What are the benefits of the Flower of Life and how does it work?

- Célia Jeandel

What are the benefits of the Flower of Life and how does it work?

What is the Flower of Life? Universe - She

Flower of life: Symbolism, meaning, origin, applications, effects. Relations between Universe and Flower of Life

Meaning of the Flower of Life

The Flowers of Life and Sacred Geometry

What is the meaning of the flower of life? What function does it have in ourFlower of Life Orgonites ? And what are its benefits? We are asked these questions many times and we will try to answer them as best we can here.

First of all, this universal symbol called "Flower of Life" or "flower of life" consists of 19 overlapping and interconnected circles . However , the figure can be made up of at least 7 vibratory circles, including 6 "petals". The center of each circle being on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter .

These same surrounding circles do not need to be clearly or completely drawn, like a Mandala. The oldest ancient representations of the Flowers of Life contain only a circle or a hexagon.

The Flower of Life is therefore born in a first circle and all the other circles are built around it. This means that you start by drawing one circle and then continue to draw all the other circles around it.

This symbolism of the Flower of Life belongs to Sacred Geometry which demonstrates that “all life is part of a divine and geometric plan”. All the structures we know follow this plan.

Obviously, the Flower of Life is a very important sacred geometric symbol. This waveform has a high vibrational rate and is used for healing.

According to Wikipedia : " Drunvalo Melchizedek (real name Bernard Perona), (...) associated these figures with Sacred Geometry , claiming that they represent ancient spiritual beliefs and that they depict fundamental aspects of space and time "

The Flower of Life is a geometric and aesthetic perfection projecting the Universe. This is what this symbol should look like:

flower of life 19 circles

19 Circle Rainbow Flower of Life Pattern

Flower of life: Spiritual meaning and symbolic power

Many see the Flower of Life as a symbol that represents or depicts the cycle of creation . This symbol shows that all life and consciousness arise from a single source (this being the first circle), a first cosmic, energetic and electromagnetic vibration.

The circles are identical to the process of cell division. Therefore, the Flower of Life is considered a model of God's Creation . The name Flower of “life” does not come from an image of a flower but from the cycle of a fruit tree.

By observing this cycle we can see that the tree produces flower buds which eventually turn into fruits (pear, cherry, etc.). The fruit carries the seed inside and when the fruit falls to the ground, these seeds eventually create new trees. It is the cycle that goes from tree to flower to fruit and tree again. This is fantastic because it reveals the miracle of life !

What are the benefits of the Flower of Life and how does it work?

Flower of Life Protection Pendant

The flower of life is also associated with vital energy and healing. It is often used to help align the chakras and balance the body's energies. It can be used in meditation, by wearing flower of life jewelry or by placing flower of life objects in one's environment.

The flower of life is also considered a symbol of harmony and unity. It is often used to help connect with the universe and strengthen the connection between all life forms. She is a symbol of peace, unity and love.

The Flower of Life is a sacred symbol used to help achieve a higher state of consciousness, balance the body's energies and establish a connection with the universe. If you are interested in spirituality and meditation, the Flower of Life could be a valuable tool to help you achieve your spiritual and personal goals.

The cycles of the Flower of Life

Let's look at the different stages of creating the flower of life.

How to draw a flower of life?

If you're looking to draw your own flower of life, here's a simple guide to help you create this intricate figure in just a few easy steps.

  1. First, draw a circle of the size you want for your flower of life. Use a compass or circular object to help you create a perfect circle.

  2. Next, draw a second circle of the same size, which overlaps with the first circle so that they share a common point.

  3. Now draw a third circle of the same size that overlaps with the first two circles.

  4. Continue drawing circles of the same size until you have six that all overlap with each other.

  5. Next, draw straight lines to connect the centers of each circle. You should now see the flower of life shape appear.

  6. To add more detail to your flower of life drawing, you can add smaller circles in each intersection of the main circles, or add circles around the figure to fill it.

  7. Finally, you can color your flower of life drawing or use it as a basis for other artistic creations.

Drawing a flower of life may seem complicated at first, but with these few simple steps you can create a powerful spiritual symbol.

