What is a protection amulet?

- Célia Jeandel

What is a protection amulet?

First of all, there is some confusion about amulets and talismans. Many people think they are synonyms, the same thing. In fact, although the differences are sometimes subtle, each is created for a very different purpose.

What are the differences between amulet and talisman?

An amulet protects us from danger , while a talisman will be used to attract a particular benefit to its owner.

Talismans are therefore intended to provide power, energy and specific benefits , they are often made at times believed to be spiritually or astrologically significant and may be marked with words or incantations to add additional power . We speak of a talisman of protection against evil . 

protect yourself with an amulet or talisman

More simply, an amulet acts as a shield against negative energies and entities on all levels, spiritual, mental, physical and astral. She is not a gris-gris, nor a lucky charm.

There is therefore no such thing as an amulet talisman.

Origins of the amulet

Amulets have always accompanied people like a jewel to protect them from danger . The first people lived in a world where powerful and frightening things threatened them from every direction. Thus, amulets were used to protect homes, families and livestock .

traditional amulet

Amulets are also worn to protect people from the "evil eye" . The ancient belief that a person or animal could harm another person by looking at them with an evil eye dates back over 5,000 years: ancient clay tablets have been found that describe the damage that the evil eye can inflict and how the Sumerian god Ea spent his time fighting it. Even today, almost everywhere in the world, from Africa to Asia via the West, the evil eye is considered a major threat and various kinds of amulets are used to avoid it.

Originally, jewelry amulets were natural objects , such as an animal tooth or often a semi-precious stone. However, you can choose whatever you want and have your own homemade protection amulet.

During the Crusades, many soldiers carried talismanic stones engraved with runic messages . They also carried bloodstone amulets with them, as these red stones were associated with Mars the god of war. So, the soldiers believed that these stones protected them from any danger.

The history of the amulet is truly astonishing : until now medals, bells, keys, sheets of parchment, and even photographs have all been used as protections to carry on oneself. And this is how many police officers at the beginning of the 20th century wore medals of Saint Jude (patron saint of police officers) on their person to ward off danger. In African, South American and Chinese culture, certain tattoos can be considered protective amulets.

Beliefs or not , even simple knots seem to be effective amulets to repel evil spirits: our grandmothers tied knots on their kitchen aprons to protect themselves and their homes from bad luck.

Since the birth of humanity , amulets have always been powerful symbols of protection. Millennia later, we are drawn to their mystique and magic more than ever.

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What amulet to protect yourself?

There are as many ways to choose your protective amulet as there are types and composition (wood, bone, fossil, minerals, fabrics). Here we will discuss how to choose your protective amulet made from crystals.

Take your time to choose a protective amulet . Think about why you want one, and how you will wear or carry it (bracelet, mala, ring, bead, pendant, raw or carved stone, set or pierced...).

Which protection stone for my amulet?

One of the best ways to choose your semi-precious stones for your amulet is by psychometry . This consists of holding the stone in your fist, slightly clenched, or between your palms to feel the sensations that the stone provides. You will notice that with this method, some stones produce feelings of comfort and peace, while others can make us angry and aggressive.

We can also choose the amulet we need directly by the color of the stones , and find the one that will stimulate the achievement of our objectives:

  1. RED : Red stone amulets stimulate passion, enthusiasm and energy . Examples of this are ruby, garnet and coral. A popular amulet in the Middle Ages, garnet can be placed under the pillow to protect against evil spirits at night. These stones were used for general protection against malevolent spiritual forces, to guide the wearer in the dark, and even to stop bleeding and protect against poison. For the ruby, legend has it that it has magical powers of protection, but only when worn by its rightful owner. red amulet

  2. ORANGE : Orange stone amulets promote close relationships and personal satisfaction . Examples: citrine, carnelian and orange sapphire. The Stone of Happiness – Citrine is said to dispel negative energy and bring happiness and positivity into the lives of those who wear it. A symbol of courage, Carnelian among Tibetan Buddhists serves as an ornament of protection and healing.

  3. YELLOW : Yellow stone amulets stimulate the expression of the fun and joyful aspects of life . Examples are yellow beryl and topaz. Prized by many cultures over the millennia, topaz has been used in a myriad of healing and protective methods, including as a treatment for insanity, for restful, nightmare-free sleep, and to protect the wearer from poisoning. losing its color in the presence of deadly venom.

  4. GREEN : Green stone amulets encourage work and accomplishment . For example, emerald, peridot and jade stone. For centuries, jade has been used in amulets to dispel negative energies and to promote greater self-knowledge. Also known to bring calm to chaos, jade can be placed on a desk or in areas associated with high stress, as some say stroking the stone can help soothe frayed nerves and restore calm. breathing and heart rate more peaceful.

  5. BLUE : Blue stone amulets promote clarity and perception, and help set goals . Examples: lapis lazuli, sapphire and blue tourmaline. Lapis lazuli has a long and rich history, not just as an Egyptian amulet. Since 7,000 BC, the Mesopotamians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Romans have all attributed powers such as divinity, royalty and good luck to lapis lazuli. It was carved into thousands of amulets and sacred objects, offering precious protection on the way to the afterlife. The Egyptian Book of the Dead is the first recorded history of the use of semi-precious stones for religious purposes and often speaks of lapis lazuli amulets being placed on various parts of the deceased's body. Before death, lapis was used by the Egyptians to cure demonic possession. Believing that the soul was housed in the brain, they pulverized lapis lazuli, mixed it with gold and placed the poultice on the top of the head to force out the demons as it dried.

