Sacred Feminine: How to reveal the sacred goddess within you?

- Célia Jeandel

Sacred Feminine: How to reveal the sacred goddess within you?

How to reveal the sacred goddess within you?

When you consider your body as a sacred temple of the divine, whatever your age or physique, the part of the Divine Feminine in you is revealed.

It's high time to light up the stars again!

For example, as a woman when you consider all your relationships sacred, including the one you have with yourself, divine feminine energy awakens within you. You will know how to be feminine and make it a healing experience.

More broadly, man or woman, your sacred feminine side will come out of hiding when you recognize and honor its essence within you. The mysteries of the sacred feminine will be revealed - you will no longer wonder "what does the Divine Feminine mean" or "how can I be more feminine", because you will have experienced this part that every human being carries in him and expresses in his life, in his relationships, and in his body.

Back to women.

The divine feminine qualities in you have nothing to do with what our culture defines as the way to be feminine.

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You see… the precious part of you has been swallowed up by the image of woman or the image of the feminine in our society .

As a result, we flipped things over and over again. Our values ​​have become distorted. We have lost our way. Even if you don't subscribe to these values, they are expressed consciously and unconsciously in our world. There is real pressure to conform.

Both sexes experience this pressure but, for example, women have received certain covert or overt messages.

We were taught that a woman should…

  • Have a perfect body
  • Not being old
  • To be beautiful"
  • Control your emotions

I want you to experience what it truly means to embody your Divine Feminine Goddess . It's that part of you that is wild, free and sensually expressive. It's that part of you that is uninhibited but wiser than you can imagine.

The part that stays emotionally centered and isn't afraid to speak your truth because you trust and honor your intuition . It’s that part of you that is filled with gratitude because you realize how sacred life is. The divine feminine principle lives within you. It is part of your true nature.

sacred feminine, divine goddess

Wikipedia: The Mother Goddess

What you need to let go and live in your true feminine

Stop accepting society's definition of who you "should be." In order to understand what the Divine Feminine means . You must release old belief systems, let go of cultural conditioning and tap into the beauty, grace and uniqueness of YOU. How to be feminine should be defined by you and your unique expression.

Your divine feminine qualities express themselves differently than anyone else. The divine feminine within you knows that you are a unique and important part of the whole. The sacred feminine is the wild woman.

Be yourself !

Above all, what it means is to stop being someone other than you. No one can be better than you. Don’t be a poser or an imposter conforming to society’s standards.

Especially the norms that keep you confined and insecure. Get out of your box. Allow yourself to celebrate your body and your divine femininity . Connect with your playfulness, sensuality, and erotic innocence. Honor your emotions and your intuitive side.

Stop hating your body and your appearance. Stop judging yourself from the outside in and learn to feel good from the inside. Then the divine feminine principle will no longer be a mystery to you. When you do all of these things, divine feminine energy will begin to flow freely through your body.

I believe that each person's personal and unique discovery of the Divine Feminine within will benefit not only them but society as a whole. We need more female leaders promoting peace and love. Let's celebrate them and support them.

You too are one of these people. Your divine feminine wisdom wants to be expressed because it will ultimately create more peace and love in the world. But it starts within you.

sacred feminine, the reign of divine goddesses

9 Ways to Express the Divine Feminine in Your Life

1. Honor your emotions

Most of us have been taught that what we feel is wrong. How many times have you said to yourself, “I shouldn’t feel this way.” We were taught to avoid our negative emotions at all costs. For this reason, we have so many evils in our society.

If we could just learn to feel our feelings and give our uncomfortable feelings a loving voice, the world would be completely different. We would have more authentic and loving relationships. We would feel more alive in our body. In fact, we might even have peace on the planet!

Honoring your emotions instead of repressing them is extremely important, and powerful. Because your emotions don't go away. They are actually a powerful source of energy and vitality for you. However, when repressed, they will spill over into your relationships as manipulation or passive-aggressive behavior or develop into illnesses.

It is important to know how to process your emotions, otherwise they will get stuck in your body, not allow divine feminine energy to flow through you, and ultimately detain you. Learning to nurture, care for, and recognize your emotions…in other words, knowing how to process your emotions is one of the most valuable tools a woman can have.

2. Love your body

No matter your age or physique, love your body. Around 91% of women are unhappy with their body and resort to dieting to achieve their ideal body shape. Unfortunately, only 5% of women naturally possess the body type typically portrayed by the media.

Loving your…

  • Hair (thick/thin/short or straight)
  • Belly (large/bumpy/scarred or not)
  • Legs (long/short or in between)
  • Buttocks (flat/round and even flabby)
  • Toes (manicured or not)

You need to know that your body is perfect just the way it is.

