What is Universal Vital Energy?

- Célia Jeandel

What is Universal Vital Energy?

The concept of energy and vibrations is at the heart of the New Age movement, but also of many other beliefs, sometimes even esoteric.

Directing, manipulating, balancing, invoking or channeling energy (or spirits or a force) is also found in many practices generally described as "alternative" medicine. Thus, many practitioners, more or less serious, offer to diagnose and/or cure by reading the energy, its frequencies, or what we call the energy field .

Before continuing to read the article, please note that the indications given on this site, which combine different internet sources as well as personal knowledge, cannot replace medical treatment. We therefore advise anyone who is sick to consult a doctor.

What do the terms “vital energy” and “energy body” mean?

Energy in these contexts refers to unknown, unquantifiable energy that is linked to spiritual beliefs about God and/or creation. It is not about vibrations, energy or frequencies which have a physical and scientific basis, like electricity or radio waves, or even the Schumann Resonance . However, the vibration rate of an energy structure can be measured using the Bovis scale (Bovis bio-meter), but also generally using a pendulum.

We can define three main categories of practices that use the concept of energy, from the most obvious to the most subtle. We are not going to cover all practices here, but only the most common or best known, and focus on the more subtle practices, particularly for energy healing . Some of these listed here fall into more than one category due to intersecting beliefs and how they are promoted by practitioners. These are fairly fluid categories that overlap frequently and are not meant to be rigid.

We will rely on known experimentation to recharge, increase and use this type of energy: what we call chi, Kundalini, Prana, Mana, the life force, the ether, the odic force, reiki energy, bioenergy, bioetheric energy, biomagnetic energy, huna energy, animal magnetism, astral energy, four-dimensional energy, emotional body energy. , orgone, vital force, cosmic energy, universal energy, mantak chia vital energy, inner self-healing force or even the fluid from an esoteric point of view. These are all names for the same thing: vital and universal energy .

The three categories

  • The first category includes blatant forms of energy manipulation in occult magic, spells to summon spirits, channeling of disembodied entities, automatic writing, shamanic healing (which involves contact with spirit), as well as energy healing such as polarity and aura balancing, Reiki and Healing Touch. The belief that spiritual advancement will increase a person's vibrations or frequencies is also to be included in this category.
  • A second category would be energy work that inaccurately mixes science with spiritual views (seen especially in the misuse of quantum physics), that falsely claims to have a scientific basis, or that appears to have a physical basis but is in fact based on spirituality, but also the different bodies such as the mental body, the emotional body or even intuition. This includes acupuncture, crystal healing of blockages, shiatsu, yoga, reflexology, emotional therapy, acupressure, therapeutic touch, aikido, qigong and tai chi. Acupuncture, shiatsu, reflexology, aikido, qigong and tai chi are all forms of chi therapy and are based on spiritual beliefs in the invisible energy called chi, also spelled qi or ki. However, the terms "energy" or "chi" are not always used or recognized by users or supporters of these treatments or practices.
  • A third set advocates life practices that would align, initiate, activate, trigger or stimulate non-quantifiable energies, energy fields or vibrations. However, terms and concepts are masked in benign and often pseudo-scientific language. This includes more subtle methods such as yoga, Bach flower essences, aromatherapy as spiritual healing, aspects of some essential oil healing claims, and homeopathy.

Many of the practices mentioned above stem from a belief in the subtle body , that is, the energy fields surrounding the body that are directly linked to healing. These energy fields are neither visible nor detectable but form a large part of New Age and esoteric teachings. References to meridians (supposedly invisible channels in the body through which chi flows) and Hindu chakras (energy wheels) are part of these beliefs.

Another area, although distinct, would be spiritual practices that attempt to build on science by redefining subtle energy as physical or biblical. The teachings in this area are that faith is a force, that the vibrations of words or thoughts can alter reality, and that one can exert power to attract certain conditions into one's life through thoughts and words . These methods are occult in nature and are taught in esoteric belief systems.

The spiritual philosophies behind these methods are explained in the following sections. The information presented should not be taken as an endorsement of these ideas, but rather as a revelation of their true nature.

Vitalism and universal vital energy

The basis of many of them is vitalism , explained here:

The life force exists in all living things as an innate non-material element, an intelligent presence that directs and informs the organism at all levels. Vitalism recognizes the relationship between a healthy mind and a healthy body.

