20 tips and tricks to increase your vibration rate

- Célia Jeandel

20 tips and tricks to increase your vibration rate

Increase your vibration rate

What is vibration rate?

Your “vibration rate” or “vibration” is a way of describing your general energetic state.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, high or low. Plants, animals, and even things that seem solid and inert are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. Thus, even our planet Earth has its own vibration and this is particularly how it influences the behavior of all living beings.

Human vibrational rate refers to the energy emitted by a person, which can be measured in terms of vibrational frequency. It is a key concept in many spiritual practices, as it is considered an indication of a person's level of consciousness and spiritual connectedness. In this article we will explore vibrational rate, what it means and how you can increase and harmonize it

Spiritual vibrational rate is the energetic frequency that is emitted by a person, which is influenced by their thoughts, emotions and environment.

Why raise your vibration rate?

Let's get back to our humans, that's our subject. A vibration rate refers to the measurement of the vibration frequency of an object or living being. Everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency, including our bodies.

From a scientific and metaphysical perspective, we are "beings" composed of different levels of energy : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each of these levels has a vibrational frequency, which combines to create your overall, average vibration . For example, the vibration rate of a medium will be higher than the average human vibration rate.

A vibration rate for a human being can be measured, for example, using the Bovis dial and a dowsing pendulum . The “normal” vibration rate of a man or woman is between 8,000 and 10,000 Bovis Units. In the context of energy care, it is agreed that if our vibration rate is above 12,500 UB, diseases (which vibrate below 6,000 UB) can no longer take hold easily. And a person begins to vibrate on the spiritual plane from around 36,000 to 40,000 BU. Hence the importance of improving your average vibration rate.

A high vibrational rate indicates a higher state of consciousness, better health, greater intuition and greater spiritual connection. When our vibration is high, we are healthy, happy and energetic.

On the other hand, a low vibrational rate can indicate a state of stress, illness and low spiritual connectivity. When our vibration rate is low, we can experience many negative symptoms.

Symptom of low vibration rate

The following symptoms may be associated with a low vibration rate:

  • Fatigue and Exhaustion: If your vibrational rate is low, you may feel exhausted and tired all the time, even after getting enough sleep.

  • Common Illnesses: A low vibrational rate can weaken your immune system, which can make you more vulnerable to illnesses and infections.

  • Anxiety and Depression: People with a low vibration may feel anxious, depressed, and tend to experience negative emotions more often.

  • Low self-esteem: People with a low vibration may experience a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem and a feeling of not being aligned with their life purpose.

  • Difficult Relationships: A low vibrational rate can lead to conflict in interpersonal relationships, as it can be difficult to establish a deep connection with others.

If your vibration is low , this will be obvious; it’s simply about becoming aware of your situation and working to rectify it. Maybe money is tight, your health is poor, or you are morally drowning, surrounded by negative people. This toxic environment will manifest itself as a low vibration rate.

Symptom of high vibration rate

The following symptoms may be associated with a high vibration rate:

  • Sensation of well-being and inner happiness, feeling of peace and tranquility.

  • Increased sensitivity to the energies and vibrations of other people and the environment.

  • Increased synchronicity and attraction to positive situations in life.

  • Feeling of deep connection with oneself, with others and with the world in general.

  • Ability to express creativity, intuition and sensitivity in a freer and more spontaneous way.

  • Improved physical and emotional health, with an increase in life energy and vitality.

  • Reduction of negative thoughts and behaviors, such as anger, jealousy and sadness.

  • Development of extra-sensory abilities (mediumship, clairvoyance, astral travel, animal and plant communication)

When your vibration is high , you have the wonderful feeling of being irresistible. You surround yourself with inspiring people, you wake up every day optimistic and in great shape, things move forward in your business, love spreads! To others, it seems like you're very lucky, when in fact, you triggered it.

It is very important to be aware that like energies attract . For example, you feel your vibration has changed when all areas of your life are affected. When your human vibration rate is very high, you are more likely to attract the positive people and motivating results you desire into your life: you are overflowing with energy, the long-awaited promotion materializes, all opportunities open up. to you.

So, how can we raise our vibrations? This might seem complex but it's actually very simple! Read on to learn how you can boost your vital energy every day.

How to increase your vibration rate? 20 easy ways to get there

If you always wake up feeling enthusiastic and ready to take on the day's challenges, your vibration is definitely very high. On the other hand, if you feel fear, frustration, and low morale, it is very likely that your spiritual vibration level is low and it is time to discover these 20 good habits to quickly raise it again .