With a little practice, you will easily be able to draw more complex flowers of life to add to your collection of spiritual symbols.


Our journey begins with a very first circle. The basis of the Flower of Life is the circle, the cell, the origin of life .


Then comes the Vesica Piscis, two intersecting circles.

vesica piscis two circles


Other stages of development towards the Flower of Life.

flower of life variations
The Flower of Life is sometimes called the Leaf of Life. Which is a mistake.

Rock Crystal and Flower of Life

Inseparable from the Flower of Life, this sacred geometric figure woven from equilateral triangles, hides a crystalline treasure, rock crystal. It embodies the perfect harmonization between the energies of the cosmos and those of the Earth, awakening in us divine vitality. Like a generator of electromagnetic waves, it stimulates our subtle being, revealing the purest frequencies of the soul.

The equilateral triangles, with geometrically precise angles, symbolize the symmetry of the universe, a purification of the spirit through the contemplation of these sacred forms. When we meditate within this figure and as the incense burns, enveloping us in deep relaxation, we discover that purification begins from within, that balance rests in the connection to our own physical body.

Within this meditation, floral elixirs reveal themselves as elixirs of the soul, guiding us towards inner appeasement. The angles of our being relax, and we discover that harmonization is the path to our own balance. We dive into the depths of infinity, where subtle energies unfold into complex geometric figures.

The equilateral pentagons emerge like portals to other worlds, recalling the mysteries of ancient sacred civilizations. We are invited to explore the inner cosmos, where each planet dances in harmony with our being, a true divine ballet. Geometric figures multiply, forming a universal language understood by our soul.

At the center of this exploration, the carafe of our essence is filled with light, evoking the purity of our deep nature. We realize that the Flower of Life is a powerful symbol of life, a mandala of the soul that guides our path. The polygons follow one another, superimpose, creating a visual symphony, a true celestial symmetry.

The Flower of Life reveals its divine radiance, symbol of the elevation of the soul. In this geometric dance, the peaks of our being come together, forming an equilateral triangle of pure energies. We feel enveloped by the softness of the lotus, a steady energy that guides our spiritual path.

Each regular polyhedron becomes a builder of our understanding, helping us to transcend our anxieties. The electromagnetic waves of the universe are revealed, a celestial music that resonates within us. Our being becomes crystalline, illuminated by the radiance of the Flower of Life.

The essences of our being are released, like precious inclusions in the crystal of our consciousness. The Flower of Life drives away our fears, offering us a pillow of serenity.

Its vibrational frequency resonates within us, awakening the mathematical formulas that govern our reality. We feel like a sunstone, transparent like a crystal, and strong like a rhodium-plated silver pendant.

The Flower of Life is our etheric massage stick, which relaxes the knots in our nervous system. It balances the magnetic energies of our being, revealing the perfection of hexagons and perfect shapes. Every stone and crystal around us becomes allies in this spiritual quest.

The regular polygons multiply like a shower of stars, creating a beautiful spiritual massage stick. The Flower of Life is our guide on this journey, a revelation of the soul where the edges melt away, leaving us free to explore the galaxies of our inner being.

The Metatron Cube and the Flower of Life

Metatron's Cube contains all the platonic solids (Plato's solids) such as the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron.

The Metatron Cube is associated with the archangel Metatron, while the Flower of Life is a symbol of unity and creation.

metatron cube

The Flower of Life and the Metatron Cube are often associated, as the Metatron Cube is considered a key to understanding sacred geometry, which is the foundation of the Flower of Life. The spheres of the Metatron Cube can be connected to form the Flower of Life, creating an even more powerful symbol.

Metatron Cube and Flower of Life are two powerful symbols of spirituality and sacred geometry, often associated because the Metatron Cube is considered a key to understanding the Flower of Life. Together they can help raise consciousness and connect with universal source.