It is important to understand vitalism and the concept of life force or life energy because it is the origin of many of these beliefs, especially those that claim to heal. Vitalism attributes divine power to creation rather than the creator God, or it views God's power as accessible in creation, or God is viewed as energy or force itself. In all cases, the life force itself replaces God, is identified as God or as the healing power of Christ, or is equated with the Holy Spirit. This force is unquantifiable, invisible and unmeasurable.

The principles of vitalism correspond to pagan views of chi, prana, kundalini, mana (energy in pagan Pacific island cultures), and the forces used in energy healing . It is likely that vitalism comes from oriental and occult visions of energy.

While many vitalism scholars consider the Greek physician Hippocrates to be the founder of vitalist philosophy, the core tenets of vitalism were intrinsic to all traditional cultures. Shamanic traditions have demonstrated this through the thoughtful integration of food, herbs, music and chants, rituals, laying on of hands, etc.

According to Wikipedia, which cites the philosopher André Lalande, vitalism is a “ doctrine according to which there exists in each living being a “vital principle”, distinct both from the thinking soul and from the physico-chemical properties of the body, governing the phenomena of life »

Vitalism played a large role in the New Thought movement (a movement denying most of Christianity but claiming to be Christianity) and in the rise of many concepts of "natural" healing that proliferate today. This became a staple of New Thought and ultimately the New Age movement .

Spirit guides (fallen angels) are always a part of energy healing and are even mentioned by Reiki and Healing Touch practitioners as well as other healers and energy workers.

Youtube: Strange phenomenon: vital energy - Documentary Religion and Spirituality

Views of the Bible

What about passages in the Bible regarding the breath of God and how the Lord sustains the universe?

In the Bible, God is omnipresent, but he is entirely distinct from his creation.

" I it is I who made the earth, and created man upon it. I stretched out the heavens with My hands, and I commanded all their host ." Isaiah 45:12

" Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool. Where then is a house that you can build for me? And where is a place where I can rest ?" Isaiah 66:1; see also 1 Kings 8:27; 2 Chronicles 2:6; Psalms 139:7-10; Jeremiah 23:23-24; Acts 17:24

Many cite Colossians 1:17 as proof that a force in nature is God or a part of God (or Christ):

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Most references to the breath of God point to God as the creator of man and all life. This does not mean that by having breath we literally possess something organic from God, for God is distinct from his creation. In fact, being Spirit, God does not literally possess breath; it is poetic imagery. The teachings that the breath of God is the vital force or life force are pantheism.

Pantheism is the view that God is creation and creation is God. Pantheism asserts that God is in creation and creation is in God, although God also transcends creation. However, from a religious and Christian perspective, as in other monotheistic religions, no part of God's nature mixes with or penetrates creation.

Why and how to increase your vital energy?

Vital energy and illness

“Vital energy” or “life force” is the foundation of the original principles of homeopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, Bach flower remedies or essences, and many other alternative healing modalities. Vitalism was a popular notion in the 1800s and early 1900s and underpinned many techniques for increasing one's energy that are now classified as alternatives. The principle of healing is based on invisible and unknown "vital energy", the same concept in all occult and pagan healings:

Presence of universal vital energy

We are amazing energy beings , with a spiritual life force that continually nourishes and fuels us. And our energy is always in motion, affected by our thoughts, our experiences and our environment.

The existence of energy fields around living organisms has been scientifically proven using many different techniques that have made it possible to photograph these energy fields.

With current technologies, it has been easy to demonstrate the existence of the energy fields around us. We observe a vital energy which runs through humans as well as animals and plants. Note that the bioenergetic study of crystals and minerals that is geobiology leads us to believe that this invisible energy extends well beyond what we consider as living, it would be omnipresent.

Our physical body is only a part of our entire being. We also have what are called subtle bodies , which are made of much higher frequency energy and therefore cannot be detected as easily with our physical senses.


All levels of our being coexist in the same physical space at the same time, superimposed on each other. We know this is possible because frequencies such as radio, television, and satellite broadcasts constantly fill the air, but because their vibrations are all different, they generally do not interfere with each other.

Each layer of our subtle body vibrates at a higher and higher frequency and extends a little further from the physical body than the previous level. And each layer of the subtle body has a different function.

Our subtle energies work from higher frequency levels downward until they manifest on the physical level. It is through this hierarchy of energy that our Divine Essence, or Spirit, organizes the physical body that it uses on this earthly plane.

So you can see that it is these subtle energy fields that create our physical body, not the other way around. Our physical body could not exist without the spiritual life force that constantly sustains it. When this energy leaves the body, our physical body dies and begins to decompose. Our Spirit is our individual spark of the Divine, and it fills us with the higher guiding intelligence of the Universe.