  1. Meditate

Meditation can help ease anxiety and stress, calm the mind, and give you greater insight into your thoughts and feelings. This is one of the very vibrational activities! Find a calm, calming space (or create one for yourself) and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. The mind then wanders and gets distracted, don't worry, it's completely normal. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe in and out. This is a common way to raise one's spiritual vibration rate.

how to raise your vibration rate with meditation

Too often, we end our days with a brain that leaves us in a state of anxiety and energy imbalance . Meditation, at any time of the day, helps calm your mind and put you in a peaceful state of mind. Ten minutes of meditation a day can change your life forever.

  1. Do a yoga session

Yoga poses allow you to connect your body more deeply with your mind, release stagnant energy and raise your vibration. The more you practice, the more your energy vibrates, so if you're feeling really low, try a flow class like vinyasa.

how to raise your vibration rate with the practice of yoga

In case of exhaustion, this yoga offers different simple positions that can really help reset the system and improve your mood. It's also a more sporty way to raise your vibration.

  1. Practice mindfulness

Becoming aware of yourself and your surroundings is a great way to increase your positive vibrations. Practicing mindfulness leads us to be more considerate and thoughtful, therefore more likely to be kind and compassionate to others and to ourselves. Enjoy the present moment and become aware.

  1. Take care of your chakras

Your seven main chakras, the body's spiritual energy centers, need to be pampered to raise your general vibration. The chakras run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. When they are open and aligned , our life energy flows smoothly, promoting creativity, happiness and health. To clear blockages, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine a line of pure energy flowing freely up and down the spine. The areas where you feel blocked are the ones where you will need to work.

  1. Use Healing Crystals

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to help boost positive energy and vibrations .

how to raise your vibration rate with crystals

Look for healing crystals that evoke connection and love, like amethyst and rose quartz. Here are the essentials of lithotherapy . Wear these stones on your body, place them around your home, or simply carry one in your bag.

  1. Walk in nature

Activate your body, circulate vital energy while enjoying the benefits of the sun and fresh air.

how to raise your vibration rate in the great outdoors

Turn off your phone, or better yet, leave it at home, and change your mood by reconnecting with Mother Nature. Bonus vitality for your walk if you do it barefoot, and double ration if you hug a tree.

  1. Immerse yourself in a sound and/or light bath

Certain sounds, like those heard in a sound bath where gongs and bowls are played, have been shown to facilitate a shift in brain waves that makes us more relaxed and receptive. It is the same for light and the broad spectrum of color waves.

how to raise your vibration rate with the sounds of Tibetan bowls

Find a sound or light therapy session in your area, or find a recording online for a quick session at home ( see healing frequencies ) or sunbathe to the sound of birdsong.

  1. Eat more healthy foods without sacrificing your pleasure

Whenever you can, try to eat whole ingredients, rich in minerals, vegetables and fruits preferably raw, this is excellent for raising your vibration level.

how to raise your vibration rate with food

Above all, pay attention to how you feel when eating these foods and don't let your search for good vibes veer into an austere diet. Sometimes that huge bar of chocolate smiling at you is 100% the highest vibrational choice for you.

  1. Be conscious of the foods you eat

Some foods vibrate at high frequencies, others at lower frequencies (broccoli has a high vibration, just like blueberries and Big Macs don't vibrate at all). If you eat foods covered in chemicals and pesticides, or foods in plastic packaging, you will vibrate lower. Conversely, consume good quality organic produce, foods as nature intended them, and feel the high vibrations spreading throughout your body. Most importantly, pay attention to how eating certain foods makes your body feel.

  1. Drink water

Make sure to always drink plenty of water (preferably filtered) to help your body flush out toxic substances on a daily basis. Toxicity has a marked impact on our vibrations, so we must do what we can to reduce its impact in us and around us. Water straight from the spring is ideal, not bottled, and it is naturally energizing and detoxifying.

  1. Do good deeds

Give to someone else without expecting anything in return. Where how do you shift your thinking from “I never have enough for myself,” to “I have so much that I can offer to others.” Abundance is a high vibration. Along the same lines, being nice (as opposed to being mean) puts you in a high vibration. Gossip or treat people badly, and your vibration level will suffer. Kindness and compassion are very high vibration emotions. Just think about how good you feel when you help someone else! Do a random act of kindness (towards a friend or a stranger) and you will quickly find that it improves your mood. When we do acts of kindness, we place ourselves in a higher energetic state .

