgonite promotes energetic harmony in your environment by transforming negative waves into positive energy. Our online store offers unique artisan orgonites, handcrafted with stones carefully selected for their energetic properties and natural beauty. We use high quality materials, such as superior organic resin, copper and minerals, to create beautiful orgonites with incredibly powerful energy. With our wide selection of sizes, shapes and designs, you can find the perfect craft orgonite for your energy needs. Discover our unique collection of handcrafted orgonites and start living each day to the fullest.

    Choosing an orgonite depends on your personal goals and aesthetic preferences. Generally the orgonites that suit you are those that you like, because their colors meet the energy needs of the moment.


    Using an orgonite is very simple and can be adapted to many situations, whether by placing it directly in your environment or carrying it with you for continued benefit of its positive energy.


    Maintaining our orgonites is very easy, just run it under water from time to time and then wipe it with a soft cloth to maintain its optimal energetic properties.


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