The Incredible Powers and Secrets of Water

- Célia Jeandel

The Incredible Powers and Secrets of Water









Extract from "The Power of Water" with experiments on the frequency of water, the vibration rate of water, the memory of water and other extraordinary properties of this molecule of life.


The omnipresence of water on earth and in our body

Among the 4 elements, water is the most widespread element on earth. Water accompanies us at all times of our lives, but do we know the properties and secrets of water , this incredible element?

Every living organism is, also in its core, a smaller reservoir of water. Modern technologies allow us to explore the cosmos in depth, and, on its distant planets, man's first quest is still that of water. There cannot be life on earth without water, and the big question is whether there is comparable life on other planets. Which would be unthinkable without the presence of water. Nowadays scientists have proven that the first living organisms on earth appeared in water. Much later, these organisms adapted to the terrestrial environment and this is not the result of chance.

Man, depending on his age, is composed of 70% to 90% water. An adult man drinks an average of 2.5 liters of water per day. When taking a bath or shower, humans absorb another 1.5 liters of water.

Origin of water (H20)

Where is she from ?
How did water get to our planet?

It is perhaps in water itself that we must look for the answers to these questions. There is as much water on earth today as at the beginning of the world when the planet was formed and adopted the shape and color that are so familiar to us. It is water that makes our planet so unique and that is why it is nicknamed: “the blue planet”.

The study of water

Since the first writings of humanity, the study of the dynamization of water and the magnetization of water has continued to fascinate us.

Today scientists are primarily looking at water memory and structured water to determine how to structure water in a positive way for all kinds of uses. (Ex: The American president washes his hands with structured water.)

Around the world, teams of cutting-edge scientists have devoted years of work to studying water, analyzing it from multiple angles, in its natural environment, and in every other situation. possible.


Water has always been vital to humanity and the study of water dates back to the oldest human records.


In the holy scriptures water is much more than a simple physical and chemical substance. It represents a certain concept linked to a particular way of conceiving the origins of life.

Kyrill 1st
Patriarch of Moscow
Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church


Nothing in the world is more flexible and weaker than water. But to remove the hard and the strong, nothing surpasses it and no one can conquer it while it is easy to conquer. Weakness because of strength, flexibility because of hardness. Everyone knows it but no one manages to put it into practice.

Lao Tzu
Chinese philosopher
More than 2500 years ago



As Dr. Kurt Wuthrich, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002, mentions below, water has unique characteristics and properties . This is why talking about the secrets and powers of water is a scientific and not an esoteric subject.


Water has already been studied in detail. It is also known that water has extraordinary physical and chemical characteristics compared to other liquid substances.

Dr. Kurt Wuthrich
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2002
Professor of Biochemistry
Zurich Polytechnic


No scientist is able to explain why the volume of water increases below zero degrees, its point of glaciation, and conversely decreases in volume up to 4 degrees Celsius.

Alois Gruber
Founder of Naturkraft


Any cooled substance contracts. In other words, its volume decreases but water, on the contrary, expands. Since the dawn of humanity, man has learned to use the different powers of water , by introducing water between the cracks of rocks before the arrival of frost in winter or by inserting pieces of wood in the rocks before sprinkling them with water to break the stone.

Much later, scientists found that water found in pores and capillaries is capable of developing an enormous level of pressure. This is why a young shoot manages to perfectly break through the asphalt.


The water molecule is really small and yet it has extraordinary characteristics. No other molecule has been found that exhibits similar abnormalities.

Dr. Martin Chaplin
Chemist, professor emeritus
London South Bank University


If even one of these anomalies had been missing, life would never have appeared on the planet.

Dr. Alexander Solodilov
Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences


Scientific questions about water still unanswered.

Each property of water is unique, and difficult to find an explanation within the classical and traditionalist framework of physical laws. Science has still not found answers to some questions.

Why is water the only substance on earth that can occur in three stages?

  1. liquid
  2. gaseous
  3. solid

Why was the surface tension of water the highest among all liquids?

Why was water the most powerful solvent in the world and how?

How is water, defying Earth's gravity, able to rise inside the trunks of large trees, thus overcoming pressures of tens of bars?