  1. Practice gratitude

As with kindness, practicing gratitude instantly places us in a higher vibrational state. Rather than focusing on what you don't have, make a list of all the things you can be grateful for in your life. I always do this before I go to sleep, making a mental list of people and circumstances I feel grateful for. This means I end the day on a positive note, which also helps me fall asleep easier. It is also easy and effective to find something beautiful in your surroundings and appreciate it. Beauty is all around us, and yet we so often walk with blinders on. Stop running and take the time to get out in the sun to appreciate what’s around you. Be grateful. Making a gratitude list shifts your vibration from focusing on what you don't have to focusing on what is already abundant in your life. There are more reasons to be grateful than you can imagine. For example, every evening write in a small gratitude journal 5 things I am grateful for that day. It’s such a great exercise, you’ll see.

  1. Say no to someone or something

Some of us tend to lower our positive vibrations by continually ignoring our own needs in order to give more to others. Reclaim your energy by saying no to something you don't really want to do, and watch your mood soar. Knowing how to say “no” to others is a great way to say “yes” to yourself, to respect your own desires, and sometimes to stay in line with your values.

  1. Get your blood pumping, get moving

Increasing your vibration requires movement, the more you move, the higher your vibrations rise. So, get active! Dance! Play sports ! The happier you feel, the more happy experiences you will attract to yourself, because you are operating at a different frequency. For example, dancing helps us express our emotions and can also distract us from any negative thought patterns. Go to a dance class or move to an upbeat tune and feel the energy flow through you.

how to raise your vibration rate with dance and sport

Looking for mushrooms, going fishing or tending a garden when possible are also good practices.

  1. Breathe deeply

It's so simple and yet so effective . Deep breathing calms your nervous system, which helps increase your sense of peace. Raise your vibration by taking a few deep belly breaths - inhale for a count of 4, pausing at the top of the inhale, and exhale for a count of 4, pausing at the bottom of the exhale .

  1. Think positive thoughts

Our thoughts affect how we feel , and often a situation or event isn't as stressful as we think it is. If your thoughts are too pessimistic or anxious, you may be drawn to situations that perpetuate these feelings. There is some truth to the idea that our thoughts create our reality. Don't run away from difficult emotions, but don't overuse low-vibration negative thoughts either. Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality. This is the famous Law of Attraction. Every thought that comes to your mind has an impact on you. When you change these thoughts to positive ones , your reality is likely to become positive too. Easier said than done in the face of adversity, right? The next time a negative thought pops into your head, take the time to acknowledge it, thank it, reject it and transform it into a positive thought

  1. Cultivate High Vibration Relationships

Finally, make sure the people around you lift you up rather than drag you down. Spend time with those who love and support you and whom you love and support in return.

how to raise your vibration level with your friends

A study shows that we are the “average” of the 5 people we meet the most . Our direct entourage exerts a very strong influence to raise its vibration rate. Get rid of toxic people.

  1. Practice Feng Shui

The philosophy of feng shui is the practice of arranging rooms in living spaces to create balance with the natural world. The objective is to master energetic forces and establish harmony between an individual and their environment. Learning the art of arranging elements in a habitat is excellent for increasing your vibration rate.

  1. Surround yourself with depolluting plants

Certain plants have the particularity of capturing toxins from the air, transmuting negative energies and intoxicating us with the scent of their flowers, as the orchid does.

how to raise your vibration rate with plants

Also note that ficus and cacti are excellent vibration depollutants when you place them in your rooms.

  1. Limit your exposure to electromagnetic fields

It is clearly impossible today to escape artificial electromagnetic waves , whether through the frenetic deployment of telecommunications technologies, or through the constant emission of our computer devices and household appliances. All these domestic waves emitted throughout have a undoubtedly negative impact on our vitality. Many specialty items, like orgone generators , will reduce your daily exposure.

Understanding the Spiritual Vibration Rate: How to Increase and Harmonize It

There are many safe and effective ways to increase your life force and mood .

Many of them are simple and straightforward: Move your body, find some calm, breathe deeply, and spend time being kind to the people you love (preferably in nature). However, keep in mind that if your bad mood still does not go away after taking these ACTIONS, it could be an underlying problem that requires professional, psychological or medical support.

Spiritual vibrational rate is influenced by several factors, including emotions, thoughts, environment and physical health. By working on these aspects of your life, you can increase and harmonize your spiritual vibrational rate, which can help you access new levels of consciousness and spiritual connectivity.

By the way, do you have any other tips to share with us on how to increase your vibration level? What's your little thing?

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