Cleaning your orgonite: everything you need to know

- Célia Jeandel

Cleaning your orgonite: everything you need to know

Often people who use crystals for healing or who are introduced to lithotherapy wonder how to cleanse orgonites of the negative energies that they could accumulate.

Should you clean your orgonite?

Some owners of orgonite (pyramid, pendant or other) think they must regularly clean the orgonites as they already do for their fine stones when they have worked on the energetic level. But despite what we can read on many sites, an orgonite as it must be manufactured is in principle self-purifying . Phew!

First of all , orgonite is not a stone but rather is characterized as a technology, a fine assembly of which the crystals are the necessary elements but... not sufficient (at least metals, an organic resin are still required perfect and a conscious manufacturing process).

Powered by piezoelectric energy (constant micro current between positively charged components and negatively charged components), orgonite transmutes negative energies to release them into positive energy, called orgone energy.

Orgonite does not easily take on a negative charge , and the opposite would lead to a manufacturing error or poor "programming" (creative and conscious phase).

several ways to clean an orgonite

Unlike natural crystals which deplete easily and mainly through direct (physical) contact with the wearer, an orgonite does not require specific or regular cleaning .

Now your orgonite might get tired. If you neglect it completely and for a long time or if it is constantly used, it can lose its effectiveness over time. Energy specialists, therapists and other intensive users sometimes notice this: by putting it to the test, your orgonite could gradually reach saturation and thus reduce its potential and its field of action .

When to clean orgonite?

Don't get it, from time to time . In addition here, our crystals (bi-terminated rock crystal and all our other minerals) are previously prepared, cleaned and purified before incorporation . This increases the natural range, autonomy and durability of our orgonites.

However, your orgonite could still benefit from cleaning to increase its energy production. It is never useless. 

Don't hesitate to do it to pamper her, it's a way to thank your orgonite for her help in energetic work that she would have accomplished with you.

As part of the classic use of orgonite, cleaning does not need to be done regularly: 3 or 4 times a year should be enough , more if you wish but above all stay tuned of your orgonite. Handle it, feel it, practice it. Over time, the experience will bond you deeply with your orgone and you will know how to clean up when necessary. For pendulum followers and magnetizers, a significant drop in TV will indicate this to you.

How to clean your orgonite?

If your orgonite is no longer as effective as it could have been, a cleansing session will allow it to increase its capabilities and regain its full potential . Here are several methods to achieve this:

Clean the orgonites with running (and living) water

Water is a powerful energy cleanser. Hold your orgonite under running water for a minute and imagine that the water is cleansing and strengthening the orgonite.

clean orgonite with water

Of course, choose a stream over pure water or the ocean over the jerky flow of a city center tap: living water has a high vibration rate and will be much more effective in eliminating these memories. However, wearing your orgonite pendant in the shower will not do it any harm.

Cleaning Orgonites in Daylight

Orgonite loves natural daylight . The rays easily stimulate its activation, especially if the resin is clear. Leaving your orgonites outside in direct sunlight will give them a quick boost and sweep every nook and cranny, but be sure to do this for short periods .

clean your orgonite in sunlight

Indeed, immediate daylight for prolonged periods can discolor certain stones, such as amethyst or rose quartz. This does not impact the viability and functioning of your orgonite , but in the long term it may be less attractive.

Cleansing orgonite by mentalization

Place the orgonite in the palm of your hand. Mentally project the fact that the orgonite is washing and purifying itself of its negative energies : imagine this dark energy as black smoke escaping from your orgonite. Repeat the process until nothing comes out . This can be made more effective if you invoke higher forces that you trust.

Cleanse orgonites with incense, sage or Palo Santo

Simply hold the orgonite in the smoke for a few minutes .

cleansing negative energies with incense

You can also strengthen the process by visualizing the departure of bad energies, by invoking the help of entities linked to your own beliefs or by reciting a prayer to succeed in your cleansing.

Discharge your orgonite by grounding

This is not a question of gifting, a dowsing and geobiological technique consisting of decontaminating land with orgonites, but of telluric cleaning . To clean your orgonites with earth, expose them outside for a day or night, on bare earth . Note that it is not recommended to bury them or cover them with earth, especially if they have aesthetic value for you, as this could damage them.

Even if orgonites do not require special and regular cleaning , you could easily maintain them if necessary to free them from any overloads and increase the potential of your orgone generator .

Note also that orgone pyramids respecting the golden ratio and orgonite trays are themselves excellent tools for recharging your exhausted crystals, energizing your food and energizing your drinks.

Did you like our advice? You can now read how to choose your orgonite to make the best choice, you can also read where to place an orgonite or download the complete PDF “ORGONITES” the ultimate guide to better understand the capacities and properties of your precious one.

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