Developing a loving relationship with your body is a key divine feminine principle . Divine feminine energy is not a visual representation…. it's a feeling ! And in fact, the human body is a magical vessel containing this energy. Be kind to your body and don't overuse it.

Are you eating too much, drinking too much, overindulging in any way? Are you living a stressed life? Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

If you do not care for, honor and love your body, you will not have access to its infinite wisdom and the power of your divine femininity. Learn to slow down and listen to your body. Slowing down gives you access to the healing power of the divine feminine essence within you.

3. Trust your intuition

We live in a world that validates logic over emotions. The idea that things only exist if you can see them. That's why when you get an intuitive call, you're often likely to ignore it. If you want to connect with your divine feminine , start honoring your intuition. Start trusting these intuitive moments. Pay attention to them. Especially when you feel an instinct, don't ignore it. Have the courage to listen to what your inner wisdom says and act accordingly. Because you have more wisdom than you probably think. Learn to trust yourself and know that what you feel and feel is not only valid but also right for you. Your intuition is your guiding force . Use it and honor it.

4. Give voice to your inner wisdom

Don't be afraid to speak your truth. Afraid to rock the boat, many of us keep our mouths shut and don't speak up for ourselves. Do you do this?

This disconnects you from your power because it prevents you from accessing your divine feminine wisdom . Don't be afraid to process your emotions and give them a voice. Stop moping around and acting like you're helpless. You just have an uncomfortable feeling.

An uncomfortable feeling means you have an unmet need! That's all! Therefore, learn to make yourself important enough to meet your needs. Having needs does not mean you are needy. A woman connected to her divine feminine power knows how to ask for what she needs.

We haven't learned to give voice to our uncomfortable feelings by asking for what we need. As a result, most of us lack good communication skills . Do you know how to speak for yourself without putting the other person on the defensive? Do you know how to set healthy boundaries?

This is not easy and requires not only courage, but also the acquisition of new communication skills. Communication skills that don't put others on the defensive, but still allow you to speak your truth.

Most of us speak with our minds and don't truly express ourselves with the power of our hearts. For this reason, disagreements cause disconnection. In some cases, for years. It's because you don't know how to open your heart and give voice to your inner wisdom .

Learn to speak as, what I call, a divine feminine communicator . Someone who listens to their body, allows themselves to suppress their emotions, honors their intuition, knows how to ask for what they need, and has the courage to be transparent with those close to them.

5. Have gratitude for life

In the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to forget how special life is. But if you've ever had a life-threatening situation, or lost someone, especially suddenly and unexpectedly, you've realized how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away.

For example, during a stay in the hospital for an emergency operation, I shared my room for those few days with a woman who had her arm amputated. Bearing witness to his experience changed his life, and my perception

Most importantly, the Divine Feminine is the life-giving force . It's not something to take for granted. It's magical, mystical and very special. Your life is special. Take the time to honor the life and body you have been given.


  • Count your blessings and be grateful for what you have.
  • Be grateful for your health and that of your family.
  • Honor all your relationships.
  • Forgive those who hurt you.
  • Heal and celebrate your sexuality.

6. Create sacred space

A good way to do this is to take time in the morning to connect with spirit. For example, this could be through meditation or other forms of stillness that allow you to connect to that part of you that is beyond the physical.


  • Meditative awareness of your third eye
  • Awareness of your breathing and your body.
  • Walk barefoot on Mother Earth.
  • Give voice to your inner wisdom .
  • Make spiritual invocations and affirmations.
  • Connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels

7. Use your imagination

Einstein said: “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” Knowledge, facts, logic and reasoning are the masculine principle. Imagination, mystical events and intuition are the feminine principles. Trusting what cannot be seen is a rather feminine principle.

Use your imagination to create a better world for yourself and others. Because your imagination is how you create. Before something can manifest, it must first be in thought form.

Your imagination is connected to your intuition. This is the invisible world, the quantum world. And it's real. For this reason, begin to use your imagination as your divine feminine tool to bring more goodness into your life.

8. Get to know yourself

Do you really know who you are? And how close are you to being the person you think you should be? What if you stopped dwelling on yourself and started getting curious instead. Stop living a life that has been programmed into you and start living a life that is your true purpose and passion.

Do you know your soul's purpose? By eliminating all conditioning and belief systems that limit you, you will have greater access to your truth. The real you. The divine you. Your divine feminine essence. The guiding light of your soul.

More and more ancient wisdom is available to you than in the past. And this ancient wisdom allows you to know yourself better.

“I am conscious” but not selfish.

