Raise your emotional and spiritual vibration

- Célia Jeandel

Raise your emotional and spiritual vibration

Today is the best time to raise our vibrational forces!

Discover these powerful ways to manifest your own positivity, light, and love.

Spiritual and emotional vibration

It's all about emotions

An emotional vibration is a state of being, the atmosphere or energetic quality of a person, place, thought or thing. Much of reading emotions is intuitive — you can tell a person's energy when they walk into a room, for example.

While some people bring you closer, others make you want to keep your distance. You see a depressing and violent news report, you feel a heavy feeling in your gut. You see a puppy cuddling with a baby and you feel warmth inside.

As you think, you vibrate. When you vibrate, you attract. ”Abraham-Hicks

You've heard time and time again that everything you put out into the world will come back to you, as dictated by the law of attraction.

Like attracts like. This law of the universe says that you are responsible for your life and can manifest changes depending on how you direct your thoughts and emotions.

Everything in life is vibration. » - Albert Einstein

Everything in the universe is made up of molecules that vibrate at different speeds. This includes trees, bodies, rocks, animals, thoughts and emotions.

Human emotional and spiritual vibrations are made up of everything from physical matter to how you communicate the thoughts that pass through your mind.

Simply put, some molecules vibrate faster and some molecules vibrate slower; there are higher positive emotions and lower emotional frequencies.

When you vibrate at a higher level, you feel lighter, happier and more at ease, while spiritual vibrations feel heavy, dark and confusing.

Nearly all spiritual traditions point the way to higher realms of consciousness, and scientific studies (like that of consciousness research and spirituality author Dr. David Hawkins) have even quantified the vibrations of different states to be to create a scale of consciousness.

How do you vibe now? And the world? Here are 12 ways you can help raise your vibrational frequency.

1. Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the quickest ways to amplify your emotional vibration. Try it now. Stop reading and look around the room. Turn your attention to what you are grateful for right now (there is always something).

It could be your cat purring quietly on the couch, the nice weather or the fact that you were lucky enough to have another healthy day on this earth.

As life coach Tony Robbins said, “You can’t feel fear or anger and still feel gratitude at the same time.”

Therefore, when you experience a low energy emotion, see if you can shift your focus to gratitude.

Make gratitude a daily habit and it will transform your outlook on life as you begin to feel spiritual awareness and appreciation for the little things.

2. Love

Remember someone who is easy to love and keep that person in your heart. Visualize her sitting across from you and try to describe exactly how you feel.

A feeling of expansion, lightness, and happiness will take over your being, and therein lies the change you seek.

Love is one of the highest vibrant states of being (the fourth highest level on Hawkins' scale of consciousness) and has the power to pull you up from even the deepest of ditches. Attune your heart to love and your energy will begin to soar.

And remember, self-love starts with self-care. So take care of yourself as often as possible. Treat yourself to moments of relaxation and well-being.

This could be as simple as walking in the forest, dedicating an hour or two to meditation, doing laps in the pool, or simply curling up on the couch with a good book and a hot chocolate.

3. Generosity

Whenever you become greedy or greedy for anything (love, attention, money), it reduces your spiritual state and you feel bad.

In fact, any time you attach your happiness to something outside of yourself, it leaves you feeling the opposite of what you want to feel. The antidote is to be generous.

Whatever you want more of in your life, give it to someone or something else.

Do you feel poor? Donate some money to charity. Do you feel alone? Make an effort to make a stranger you pass on the street smile. Don't have enough time? Donate your time for a good cause.

4. Meditation and breathing

Crystal and sage

Dr. Hawkins' research was based on the idea that the more "true" something is, the higher its level of consciousness (or spiritual vibration).

Therefore, when you practice being present in the moment you are in, you resonate more harmoniously with the truth.

The past and the future are only in your mind; the only truth is now. Meditating and conscious breathing also calms your nervous system, improves your mood, and brings a greater sense of peace – all high vibrational qualities that will benefit your state of being.

This spiritual practice helps to quickly raise your spiritual vibration level so that you can enjoy these benefits without delay.