An example of the importance of the Flower of Life in different religions (here Kabbalah)

Kabbalah and Flower of Life

Tree of life - Judaism

In Kabbalah, each circle is aligned with a chakra, called Sephirot. Each chakra represents a certain energy space in the human body. Kabbalah symbolizes the flow of energy in the human body. If this energy flow is blocked, vibrational energy cannot flow freely.

The Flower of Life is important to many other cultures who knew its meaning directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, this knowledge has been lost or simply exists in part. The Flower of Life carries great spiritual power . Feng-shui is inspired by the feng element and it promotes meditation, concentration, activation of the sacred chakras and spiritual awakening. It cannot be denied, because the symbol appeals to us, apparently magical, on a subconscious level .

Once, all life in the Universe knew the Flower of Life as its model of creation - the geometric design leading us in and out of physical existence. Then, from a very high state of consciousness, we fell into darkness and forgot who we were. For thousands of years, the secret has been kept in ancient artifacts and sculptures across the world and encoded in the cells of all life.

Leonardo da Vinci and the flower of life

Leonardo da Vinci studied the Flower of Life and its mathematical properties . He drew the Flower of Life and various components such as the Seed of Life. In his work, Leonardo da Vinci drew figures and geometric shapes such as the platonic solids, a sphere, a torus and many others, as well as the golden ratio of Phi (the golden ratio taken up by Fibonacci ). Leonardo da Vinci was inspired by the sacred geometry and structure of the Flower of Life for his drawing "The Vitruvian Man". All of these forms are derived from the Flower of Life.

Symbolism of the flower of life around the world

Symbols resembling the Flower of Life are found in temples, churches, secular buildings, burial sites, art objects and manuscripts around the world. Many cultures have used this symbol with full knowledge of its potency and power.

In Egypt, for example, the Flower of Life is engraved in parts of the Pyramids. The relevance of this symbol to the ancient Egyptians can also be found in their temples. Some of the temple complexes were built with extreme precision and harmony. Theoretically, this type of precision would not have been possible at the time.

Symbolic and geometric meaning of the flower of life

The harmonic circular structure of the Flower of Life seems to attract us as if by magic. As if this ornament is constantly changing, if one looks closely, many different shapes and patterns become visible. This is what you feel when you interact with the Flower of Life. And look, when you start using colors and painting the Flower of Life, you learn and feel the vibration even more.

Youtube video The Flower of Life - lespacearcenciel

Like many other symbols and ornaments , the Flower of Life carries a hidden message that you can't just decipher on your own - you need a little help and knowledge to read the message.

Here are other places where Flower of Life images can be found:

  • In a temple in Abydos (Egypt)
  • In the Rama temple of Vijayanagara (India)
  • In the Forbidden City (China)
  • In Gotland (Denmark)
  • On the ceiling of a church in Maria Luschari (Italy)
  • In the ruins of Pompeji (Italy)
  • In an Orthodox monastery in Kreta (Greece)
  • In a church in Sörg (Austria)
  • On a platter from Augustus' silver treasure.
  • In Altenkirchen, a town on the island of Rügen, there is a church from the 12th century and, above the altar, a painted picture of a flower of life with 6 flower buds.

Other artifacts with Flower of Life symbolism that date back well over 2,500 years have also been found.

  1. An example of the Flower of Life ornament in Egyptian temple complexes: the Temple of Osiris at Abydos.
  2. The Flower of Life as a sphere under the paw of a guardian lion in the Forbidden City of Beijing, China.
  3. A bowl with mythical paintings dating from the 8th or 7th century BC (Cyprus).

And there are many other important places where Flower of Life imagery can be found.

How to use the power of the flower of life? Where to put the flower of life?

The Flower of Life is used in many different ways today. You can place it for example in the magnetic form of a Flower of Life sticker (Flower of Life products) or a Flower of Life painting on the wall. Many people like to wear the esoteric symbol as a pendant on a silver necklace.

Where to place a Flower of Life ? Wherever you can. This wave form is renowned for its electromagnetic emissions to counter negative energies, act on the mind and strengthen intuition.

In sonic medicine, the frequency of the Flower of Life is 128hz. This is represented by the spiral of the Fibonacci frequency.