Our soul is the link between our physical body and our mind , and provides communication between the two. It is our consciousness and remains forever connected to the Creator, God or whatever term you like to use.

The first subtle energy field closest to the physical body is known as the etheric body . This body is like an energetic model of our physical body and it contains all the information that the cells of our physical body need to grow and repair themselves.

What are meridians?

The life force, sometimes known as Ch'i (or Qi), enters the physical body through the meridian system. This energy system lies between the etheric body and the physical body and is a network of channels that extend throughout the body, supplying it with life force.

Acupuncture points, which are energy portals on the skin, are found along the meridians and it is through these acupuncture points that Ch'i enters the body. There are twelve main pairs of meridians, and each pair supplies Ch'i to a different organ system.

Youtube: How the meridians of the human body work by Magickey Teknik

This system of acupuncture meridians is the energetic interface between our physical body and the different energies around us. This includes the energy of our subtle bodies, local energies around us from other people and our environment, cosmic energies and also from our Higher Self.

How to recharge your vital energy?

Chakra energy

The chakra system provides another way for higher energies to flow through the body. Chakras are oval-shaped energy centers that exist in the etheric body (which we know exists in the same space as the physical body, extending just a little further towards the astral body).

Although there are over 360 chakras in the human body, certainly thousands, we are primarily interested in the seven main chakras that extend from the base of our spine, to the top of our head, through the plexus.

The chakras act as transformers that modify themselves to bring incoming energies down to lower frequencies , in order to integrate them more easily into the physical body.

Each main chakra is connected to a different part of the body by fine threads of energy called nadis. These are intertwined with our vital nervous system.

The body's energy flows into the chakra at the top of the head (sometimes called the crown chakra) from the Universe, and this force is distributed downward through the lower chakras and the physical body. It nourishes the mind, body and soul.

All the different parts of our body, energetic and physical, are interconnected and function as a whole and exchange various energies with the environment.

Please note that the above description of our energy system is based on personal understanding. There are many different interpretations due to the translation of Eastern teachings into the Western mind.

How to use your energy system for optimal health?

Simple Energy Healing Techniques

Using energy healing techniques is an important part of taking care of our total well-being . When we talk about health, we often only consider our physical body. But we are much more than just a physical body. Everything in our Universe is energy, nothing more. And that includes us!

You see, we are multidimensional beings, made up of different levels of energetic frequencies . The only difference between our physical body that we can see and touch, and what is called our subtle energy body that most of us cannot see, is the frequency at which it vibrates.

We are actually a complex network of energies that includes chakras, meridians, and subtle energy bodies that overlap with our physical bodies. Our physical body is also made of energy, but it vibrates at a much slower rate, making it appear solid.

So it makes sense that we need to consider energy healing techniques if we want to improve our overall well-being and know how to use our life energy. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being are affected by the health of our energy systems. Without considering our subtle energies, we may simply hide our symptoms.

We can balance and enhance our individual energies using simple energy healing techniques, also known as vibrational healing, and we can help ourselves reach our full potential.

How to find this energy?

Practice energy healing techniques

Everything we experience or come into contact with has an effect on our energy system. This effect is generally small, and our vibration corrects itself after a short period of time. However, certain experiences can have a profound and long-term effect on our energetic body.

Youtube: Healing with energy: Quantum and Psycho-energetic therapies - La Télé de Lilou, Lilou Macé

Alternative energy care

Our energy field is constantly affected by internal and external influences. Our life force reacts instantly to rebalance our energetic body. Our Spirit is aware of our personal energetic plan and does its best to maintain the stability of the entire system.

However, there are many things in our lives that can chronically disrupt our energy and, over a period of time, can lead to emotional, mental, and physical discomfort .

Without regularly practicing some simple energy healing techniques, I believe we are neglecting a part of ourselves that is essential to our overall health, happiness and vitality.

Energy or vibrational healing incorporates any practice or technique that encourages our energy waves to vibrate again at their optimal frequency. There are techniques that can cleanse our auras of negative energies, while others will flood our bodies with positive frequencies that will encourage our vibrations to harmonize.

This is called resonance , when we come into contact with beautiful energy waves that encourage our own energy waves to return to their natural state of harmony.

How to recharge your life energy?

The 9 simple care techniques considered energetic

Energy healing uses a variety of natural vibrations to help create positive changes in our own energy patterns.

