What is the Schumann resonance and what are the benefits of sacred frequencies?

- Célia Jeandel

What is the Schumann resonance and what are the benefits of sacred frequencies?

What is the Schumann resonance?

Isn't it a nice feeling to know you're surrounded by family? To feel all the emotional support and positive energy necessary to achieve optimal health and success in your life? To be able to develop in a feeling of security? Conversely, aren’t these accomplishments much more difficult when this base of support is removed? Well, like a loving and caring family, our planet has a special ability to nourish and heal all life within it . But rather than using words of encouragement or aspirin, Mother Earth supports her children with resonant frequencies.

This refers to the Schumann Resonance (SR), which consists of naturally occurring very low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves that travel through space above Earth and below the ionosphere. It sounds strange... but it does exist! Discovered (or more precisely, mathematically predicted) by Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952, the Schumann resonance was demonstrated in the 1960s by observing the energy created by the approximately 2,000 storms which produced approximately 50 lightning strikes around the planet every second.

Electromagnetic waves caused by the Schumann frequency encircle the globe, hugging it, with the low frequency mode occurring around 7.83 Hz . The higher resonance modes peak about every 6.5 Hz (14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8, etc., up to about 60 Hz), but the predominant wave remains that of 7.83 Hz.

According to Wikipedia, the Shumann Resonance is defined as:

" A set of spectral peaks in the extremely low frequency range (3 to 30 Hz) of the Earth's electromagnetic field. These global resonances in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere, which functions as a guide to "wave, are excited by lightning. The main mode has a wavelength equal to the circumference of the planet and a frequency of 7.8 Hz. "

Potential impact on human health:

Clearly, our survival depends on the oxygen in Earth's atmosphere and its terrestrial resources of food and water. But growing evidence suggests that we also need a regular diet of geomagnetic resonances to maintain optimal health , and the Schumann resonance in particular.

Unfortunately, with increasing electromagnetic pollution in our environment, the frequency of the Schumann resonance can be disrupted, which can lead to negative health consequences. For example, reducing the frequency of the Schumann Resonance can lead to increased stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, etc. Currently, the earth is vibrating differently and time is speeding up. .

By discovering that Schumann's fundamental frequency , precisely 7.83 Hz, is very close to that of human alpha wave rhythms, Herbert Konig, Schumann's doctoral student, was one of the first modern researchers to associate SR with human bio-activity.

This frequency similarity may explain why people can experience a beneficial effect on their mental and physical health when exposed to this natural resonance.

Studies have shown that Schumann Resonance can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, strengthen the immune system, and boost creativity and productivity. Additionally, it can help regulate circadian rhythms and maintain hormonal balance in the body.

Centuries before Konig, however, ancient Indian Rishis also knew it, enriching it with the isochronic tonal frequencies of the 'OM' sound . In fact, much anthropological evidence suggests that humans of all cultures have, over millennia, attempted to achieve trance states by synchronizing with planetary resonances , even before knowing precisely what they were. This was done through various rituals like drumming and shamanic dances, or religious behaviors like rocking during prayer.

In 2021, 2022 and 2023 the Schumann Resonance can be heard live on YouTube:

Isochronic Frequency of the Earth 7.38 Hz, Schumnann Resonance live on Youtube

The Schumann resonance is regularly subject to more or less significant variations. You can follow the evolution of the Schumann resonance live in 2021 .

Human beings vibrate at a frequency that is specific to them and in principle harmonized with that of the Earth : when the vibration level of the body drops, the individual is more inclined to develop illnesses and pathologies.

The zone of good health corresponds to an average vibration rate between 7,000 and 9,000 Bovis units (BU) measured by dowsing. We sometimes reach the record of 9,500 UB, or even 10,000 UB. This vibration of the body brings some people to a state of overexcitement, while for others it leads to the opening of the mind and consciousness to other planes and dimensions.

Unfortunately, the drop in these vibrational frequencies is much more common. The causes come from an unbalanced lifestyle as we know it too well in our society: sedentary lifestyle, poor breathing, tobacco, drugs, stress, industrial food, etc. But negative thoughts about oneself also come into play. and on others, geobiological disturbances of living spaces, artificial electromagnetic fields... So many elements which drain or lose the body's energies .