Flower of Life 7 chakras: A powerful combination for energy balance"

By combining the Flower of Life with the 7 chakras , we can create a powerful tool to balance our energy and improve our well-being. Chakras are energy centers located along the spine, which are associated with different parts of the body and different aspects of our lives.

By using the Flower of Life to visualize and meditate on the chakras, we can help balance our energy and stimulate our personal growth. Each chakra is associated with a specific color, which can be represented in the Flower of Life using corresponding crystals or gemstones.

For example, the root chakra is associated with the color red and can be represented by garnet or red jasper crystals placed on or under the Flower of Life. Likewise, the heart chakra is associated with the color green and can be represented by jade or aventurine crystals.

The combination of the Flower of Life 7 chakras is a powerful tool to improve our well-being and our energy balance. By visualizing and meditating on these sacred symbols, we can help align our energy and elevate our spiritual consciousness.

The Flower of Life to energize objects

The Flower of Life is useful for recharging its stones but it is also used to energize objects, water, and food. You can also place an elixir there to harmonize it or even a quartz to raise its vibration.

You can also find Flower of Life in drip form for water jugs or fruit bowls. The symbol is also printed on sheets and blankets :-). As you can see, there are many possibilities for using the Flower of Life symbol, some people even get it as a tattoo. Its stable wave form emits an energizing, rebalancing and protective force on all supports.

The Natural Mystic Shop uses this sacred symbol and offers you the sale of Orgonite Pyramid Flower of Life .

Flower of Life Tattoo: Spiritual Meaning and Symbol of Unity

The Flower of Life tattoo is a popular tattoo choice because of its elegant design and deep spiritual meaning. This harmonious geometric shape creates a fascinating image that symbolizes the unity and harmony of all forms of life.

The spiritual meaning of the Flower of Life dates back to the earliest people. This sacred geometric shape is present in many cultures and religions around the world. It is considered a symbol of the unity and connectivity of all things in the universe. Additionally, the Flower of Life is also associated with spirituality, consciousness and enlightenment.

The Flower of Life tattoo is often considered a protective talisman and a source of positive energy.

People who choose this tattoo often believe that it can help them connect with their inner self and focus on their spiritual journey.

If you are looking for a tattoo with deep symbolism, the Flower of Life tattoo might be the perfect choice for you

Buy a flower of life to recharge the stones

In lithotherapy, thanks to its extraordinary wave form, the Flower of Life would recharge and purify a crystal emptied of its energies. The stones and minerals are then simply placed on a flower of life (an engraved stone, a paper print or other object which represents it, for example a wooden flower of life). It harmonizes everything around it, purifies and increases the energy of everything placed on it .

Orgonite Flower of Life tray to recharge minerals and energize food, drinks, water

Flower of life PDF / Print the flower of life

Are you looking for a flower of life to recharge the stones to print at home? Don't panic, it's easier than you think! First, find a good quality color or black and white flower of life image that you like and download it to your computer.

Next, make sure you have the necessary supplies, like quality paper and good quality printer ink. Open the Flower of Life image to print in your image editing program and adjust the size, color and resolution to achieve the desired result.

Finally, print the image on quality paper and you have your own flower of life! If you are not comfortable with printing at home, you can always turn to a printing service for a more professional result to print a Flower of Life.

Do you want a Flower of Life to print in HD quality? You can do it here download the Flower of Life PDF in a4 format

Receive our flower of life to print free pdf

Flower of Life Experience

There are theories, opinions, testimonies and experiences that claim that the flower of life and its vibrations have a harmonizing and rejuvenating effect . Many energy practitioners use it for their treatments, such as in Reiki. Others like to wear the flower of life in earrings, a ring or any other piece of jewelry.

"Flower of life" effect - What are the benefits of wearing the flower of life?

The effect of the flower of life cannot be easily described by and for everyone; it’s truly something to experience. Share your experience with the Flower of Life with us!

If you have a specific question regarding the Flower of Life, send me an email or use the comments box or contact form and I will try to answer your question as quickly as possible.


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What are the benefits of the Flower of Life and how does it work?

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