Here are 9 most frequently used energy healing techniques

1. Essential oils / Flower essences

Essential Oils are a powerful and easy way to help improve the health of your energy system, and they are my favorite. They capture the healing vibrations of the flowers in the water, and when we take this essence into our body, the vibrations have the ability to harmonize our own vibrations.

2. A salt water bath to cleanse your aura

A delicious soak in a salt water bath will cleanse your aura of negative energy. Please click here to learn more about salt water baths.

3. Cut etheric cords

This process can help protect your energy system from drainage, which is good for the health of your subtle body. The "cutting" process is purely energetic and it is easy to do for yourself.

4. Simple cleaning techniques

Regular aura cleansing is a good habit to get into, if you want to keep your energy vibrant and flowing. The practices of yoga, mindfulness and meditation are recommended for the harmonization of your energy centers , as well as any form of spiritual awakening.

5. A ritual to cleanse negative energy

This process is a little different. This is a ritual that can help clear negative energy that has built up in your energy system regarding a person, ego, place or situation. It can help get positive energy flowing again. For this you can use energetic tools such as orgonites visible on our sales site , natural stones or even burning white sage.

6. Lifestyle choices to support your life force

Have you realized that the things you do or don't do in your daily life will affect your energetic frequency and vitality? Diet, physical activity and environment are the pillars of your well-being .

7. Emotional liberation technique – eliminating energetic disturbances

This technique consists of safely using energy tools such as fine stone bracelets or positive orgone generators in your meditative practices, but also in your everyday life. In a simple practice, by wearing this jewelry or being near energetic and spiritual objects, it helps eliminate disruptions to the body's energy system that can lead to negative emotions .

Like Chi, Ki, Mana, Prana, orgone energy is one of the names of universal vital energy.

8. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is based on the belief in a universal force, chi, which is believed to penetrate the world and travel through the body in invisible channels called meridians. In this theory illness occurs when chi is blocked, resulting in an imbalance of yin and yang energies . Needles are used in different locations, unrelated to the location of pain or illness, to release chi.

9. Practice of Hatha Yoga

The use of breath is important in yoga because directing the breath is equivalent to processing Prana, which is believed to be the divine breath of the universe. This is why yoga places such importance on what we call breath work (Pranayama). What is called breath work is designed to initiate the rise of the coiled energy at the base of the spine , the Kundalini.

Youtube: Sophrology - Increase and release your vital energy by Marianne Florin

What are the things that can cause chronic disruption to our energy systems?

  • Uncontrolled emotional or mental stress, such as situations related to home or work. This stress can build up over time and have an insidious effect on our subtle energetic body. This imbalance then ripples through our energy layers and can ultimately affect our physical body.
  • A sudden, severe shock can seriously disrupt the alignment of our subtle bodies and make it difficult for the life force to access our physical body.
  • Prolonged physical exhaustion due to overwork and insufficient rest.
  • Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs.
  • Nutritional deficiencies and sensitivities.
  • Environmental and chemical pollutants that fill our daily lives today.
  • Electromagnetic pollution due to all man-made electric and magnetic fields, such as electrical cables, televisions, computers and radio transmitters. Accepted safety levels for these pollutants, and chemical pollutants, do not take into account the effects on our energetic body.
  • Physical trauma can cause related damage in the energetic body, which can weaken the physical area.

Our thoughts are also energy and therefore negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs that have become long-lasting and ingrained can hinder the flow of higher spiritual energies in our body.

The occasional negative thought or emotion is a part of being human and is not a cause for concern. But most of us have long-term negative thought patterns or self-deprecating feelings that have become ingrained in our energetic pattern .

Coming into contact with the negative thought patterns that others have created in the energy field around them can also affect us subtly, as can working in an environment of negative thought energies.

Our chakras attract energy from our environment, including the energies of others, and distribute it throughout our body.

Our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being are affected by the functioning of our energy body. There are many different ways to take care of the body's energy .

So you can see that there are many factors, internal and external, that can affect the health of our energy.

To maximize our well-being , our physical and subtle bodies must have a healthy vibration rate, which means our life force is stronger. Everything we do affects our vibration - what we hear, see, eat, drink, touch, smell, think, experience and believe.

Albert Einstein proved that what we perceive as physical matter is only low frequency energy, and that the vibration of this energy can be changed.

You can raise your vibration and you can improve your well-being!

If you're looking to improve your well-being on all levels - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual - and work to reach your full potential, why not try incorporating some simple energy healing techniques into your daily life? It's easy, and the benefits are worth it.

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