The scientific community took a giant step forward in admitting that it knew virtually nothing about water. This is important progress insofar as this awareness has given way to the desire to know more.

Dr. Vladimir Voeikov
Bio-Organic Institute
Russian Academy of Sciences



Water records information to acquire new characteristics, yet its chemical composition does not change... It is its structure that evolves, therefore the organization of its molecules and the way in which its molecules group together. Its aggregates of atoms are called Clusters and contemporary scientists define its clusters as the memory cells of water.

The structure of water reacts to each irritation, each memory cell of water , which is the size of a micron contains 440,000 tables of information and each of its tables can record its own type of interaction with the 'environment.

Each table can record its own type of interactions with the environment. If we analyze a “cluster” as a grouping of various molecules, we deduce that its lifespan is short. On the other hand, if we consider the cluster as a structure that the molecules can leave and reintegrate at will, then its lifespan is greatly increased and it is precisely this stability of the structure of the cluster which confirmed the hypothesis of the capacity water to record and store information.

Maybe water is some kind of one-of-a-kind hard drive filled with information. We must know its organization, which is like an alphabet. If you were presented with a new alphabet you would not be able to understand structured words or sentences because you would not even recognize these letters. So the molecular structure is the alphabet of water , and thanks to it you can compose programs in water and you can modify them. So you can energize or magnetize water by modifying its molecular structure.



By recording information, water acquires new characteristics. However, its chemical composition remains intact.

Initially we looked at the chemical composition of the water but to everyone's surprise this came to nothing, because the chemical composition is much less important than its structure.

Dr. Rustum Roy
Professor of Material Sciences and Medicine
Arizona State University


Experiments were carried out by exposing water samples to various influences, various forces such as magnetic or electrostatic fields, various substances, or even human emotions. It has become clear that it is positive or negative human emotions that represent the most important of all influences.

Konstantin Korotov
Professor of physics at the University of St Petersburg
President of IUMAB


In Professor Korotov's laboratory, experiments were carried out on the influence of human emotions on water . Firstly, a panel of people concentrated and projected positive emotions and feelings onto a jug of water, focusing on tenderness, love, affection and compassion. Secondly, this same panel of people send negative emotions such as hatred, resentment, fear and disgust.

After that we analyzed the water contained in the two samples and in fact the water changed depending on the type of emotions. It has been found that positive emotions and feelings such as tenderness and love improve the energy levels of water and energize it, while negative feelings such as hatred lower the energy level of water causing significant changes in its structure. Professor Korotov hopes to be able to demonstrate to everyone that water has a memory .

The Japanese doctor, Emoto, also carried out numerous tests in his laboratory, and he compared water samples according to all possible types of influences. These water samples are then fixed and recorded by flash freezing the water so they can be observed under a microscope.

Water structures are extremely different depending on the types of experiments. Below are some types of experiments carried out on water:

- Dynamization, magnetization of water (positive effect)
- Water heated in the microwave (negative effect)
- Cell phone effects (negative effect)

- Water subject to the human emotion “gratitude” (positive effect)

- Water subject to human emotion "disgust" (negative effect)

- Etc...

The Incredible Powers and Secrets of Water

Only its structure is modified. Scientists can explain how this happens. On the other hand, they do not yet have an answer to the question: Why does this happen?

In nature, water follows harmonious curves, meandering sensually, whereas in a high-pressure hydraulic network, water turns hundreds of times at right angles. At every turn there are abrupt changes in direction, and this modifies the natural structure of the water . After all its adventures within the hydraulic network, city and tap water have deteriorated and its structure is composed of crystals of various shapes.

The structure of tap water is therefore altered because the water crystals assemble in a chaotic manner, without aesthetics or symmetry.

Water that stagnates in a central heating system is inanimate and stagnates there, so it no longer has any vitalizing process.

Water sucks or absorbs energy from people, plants and animals and steals that energy from them. The high-pressure hydraulic networks of large cities store water in closed circuits and subject it to powerful biological and chemical purification processes. She returns to our homes remembering the chemicals and the crossroads and the violence she suffered.

The Incredible Powers and Secrets of Water


“The powers and miracles of structured water”


To date, structured or dynamic water is the best antibiotic available, so much so that the American army used this water in Iraq and Afghanistan. It only takes one molecule in 100 million molecules of drinking water to destroy all the germs present in a wound. The President of the United States uses structured water to disinfect his hands.