When the human vibration rate falls below 6,000 BU, the person enters a zone conducive to disease. Each disease corresponds to its own vibrational level. When the body's vibration rate is around 6,000 BU, we enter the zone of fatigue and infections. The organism then begins to vibrate at the frequency of the microbes , which can then easily accommodate themselves, by resonance.

The drop in man's vibration rate corresponds to the development of certain diseases:

  • depression: approximately 5,700 BU
  • rheumatism: approximately 5,200 BU
  • multiple sclerosis: approximately 4,500 BU
  • cancer: approximately 2,500 BU
  • AIDS: approximately 2,000 UB

The lower the vibration rate, the more serious the disease.

What is the Schumann resonance and what are the benefits of sacred frequencies?

Find the good vibes

When you are sick, one of the first things to do is to raise your body vibration level . A therapist, a professional energy specialist can of course start by transmitting energy to you. But the person will also have to work on their own, and for this they must work to:
  1. Favor the consumption of organic , fresh, seasonal, local food, preferably raw or lightly cooked. A healthy organic food vibrates at around 9,000 to 10,000 BU while an industrial food peaks at best... between 6,000 and 7,000 BU. While one provides energy, the other pumps calories for digestion.
  2. Drink energized water, or dynamized water . For this, we can use a magnetizer. We can also use the shape waves of sacred geometry , for example with a dynamization plate . You can also place a glass water bottle in the sun, or place a shungite stone on it
  3. Breathe negatively ionized air . This air loaded with negative ions is naturally present by the sea, the ocean (iodine), in high mountains, near waterfalls. At home or on the street, another interesting tool is orgonite, orgone energy generator , which channels and diffuses these negative ions. Orgonite is mainly used in the form of a medallion to wear on oneself , but also in a pyramidal form to place on a desk or near an electrical installation to soften the frequency field . In homes, it is also possible to use a salt lamp.
  4. Practice physical activity . It is necessary to expend your energy and channel it to access better vibrations . This can be a sport, but also dance, a martial art or even certain meditation practices.
  5. Live in a place with a good vibrational level . We must mainly take care of the places where we spend the longest time: bed, desk, sofa, kitchen... Feng Shui seems to be a great help in harmonizing a place. Also, it is important to open up homes to allow the benefits of light and air to enter. The advice of a geobiologist can also be useful when you feel tired at home.
  6. Prioritize positive thoughts . High thoughts of love, sharing, compassion are an effective and easy way to increase your vibration level .

Shumann resonance and the brain

In our brain, alpha waves cover the frequency range of 7.5 to 12.5 Hz . They are present in our brain during deep relaxation, dreaming and light meditation. This state brings us to the tip of the iceberg of creativity that exists just below conscious awareness.
You could say that alpha waves are something of a "gateway" to deeper states of consciousness : artists and other creatives often report that they get their best ideas just before falling asleep. These waves have been proven to promote mental coordination, calmness, alertness, inner awareness, mind/body integration and learning.

Since alpha waves closely resemble the fundamental frequency of the Schumann Resonance , the thinking is that by generating them intentionally (by the aforementioned methods), the two frequencies combine, thereby increasing the strength of our own alpha waves. This in turn should make us feel better, refreshed and in harmony with the planet, as a form of environmental synchronization . Indeed, theories abound that since we (Earth's creatures) evolved in the figurative embrace of the Schumann Resonance, we must have incorporated it into our brain waves , much like animal blood plasma is chemically similar to seawater, since animals evolved in it.

Following this: If humans are fundamentally attuned to Earth's natural electromagnetic frequencies , it stands to reason that disruptions to these frequencies can affect human health.

The Schumann resonance, bees and pollination:

bees pollination schumann resonance

Like all animals, bees are very sensitive to natural vibrations

But humans aren't the only ones affected by the Schumann resonance - all animals are too, including bees. To say that bees are a keystone species is an understatement. Without bees, the vast majority of food crops would not be pollinated, and we and all other species that rely on these crops for food, directly or indirectly, would struggle to survive.

The effects of neonicotinoids and GMOs on decreasing bee populations are well documented. However, there is also consensus that an overload of electromagnetic frequencies confuses the internal orientation, navigation and communication systems of bees, for which they depend on the Earth's natural magnetic field . As a result, bees get lost, are unable to return to the hive and die. Of course, the Schumann resonance means the Earth's natural magnetic field; in fact, therefore, bees rely on RS for navigation. But all the geomagnetic disturbances we produce (such as those from wireless technologies like cell phones and Bluetooth) have obscured the Shumann resonance which could well impact the ability of bees to navigate, to the detriment of all life on the planet.