5. Forgiveness

According to the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Orientation Scale, blame is low energy. Out of 22 emotions (ranked from highest vibration at number 1 to lowest at 22), blame is number 15.

If you can work towards forgiveness, you will free yourself from this lower energy that can weigh you down like a bowling ball.

Excerpt from the epic Indian poem, the Mahabharata:
We must forgive when hurt. It has been said that the continuation of the species is due to the fact that man forgives. Forgiveness is holiness; through forgiveness, the universe is held together. Forgiveness is the power of the powerful. Forgiveness is a sacrifice; forgiveness is calmness of the mind. Forgiveness and gentleness are the qualities of self-possession. They represent eternal virtue.

6. Eat foods with high vital energy

Everything you consume is prana, or life energy. If you eat a lot of “dead” energy (in the form of meat, fried or processed foods), you will reduce your positive vibrations.

By eating nutrient-dense, prana-rich foods, like local, organic fruits and vegetables, your body literally absorbs these things, making you lighter, more vibrant, and more alive. High vibrational foods increase a person's emotional vibrations.

7. Reduce or eliminate alcohol and toxins from your body

Although it may temporarily help you feel good, alcohol is a depressant and reduces a person's emotional and spiritual vibrations.

If you want to be clear, spiritually connected, and have a healthy outlook on life, chances are removing toxins from your body is a good place to start.

Rather than numbing yourself, adopt a healthier, holistic lifestyle and see if you don't feel more energetically abundant.

8. Strive to think positive thoughts

What you think about, you become, and every thought you think shapes your future.

If your thoughts are pessimistic, overtly anxious, or negative in any way, you will likely find what you are looking for.

Meditation for spiritual and emotional vibration

Just as gratitude attracts more of the same into your life, so do impatience, jealousy, and unworthiness. This negative energy can leave you feeling heavy and overwhelmed.

Be diligent about what thoughts you give your attention to, because it can only take 17 seconds for one thought to attract another like it and activate the law of attraction.

Keep negative energy away and choose positive thoughts, as they are the key to positive change.

9. Consume high vibrational music, TV shows, books and films

The Sanskrit term Prana is not limited to the food you eat, but includes everything you consume.

Make sure your entertainment and hobbies are at high vibration and that you feel uplifted rather than exhausted.

Does social media make you feel energized or insecure? Does this violent action movie actually improve your mood or contribute to your anxiety? Does the music you listen to contain violent or low vibration lyrics?

How could changing the soundtrack of your daily commute from death metal to mantras help your day? Be as selective about your media consumption as you are about the quality of the food you eat, and you'll find new, positive energy in your day.

10. Surround yourself with beauty

While you're at it, make sure your home and work environment reflect beauty, passion and enthusiasm for life. The right lighting can have a significant impact on your productivity and mood.

Hang works of art on the walls that inspire you. Use colors that calm you down and make you feel younger or vibrant. Reduce clutter and create more space for clarity.

Your environment has a big effect on how you feel inside and live your life.

11. Go for a walk outside

Capturing energy from the sun

Kill two birds with one stone to increase your vibration - exercise outdoors. Enjoy the sun on your face warming you while you get your heart pumping.

Take a break from the constant buzz of daily life, the city and technology, and reconnect with Mother Nature.

Even just a few minutes spent mindfully outside can completely change your mood, which is why taking a walk around the block when you're having a mental block or a lovers' quarrel can be so beneficial.

12. Make sure your relationships are vibrant

Finally, surround yourself with people who lift you up rather than those who can drag you down.

Spend time only with people who make you feel better about yourself, people who believe in you and want to resonate at a high frequency, just like you.

It can be tempting to succumb to a feeling of helplessness regarding the future of the planet and all its inhabitants.

Especially in this period of pandemic where no one knows what tomorrow will bring and especially what life will be like after all of this.

But channeling your efforts into raising your energetic frequency is one of the best gifts you can give the world.

When you get back up, you bring others with you. This is the only way to help raise the collective consciousness of the world.

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