Dr. Rustum Roy
Professor of Material Sciences and Medicine
Arizona State University


Modern technologies make it possible to structure water artificially. For example, soybean sprouts whose seeds have been treated with this structured water reveal a photon emission 6 times higher than sprouts treated and watered with ordinary water. In agriculture, energized structured water accelerates the growth rate of vegetables while increasing their nutritional values. Scientists have noted significant differences thanks to structured water in agricultural production.

If we compare the sprouts treated with structured water , it was long, regular and strong; on the other hand those which were not treated were short, thin and fragile.

We see that the plants from the seeds that have been treated are ripe while the vegetables whose seeds have not been treated are still green. The link between this water and the growth of vegetables and fruits is therefore established. For plant irrigation, the use of structured water saves 20% of water without any fertilizer added either to the soil or to the water.

The most terrible pollution is that of the information that the water absorbs passing through pipes several kilometers long in thousands and thousands of houses and apartments.

During its journey, we pour out all our stress on the water, and it is almost dead when it finally reaches our mouths.

Ordinary tap water can be structured by different processes. The dynamization of water, or the magnetization of water can for example be carried out using metatron recharge plates .

  • Water magnetization
  • Water dynamization
  • Emotional charge
  • Water programming
  • Water structuring

The Incredible Powers and Secrets of Water


In 1956, in Southeast Asia, in a secret military laboratory dedicated to the development and manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, scientists had been working for several years to create a new generation bacteriological weapon. During a top-secret meeting, scientists' discussions revolved around the future characteristics of this weapon. Suddenly, the meeting had to be interrupted, and all participants were suddenly taken to the emergency room. They showed symptoms of severe food poisoning. An investigation was opened but reached a dead end, because the scientists had nothing to consume apart from the water which was on the meeting table. The water was then analyzed, but no harmful elements were detected. Its chemical composition was only h2o. In the report, the doctors therefore stated that the cause of the poisoning was due to ordinary water.

It took 20 years for scientists to come up with a possibility that could explain the extraordinary behavior of water: water has a memory !

Since then, scientists have continued to carry out experiments on the memory of water, its dynamisation and its structuring according to the different types of external influences which interact and modify its molecular structure. 

Didn't our ancestors guess this when they transformed ordinary water into healing water using silver containers.


The History of the Boat “Lara”

Winter 1881 the boat named: “Lara” leaves Liverpool and heads towards San Francisco. On the third day of the journey, a fire broke out on board and those who could, jumped into lifeboats to leave the boat. Very quickly the reserves of drinking water ran out and the survivors began to suffer from thirst. After more than 20 days of survival on the high seas, these men finally saw the shore.

Among the survivors was Captain Nil Carrie. He was a captain considered a man of integrity and seriousness and it is he who writes the following facts:

We dreamed of fresh water and we began to imagine the navy blue water transforming into green, drinkable water. I gathered my courage with both hands and fetched some water. When I tasted the water, it was sweet.



Everyone has heard of holy water , a famous healing water that recurs in many religious writings.

It is no coincidence that water is mentioned in the first lines of the Bible. When it comes to describing the creation of the world of life and man, water is irremediably associated above all else.

Let's take a famous example from the Bible when Jesus transformed water into wine , he did not change it, there was nothing to add either but he gave it an absolutely particular characteristic.


Masaru Emoto


The Healing Power of Water is a major work. This in-depth scientific study of water is an invitation to meditate on water magic and water miracles . Professor Masaru Emoto's research and discoveries on the crystallization of water have revolutionized our universe since our emotional and physical state is reflected in crystals.

Water has unsuspected powers...


Masaru Emoto

The second book by Doctor Emoto, this famous Japanese scientist who scientifically proved that water molecules can be influenced by our words, our thoughts and our feelings!

This second work of the best-seller: The Healing Power of Water , reveals the innumerable therapeutic virtues of water, from the perspective of science and spirituality.

It brings together contributions from eminent scientists and spiritual masters: William A. Tiller, Doreen Virtue, Starhawk and Sig Lonegreen.

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