Scientists also say that migrating animals, from birds to whales, could be affected by even small changes in the Schumann resonance.

In the universe, everything is energy, everything is vibration, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large… »

–Albert Einstein

Composed of organic resin and inorganic materials, by piezoelectric effect, ORGONE PYRAMIDS maintain living spaces at a frequency close to the Shumann constant.

Orgonite transmutes negative orgone energy (domestic electromagnetic frequencies, WiFi, 4G, etc.) into positive orgone energy, the energy of life.

The Schumann resonance and circadian rhythms:

Scientist Rütger Wever researched human circadian rhythms (our internal clock), and how humans behave when placed in an environment in which they have no external time cues and are free to choose their own sleep/wake and light/shade schedules.

Working with fellow German researcher Jürgen Aschoff, Wever created an underground bunker to serve as a laboratory in which human subjects could be shielded from any external temporal cues, including variations in light, temperature, electromagnetic fields - as well as the Schumann resonance. Between 1964 and 1989, this bunker was used to conduct 418 studies on 447 human volunteers.

One of the main conclusions of these experiments was that when free to choose their schedule, humans ran about 25 hours a day and chose to go to bed at a much later circadian phase, which lengthened the period of the wake cycle -sleep due to the delaying effects of exposure to light during these circadian night phases.

Another fundamental discovery from the Andechs bunker experiments was the discovery that human sleep/wake cycles could become out of sync with the circadian rhythm of core body temperature, a phenomenon known as "spontaneous internal desynchrony." Endocrine function, thyroid function, depression and other affective disorders manifested themselves in the bunker subjects.

However, when a machine that resonated at 7.83 Hz was placed in the bunker, the subjects found that their discomfort and illnesses disappeared or were relieved.

The fruit of symbiotic evolution:

Many studies have looked into the ideas that disruption of the Schumann Resonance can impact human health , starting with the groundbreaking research of LB Hainsworth, which gave credence to earlier hypotheses (such as that of Konig ) on the correlates of Schumann residency with human health. Hainsworth recognized that the frequency of the dominant rhythm of human brain waves (10.5 Hz) and the average frequency at which there is minimal natural interference in the Earth-ionosphere cavity are identical. He understood that this shared frequency has an evolutionary meaning , the human brain operating on a "channel" scrambled by minimal "noise". Assuming that our brain is sensitive to Schumann resonance signals and that these signals have remained at constant frequencies throughout evolution, it is fairly safe to accept the possibility (like Hainsworth and others) that our system central nervous system evolved to rely on them to synchronize internal biorhythms.

dna evolution man earth frequency schumann resonance

The human being and his DNA evolved with the frequency of the Earth

Furthermore, any alteration or occlusion of these signals can cause a breakdown or blockage of this timing mechanism that we rely on, thereby drowning out the health-promoting, possibly formative, frequency of SR. Many people believe that this is one of the reasons for the alleged increase in cancers and other diseases that we have seen over the last half century.

But research into the effects of electromagnetic energy on human well-being offers more clarity. Since Hainsworth's work three decades ago, multiple studies have strengthened the links between the Schumann resonance and other geomagnetic resonances and human health, cognitive function, emotions, and behavior. Some suggest that any desynchronizing geomagnetic disturbance can interfere not only with sleep, mental balance and energy levels, but also with brain, cardiovascular and autonomic nervous system functions, circadian rhythm, hormonal secretions and reproduction. .

Are we real human antennas?

Although the literature highlights these specific effects, the mechanism(s) that explain how these effects actually occur are not fully understood. Theories abound, and one suggestion is that extreme fluctuations in solar geomagnetic activity (such as solar flares or storms) can disrupt brain levels of melatonin, a powerful antioxidant and hormone that plays an important role in regulation of circadian rhythm and functioning of the immune system .

Whatever the true nature of the relationship between the Schumann resonance and other ELF electromagnetic waves and human health , the best way to improve our understanding of this relationship may be to adopt the type of multidisciplinary approach needed to study interconnectivity . The study of interconnectivity is still in its infancy and is not yet accepted by the general scientific community. But it integrates disciplines such as geosciences, astrophysics and human and animal studies.

