Complete Guide to Making an Orgonite

- julien massias

Complete Guide to Making an Orgonite

Making an Orgonite: 10 Simple Steps to Create a Unique Energy Piece

If you are interested in energetic objects and spiritual practices, making an orgonite can be a creative and enriching experience. Orgonite is an object made of organic material, generally a resin, and inorganic material, namely crystals and non-ferrous metals. Depending on the arrangement of these “layers” and the nature of each element, we obtain a unique energy object.

How to make orgonite?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the 10 steps to making your own orgonite:

  1. Gather your materials: To make an orgonite, you will need organic epoxy resin, pieces of metal such as copper, aluminum or brass, crystals of your choice (including a rock crystal if possible), a container for your mixture and a silicone mold to then pour the resin into. Remember to clean, purify and recharge your crystals before freezing them in your creation. Avoid incorporating pigments: this may look pretty but in reality the more transparent the resin, the more it activates in light (photons). material needed to make an orgonite
  2. Prepare your workspace: Protect your work surface, ideally with plastic film, to avoid possible damage. Eliminate sensitive surfaces: Epoxy resin can damage certain sensitive surfaces like unsealed wood, cardboard, paper, some plastics and of course your skin. Protect surrounding surfaces with tape or other masking methods to secure the work area. orgonite manufacturing area
  3. Environment: Make sure you have enough space to work comfortably. Work in a well-ventilated area: Epoxy resin releases potentially toxic fumes when mixed and applied. So make sure you work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling these vapors. Open windows and use a fan or exhaust air system if possible.
  4. Protect yourself: use personal protective equipment (PPE): Wear nitrile gloves, safety glasses and a protective mask with filter cartridges to avoid contact with skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Epoxy resin may cause skin and eye irritation. make orgonite safely
  5. State of mind: creating an orgonite should be a moment of joy, gratitude and even meditation. Never make orgonite in a negative moment for you, a positive mind coupled with the best intentions is necessary. prepare your environment
  6. Arrange the materials in the mold: Place the metal pieces and crystals in the silicone mold so that they are well distributed and create an attractive pattern. You can unleash your creativity to create your own unique design. arrangement of crystals in the mold
  7. Prepare the organic resin: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for preparing the epoxy resin. This usually involves mixing the liquid resin and hardener in the recommended proportions, then mixing them thoroughly for a few minutes. Each brand of epoxy resin may have specific instructions on mixing, curing time and application. Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to get the best results and avoid any potential problems.
  8. Pour the organic resin : Pour the epoxy resin into the silicone mold, making sure to cover the metal pieces and crystals. Use a stick to gently stir the resin to release any air bubbles. To remove them, mix the epoxy resin slowly to minimize agitation and use a blowtorch or heat gun to eliminate air bubbles on the surface after application. pour the organic resin into the mold
  9. Let it cure: Allow the epoxy resin to cure for the time recommended by the manufacturer. This may vary depending on the brand of epoxy resin you use. Some parts take up to 72 hours to fully cure, we will place them all this time under a frequency of 432 Hz (personal choice). let the resin harden
  10. Unmold and polish: Once the epoxy resin is completely hardened, unmold your orgonite by carefully removing it from the silicone mold. You can now polish the edges of your orgonite with sandpaper or other polishing tools to give it a smooth, professional finish.
    orgonite polishing

You can finally enjoy your orgonite: it is now ready to use!

end of orgonite manufacturing

Place it in your home, on your desk or in other places where you want to benefit from its potential energy properties. You can also create domes, pyramids, pendants as well as pocket orgonites or even trays. Orgonite is often used in spiritual practices as a tool for energetic protection, to balance energies in a space, or to aid in meditation and relaxation.

Feel free to experiment with different crystals, metals and designs to create your own unique orgonite that suits your needs and personal style. Be careful, however, with the combinations of different stones and symbols, the whole must have a coherent assembly and respect a precise intention.

Making orgonite can be a rewarding creative and spiritual activity. By following these simple steps, you can create your own, unique orgonite that can be used in various energy practices.

It is therefore important to appreciate it as an artistic and energetic object, and without expecting medical or scientific results. Now have fun creating your own orgonite and exploring the subtle energies it can offer!

Protection of your creation : In France, “copyright” has no legal value, it is not recognized. It is therefore recommended to ensure your Intellectual Property Rights on the work, in the same way as to pay the commercial license for the symbols or logos that you place there, if they are available and subject to copyright. 'author. On the internet, the simple posting on your site of an original text or an original work is a publication which supports your Right to Intellectual Property, particularly if the legal notices of your site underline this.


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  • C’est super, mais il semble manquer un élément important : pour que l’effet piezzo-électrique soit maximal, idéalement la proportion metal/résine (à vue, pas au poid), doit être de 50/50….sinon, c’est beaucoup de résine pour emballer des pierres….

    (il reste les orgonites à inductions qui peut laisser une partie uniquement résineuse), mais pour le reste, il me semble que cette proportion est importante, qu’en pensez-vous ?

    samsara on
  • Merci infiniment pour ce guide sur la fabrication de l’orgonite, il est effectivement accessible à tous et très complet. Amitiés. Marc

    Marc on

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