On the contrary, it is self-empowerment! And this increases self-love . This way you will actually have more love to give. So investing in yourself and learning who you are will awaken your divine feminine .

9. Honor your sexuality

I have to say that this is at the heart of the Divine Feminine . If you don't look at your sexuality from a new perspective (different from our cultural programming), you are living in a very limited view of what you think your sexuality is.

And I don't say this to pass judgment. I say this because we live in a world full of shame when it comes to sexuality. Few people have the opportunity to heal themselves sexually. And our culture is sexually wounded.

Porn that depicts women in a disrespectful light is prevalent on the Internet. Sex trafficking is unfortunately alive and well in the world. And our educational institutions often have educators who themselves don't feel entirely comfortable with the subject.

If you truly want to access the power of your divine feminine essence , you need to look at your sexuality. You need to be real with yourself about the parts of your sexuality that are still in the dark. You must nourish your sexuality in its entirety. And it can be a wonderful experience and a deep inner journey.

What is your attitude towards your female genitalia?

  • Do you feel confident and comfortable asking for what you need in the bedroom?
  • Do you even know what your sexual needs are?
  • Do you feel comfortable receiving pleasure?
These are important questions to ask yourself if you want to fully embrace the Divine Feminine within you . If you want to break free from common sexual problems, the only way people can do it is to cultivate a deeper relationship with your female anatomy .

An effective way to do this is to learn how to use the Yoni egg and understand the benefits this powerful feminine tool can offer you.

When used correctly, that is, doing the guided divine feminine practices and not just "sticking to it", you will awaken your deepest divine feminine essence . This ancient practice offers you the opportunity to truly get in touch with the sacredness of your sexuality. And it’s extremely important for your personal empowerment in these changing times.

In conclusion…

This is just the beginning! Learn to express your divine femininity and your life will be transformed. Let go of limiting beliefs and learn the ways of ancient wisdom . Be the loving leader you were meant to be. You are here to make a difference, but you need the power of your divine feminine energy to be a true Leader of Love and make this world a better place.



The sacred feminine today

Today, there is a renewed interest in the sacred feminine . The immense popularity a few years ago of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code spoke not only to our enjoyment of a good thriller but also to the mystery of the divine feminine in Western culture, which is the real thread of the book's continuation , from the enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa to the search for the Grail and the legacy of Mary Magdalene. We now know how feminine mysteries were present in Greek culture and myth, as illustrated in the story of Persephone, and enacted for over 2000 years during initiations at Eleusis. In early Christianity, women had spiritual equality, and the significance of Mary Magdalene, the disciple whom Jesus loved more than the others, being the first to see the resurrected Christ, highlights the esoteric significance of the feminine . We also learned how the power of the sacred feminine was suppressed by the Church fathers, and Mary Magdalene was intentionally misidentified as a prostitute.

As we awaken from the repressions of patriarchy, we must reclaim the sacred feminine both for our individual spirituality and for the well-being of the planet. Our ecological devastation indicates a culture that has forgotten the sacredness of the earth and the divine mother, as well as denied the feminine's deep understanding of the wholeness and interconnectedness of all life. And our individual lives, so often caught up in addictions and deprived of real meaning, thirst to reconnect with the soul, which has always had a feminine quality. And connecting our own journey and that of the world is the ancient feminine figure of the world's soul, the Anima Mundi , the spiritual presence in creation.

So what does it mean to reclaim the sacred feminine ? How can we feel it in our bodies and in our daily lives? Every woman knows this mystery in the cycles of her body, which are linked to the greatest rhythms of life, the cycles of the moon. And she feels it in a call to reconnect with the power and wisdom that she carries within herself, a profound knowledge that is not found in books but which belongs to her very nature.

The feminine carries a natural understanding of the interconnectedness of life, how all parts belong together. She instinctively knows how to meet the needs of her children, how she feels about their well-being even when they are not physically present. And in her body she carries the greatest mystery, the potential to give birth: to bring the light of a soul into this world.

The feminine is the matrix of creation. And yet we have forgotten, or been denied, the depths of this mystery, how the divine light of the soul creates a body in a woman's womb, and how the mother shares this wonder, giving her own blood, his. body, to what will be born. Whether or not the woman has the physical experience of childbirth, she shares in and is empowered by this primordial mystery. Yet our culture's focus on a disembodied, transcendent God has left women bereft, denying them the sacredness of this simple mystery of divine love.

What we don't realize is that this patriarchal denial affects not only every woman, but life itself. When we deny the divine mystery of the feminine , we also deny something fundamental to life.