As psychologist and author Louise Samways points out, the human body is like a radio transceiver connected to an antenna – it is capable of transmitting and receiving energy from the surrounding environment, and one of these signals Radiant energy comes from the Schumann resonance, a frequency that obviously impacts our sense of time, biological cycles and our health. We obviously need the vibrations of the Earth.

Match the frequency of the reality you want and you won't be able to help but get that reality. It cannot be otherwise. It's not philosophy. It's physics. »

–Albert Einstein

Orgonite pyramids transmute these bad energies into positive energy thanks to their high vibration rates.

What is the Schumann resonance and what are the benefits of sacred frequencies?

What are the sacred frequencies? How can they help us?

Victims of numerous imbalances, we are too often and easily "disadjusted" on the vibrational level . It is then appropriate to re-balance our energy centers. For this, different so-called “healing” or “sacred” frequencies are there to help you.

Much higher vibrationally than the Schumann Resonance, these calming frequencies have an incredible impact on our bodies and minds.

For example, 432 Hz and 528 Hz are the frequencies of Love used by the Ancients , and which are known to create vibrations that heal the mind, body, and spirit. As human beings we are constantly changing, which means that depending on our moment of life, our experiences and our own needs, we are differently sensitive and receptive to these frequencies.

The benefits of the 432 Hz frequency: impact on the body and mind

The frequency 432 Hz is considered a healing frequency in many spiritual traditions. It is also called the "Earth frequency" or the "universe frequency." In this paragraph, we will explore the benefits of the 432 Hz frequency on the body and mind.

First of all, it is important to understand that the frequency 432 Hz is considered a natural resonant frequency of the universe . It is linked to sacred geometry and is considered the base frequency of the cosmos. Music based on this frequency is therefore believed to have a beneficial impact on our body and mind.

The benefits of the 432 Hz frequency are numerous . First of all, this frequency is believed to help reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps stimulate the immune system and reduce pain. Additionally, music based on this frequency is believed to improve sleep quality and increase energy.

432 Hz - Eliminates Stress and Anxiety - Healing Frequency

The 432 Hz frequency is also considered to have a positive impact on consciousness and the mind. It is believed to help balance the brain hemispheres, which can lead to better creativity and greater intuition. It can also help improve concentration and memory.

It is important to note that science has not yet fully validated the benefits of the 432 Hz frequency. However, many people have reported positive effects from music based on this frequency.

There are several ways to incorporate the 432 Hz frequency into your life. You can listen to music based on this frequency, practice meditation or yoga using this frequency, or simply spend time in nature to connect with the Earth's frequency.

There is a precise panel of different healing frequencies , with effects that depend on the receiver, you. Certain frequencies can unbear you, while others will transcend you.

Many people have had significant results with music at 432 Hz. Others have better results using the 528 Hz range, others at 963 Hz...

Whatever your expectations, I encourage you to try the 9 sacred frequencies below, to find those that best suit you currently (which respond to your present moment, to the context). Do not hesitate to repeat the test at another time, our energy needs and our imbalances evolve.

The 9 sacred frequencies of Solfeggio

What are Solfeggio frequencies?

Solfeggio frequencies are a series of sound frequencies that have been used since ancient times in music and healing.

They are said to have healing properties due to their ability to balance the chakras and harmonize the body's energies. There are nine "sacred" Solfeggio frequencies, each with unique healing properties.

What are the 9 sacred frequencies

  1. The 174 Hz Frequency – This frequency is often used to aid in the healing of physical pain. It can also be used to aid in emotional healing and the release of past trauma.

  2. The 285 Hz Frequency - This frequency is often used to aid in the healing of emotional wounds and emotional blockages.

  3. The 396 Hz Frequency – This frequency is often used to aid in the healing of fears, phobias and anxiety. It can also help release emotional blockages.

  4. The 417 Hz Frequency – This frequency is often used to aid in the healing of interpersonal relationships. It can also aid in the healing of self-confidence and creativity.

  5. The 528 Hz frequency - This frequency is often considered the frequency of universal love. It can help with emotional healing, releasing energetic blockages and improving self-esteem.

  6. The 639 Hz Frequency – This frequency is often used to aid in the healing of interpersonal relationships, especially family relationships. It can also help with communication and harmony in relationships.

  7. The 741 Hz Frequency – This frequency is often used to assist with emotional healing and the release of energetic blockages. It can also help with self-expression and creativity.