  6. INDIGO : Indigo stone amulets are linked to caring for others . Examples: sodalite, turquoise and iolite. Turquoise has been used since the ancient Egyptians and Chinese to preserve health, bring wealth and even protect horses' hides with turquoise-inlaid bridles. The Pueblo, Navajo, and Apache tribes carved it into many spiritual objects, while Apache hunters and warriors attached it into the handles of bows and firearms to increase their accuracy.

    stone amulet Navajo tribe
  7. PURPLE : Purple stone amulets are linked to spiritual truth and higher consciousness . For example, amethyst, garnet and purple ruby. Amethyst is a stone worn throughout the centuries as a symbol of purity, wisdom and spirituality, and as an amulet of divine protection against evil. Amethyst is today considered a grounding stone, to relieve stress and headaches, and to help those suffering from bad dreams and night terrors.

  8. PINK : Pink stone amulets are stimulating and energizing. They allow progress to happen. Examples: rubellite tourmaline, pink beryl and rose quartz. Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals in the healing field. Often called the "heart stone", touted for its power to attract love and intimacy, as well as its ability to ease heartache and heal emotional wounds. It is believed to facilitate connection, encourage compassion and tenderness, and enhance sensuality.

  9. CLEAR : Amulets made of clear or transparent stones symbolize pure energy. They are nurturing, loving and ultimately effective. Rock crystal and diamond are examples. Rock crystal can amplify the properties of other stones when used together but also has a long list of protective powers when used alone. Like other stones, it can be used to counter black magic, demonic possession and the evil eye, but interestingly it also acts as a powerful channel for linking to the spirit realm and communing with spirits superiors. In the Middle Ages, diamonds were used as amulets against demons, cowardice, plague, pestilence and witchcraft.

  10. SILVER : Silver stone amulets are peaceful and gentle. However, they also possess great power and offer enormous potential. Hematite, but also moonstone are good examples. The ancient Egyptians also used moonstone to protect themselves from evil, the Greeks attributed to it the virtue of sobriety and the Christians made it a Catholic protection amulet

  11. GOLD : The gold color represents the shield . Pyrite, sun pyrite and tiger's eye are beautiful examples of so-called golden stones. The tiger's eye is aptly named, boasting a cat's eye-shaped band of reflected light - known as chatoyance - which has long watched over various cultures (including Roman soldiers). as a kind of thoughtful antidote against the evil eye and the harm it could cause. An eye for an eye, one might say: evil spirits who invoke illness and disaster through what was called the "evil eye" are repelled by tiger's eye amulets.

make your protective amulet

Let us also mention, as a protective stone:

Agate : This chalcedony offers a wide range of talismanic virtues. Agate is known to quench thirst and protect against fever, soothe the mind and promote eloquence, prevent contagion and deflect storms, curry favor with the powerful, vanquish enemies and even cure bites. Scorpion and snake bites.

Onyx : Onyx stones are said to be able to protect you from harmful spirits and could prevent an entity from depleting your psychic energy. Onyx is said to protect against these attacks by absorbing and transmuting negative energy, making it a particularly powerful Wiccan protection amulet against black magic.

Mother-of-pearl beads : mother-of-pearl is said to give its wearer extraordinary clairvoyance, thus protecting them from imminent dangers. It is also a mineral amulet which fights against the evil eye and negative influences.

Sapphire : Sapphires have always been believed to protect the wearer against misfortune, fraud, enemies, violence and psychic attacks.

The list is not exhaustive, you can also read the article 9 stones to protect yourself .

What symbol for my protective amulet?

  • Protective animals : the symbol worn on your amulet, whether it is engraved on the stone, affixed or encircled in gold or silver, can be an animal. Like a Scarab on an Egyptian amulet, or the butterfly on the splendid pendant below. This could of course be your totem animal , but also any animal or plant “to whom” you have a spiritual connection. totem animal amulet
  • Religious charms : certain amulets are decorated with signs, inscriptions of a religious nature, iconic representations (such as Buddha, Christ or the Tree of Life) to invoke a protective force, or serve as counting objects during prayers , like the rosary or the malas. These amulets can also transcribe biblical, Koranic verses or ancient texts: they are found today in Islam, in the Catholic religion, in Buddhism or in Judaism with the ritual of amulets. catholic christian amulet
  • Sacred Geometry : on the form waves side, long live the symbols of Sacred Geometry ! The energies of these form waves, such as that of the Seal of Solomon, the Flower of Life or even the Cube of Metatron (Merkaba) significantly increase the vibration rate of the amulets and their wearer. Sacred Geometry describes the mathematical structure of our Universe. Although it would promote the connection to Angels, Archangels and the Sacred Divine, it is not a religion, so one can place their own beliefs and all their spirituality there.

Where to buy a protection amulet?

You can buy a powerful protective amulet in a specialized esoteric store near you or order it online, favoring artisans.

You can therefore search by stone, by color or by symbol.

If you wish to purchase an effective protective amulet that combines sacred geometry and the energy of stones, we recommend our orgonite medallions .

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