We separate life from its sacred core, from the matrix that nourishes all creation. We cut our world off from the source that alone can heal, nourish and transform it. The same sacred source that gave birth to each of us is necessary to give meaning to our lives, to nourish it with what is real, and to bring us back into relationship with the fullness of life.

Of course, men also need to relate to the sacred feminine , to be nourished by its inner and outer presence. Without the sacred feminine, nothing new can be born, and we see around us the sad fate of a masculine culture destroying its own ecosystem, unable even to agree on the steps necessary to limit global warming.

We all need to reclaim the living power and transformative potential of the sacred feminine , to feel its connection to soul and earth. And we desperately need the ancient wisdom of the world's soul to help us in this time of global crisis. Many times before the world has experienced an ecological crisis, the soul of the world carries within it the memories and wisdom we need. But if we remain cut off in a mindset that sees this as a problem we need to solve with the same masculine attitude that caused the problem, we will only make the crisis worse. Only by working together with the sacred feminine can we heal and transform the world. And that means honoring His presence in our bodies and our souls, in the ground we walk on and in the air we breathe.


The voices of the sacred feminine

Excerpts from “Voices of the Sacred Feminine” Dr. Karen Tate

The Sacred Feminine is a concept that recognizes that "God" is ultimately neither anthropomorphically masculine or feminine but a Divine Essence (Goddess) beyond form and duality - an essence that is in balance and unification of masculine principles and feminine – a “Dynamic Interdependent Immanence”. »Which permeates all of life. The Asian Yin Yang helps visualize this idea.

We all have a basic human need to put the unexplainable into tangible form in order to explore our relationship with it. Thus, we tend to anthropomorphize or attribute human characteristics to the unknowable. In other words, we name and assign form to an abstract concept in order to relate to it at our level of ability.

Conceptualizing the sacred feminine as a metaphor reduces our human spiritual potential and hinders our ability to live in harmony and balance on our beautiful planet.

For the past several thousand years, the dominant religious belief systems of our world have been patriarchal, which has sanctioned the social ethic that elevated God the Father above Mother Earth and man above above the woman.

But this has not always been the case! It is essential to remember that for eons before patriarchy, throughout the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages before "its history", there were worldwide "Mother/Woman and Earth" honoring societies that lived in a more egalitarian, sustainable and peaceful culture that had thrived without war for thousands of years. There is an urgent need to rediscover and exhume the lost memory of these cultures to inform and inspire us to build a more stable foundation for the future of society.

Remembering these lost matrifocal or matriarchal civilizations authenticates and validates the meaning of the sacred feminine and the importance of women and feminine values ​​as we rebuild a healthier global unity.

There is no need to recall Cleopatra and the other female pharaohs who reigned over Egypt, the most astonishing and accomplished civilization of the ancient world.

It is time to balance masculine and feminine principles in our belief systems, our religious doctrines, our cultural ethos and in ourselves. To achieve this balance, we need to focus for a while on the idea of ​​universal motherhood. We need to explore the Mother metaphor, the goddess symbol, and the priestess model. We need to shine a light on the archaeological evidence of ancient goddesses and their stories. We must emphasize maternal love, wisdom , compassion and creativity as well as respect for sexuality as natural and sacred. We must make women free and autonomous, celebrate their spirituality, and we must awaken, teach our children and educate men.

Knowledge of the existence of the sacred feminine leads us to appreciate the feminine nature in women and men . Awareness of universal motherhood will help us respect the earth and Mother Nature. Awareness of the feminine principle will help us honor women's biophysical and emotional passages in life and help all people (especially women) cultivate their self-esteem. And this awareness will encourage all people to find inner balance and peace, thereby increasing respect and tolerance for one another – which will ultimately foster greater global harmony.

It is time to honor the sacred feminine . “Honoring the Sacred Feminine,” in the spiritual sense, means valuing the feminine principle , along with the masculine principle, as equal and fundamental aspects of the Divine. On a planetary level, this means respecting and healing our Mother Earth . From a cultural perspective, this means reviving the Goddess archetype through entertainment and the arts and using language that gives equal importance to the pronouns “he” and “she.” From a religious perspective, this means offering a ceremony and service that reaffirms our connection to the divine, the Goddess, the earth, and to each other.

In the human sense, honoring the sacred feminine means particularly valuing the innate value of the woman's mind, body and soul, as well as the "feminine" qualities of the male character. Ying and Yang. The Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. From all eras, from all cultures, the balance of these two energies is the answer to the great quest for harmony and happiness. Necessary, complementary, inseparable.

“The highest vocation of woman is to lead man to his soul in order to unite him with the Source. »

“Man's highest calling is to protect woman so that she may be free to walk the earth, safe and sound. »
Cherokee Word

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