  8. The 852 Hz Frequency – This frequency is often used to aid in spiritual healing and connection to self. It can also help release energetic blockages and increase intuition.

  9. The 963 Hz Frequency – This frequency is often used to assist in DNA healing and vital energy activation.

How to use the 9 sacred frequencies of Solfeggio

There are several ways to use Solfeggio frequencies to improve your health and well-being. Here are some common methods:

  • Listen to Music – There are many pieces of music that have been created using Solfeggio frequencies. You can listen to these tracks to help balance your energies and improve your emotional and physical health.

  • Practice Meditation – Solfeggio frequencies can be used during meditation to help achieve a deep state of relaxation. You can meditate by listening to music with these frequencies or by using guided meditations specifically designed to use Solfeggio frequencies.

  • Chanting – Chanting Solfeggio frequencies can also help balance the energies of the body. You can chant the frequencies during meditation or simply by chanting in the shower or while driving.

  • Use Crystals - Crystals can also be used to help amplify the effects of Solfeggio frequencies. Place a crystal corresponding to the frequency you use on your body during meditation or while listening to music.

The 9 sacred frequencies offer a natural method to help balance the body's energies and improve emotional and physical health.

By using the sacred frequencies of Solfeggio on a regular basis, you can help improve your overall well-being and connect to your own spiritual energy.

Try incorporating these frequencies into your daily practice of meditation, music, or chanting to see results.



-Stereo headphones recommended-

174 Hz: To relieve pain.

285 Hz: Healing and regeneration

396 Hz: Releases fears, tensions and anxieties

417 Hz: Free yourself from all negative energies

528 Hz: Increase positive energies and aura

639 Hz: Harmonize human relationships

741 Hz: Detoxify and cleanse the body, deep and restorative sleep

852 Hz: Awakening and development of intuition

936 Hz: Energy and opening of the 3rd chakra

963 Hz: The Frequency of God, opening of the pineal gland (third eye)

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. »

– Nikola Tesla

 Everything is energy and that's it. »

–Albert Einstein


Our Orgonites all benefit from treatment on the 432 HZ healing frequency

In conclusion, today, frequencies are still considered powerful tools for healing.

The benefits of these frequencies on the body and mind are numerous, although science has not yet fully validated all of these effects.

If you are looking to improve your physical and mental well-being, experimenting with a sacred frequency may be an interesting option to explore.

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  • C’est bizarre, le professeur Marc Henry a dit qu’il avait démontré scientifiquement que la meilleure fréquence n’était pas 432 mais la fréquence de l’eau qui serait de 429,6 hz.

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  • Bonjour ! Quand vous affirmer que vos Ergonites bénéficie de fréquence vibratoire de 432hz, comment faites vous pour le mesurer ?

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  • Excellent article, très complet. Merci beaucoup !

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    Vous etes la lumière sur le chemin.
    Bonne continuation amicale et encore merci.

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  • Je bien aimé votre article, par ailleurs nous devons recupérer ces anciens structures qui font partie de notre évolution, vibration et resonance .
    Nous devons nous reveiller et apprendre à utliser voir devenir allié avec cet puissante énergie de notre Mére Terre et la cosmogonie Universal.
    Nous apprenons à nous prémunir contre les influences éxterieures brutales qui font irruption dans nos processus internes .
    Bons nombre de ces perturbations peuvent êttre remplaceées par une programmation structurée interieurment.

  • L’unité Bovis (UB) ne correspond à rien scientifiquement !…
    Dommage, car le contenu sur la fréquence de Schumann est bien :)

    Anne O'NYME on
  • Je me pose la même question que Christelle. Le reiki est considéré comme dangereux pour notre âme dans le christianisme ! J’ai fait une commande importante car je crois que tout est énergie net vibrations.
    Pourriez-vous m’éclairer sur ce sujet très important pour les chrétiens. J’ai peur des entités sombres.
    Merci de me répondre.
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    Amitiés Chantal

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  • Je recherche la corrélation entre les principaux archanges (Métatron——>Cube de Métratron p.e) et les autres formes solides ou ésotériques.
    Pouvez-vous me renseigner ?
    Bien à Vous
    D. Bruzzese

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  • Bonjour , ou trouver à vendre en C D ou autre les 9 fréquences sacrés de " resonance schoumann " merci cordialement j-yves Bruzac

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