How to find your totem animal?

- Célia Jeandel

How to find your totem animal?

What is a totem animal?

Meaning and definition of the totem animal

Animals are always present in our lives, whether it's our beloved pet dog or the stray fox we see from time to time. Yet we often do not understand their symbolic nature, their meanings and the main characteristics that define them. This is why we created this article for you, to show you how to find your totem animal .

Native American totem animal, origins

The animal totem is an animal revered as a divinity, it can embody the ancestor of the clan or a protective spirit.

Traditional Native American shamans believe that spirit animals or totems are revealed to us to guide and protect the clan throughout a journey. They offer influential insights into our subconscious and convey meaningful messages if you are willing to listen . Your spirit animal is meant to serve as a guide and bring attention to parts of your life that need to be recognized and explored. They accompany dreams to the sound of drums during shamanic rites.

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Strongly present in indigenous Amerindian cultures , the totem animal is also found in many African cultures, but also in Europe.

We find traces of totem animals and various animal venerations in very ancient societies:

  • In some indigenous and animist tribes in Africa, the gazelle was honored after its death. This is what a Swahili tale relates, which establishes this gazelle as a protective totem animal.
  • In Mongolia, the legend of a fox who helped a young man get married gives rise to a fifteen-day funeral to commemorate his death
  • In ancient Greece, both the lobster and the owl received a proper funeral when they died.
  • Among the Wanika in East Africa, this people consider that the hyena embodies the ancestor of the clan.

Animals that are frequently found in a protective totem role in tales, myths and legends are the gazelle, the jackal, the fox, the eagle, and of course the cat. And much more rarely, the dog and the monkey.

My totem animal. How to find it?

In order to connect with your true essence, you must first learn how to find your spirit animal. The best way to find your spirit animal is to observe it. Whether by dreaming, meditating or simply observing and identifying with nature, discovering your totem animal leads to inspiration and empowerment. In your quest for the animal spirit, stay present, look for connections with animals (squirrels in your gardens, a fox on the side of the road at night or the white buffalo that visits you in your dreams).

In a journal, document the details of your animal encounters, including the resulting emotions and events surrounding them.

How to find your totem animal?

Your animal spirit is the embodiment of your subconscious and therefore cannot be chosen. He is the one who must choose you . In most cases, your totem animal will present itself at a time when your mind is relaxed and able to wander internally, for example during dreams or during meditation or a shamanism ritual. However, spirit animals can also reveal themselves in physical form, often displaying unusual behavior or manifesting multiple times in a row in the short term.

Lilou Macé's YouTube TV video: "How to find your totem animal"

1. Meditate to find your totem animal

Channel your inner guide to find your spirit animal . If a particular animal comes to mind, don't ignore it. If it's not what you imagined or hoped for, this animal nevertheless carries a message which deserves reflection. He is an incarnate spiritual guide. Sit with your thoughts and use your active imagination for an inner journey. By opening your heart and focusing your mind, you will be more receptive to the energy and wisdom of your spirit animal .

2. Take Note of Animal Encounters

Be open and attentive when animals appear in your life . Do not be afraid and do not be contemptuous. instead, make sure your heart is open, especially if an animal is behaving unusually. Take note of repetitive encounters with animals. Whether in physical or symbolic form, such as an object or an image. Repetition can be a sign.

3. Ceremony to discover your totem animal

Conduct a ceremony to call and discover your spirit animal . Ceremonies may include the burning of medicinal plants (such as sage and palo santo), as well as chanting and the creation of altars. During your ceremony, ask your spirit animal to show itself, in vision, dream, or in living form. Don't question or overestimate their appearance. Instead, ask for their support and advice.

4. Observe nature to feel your totem animal

Go outside, take off your headphones, and pay attention to the abundance in the world around you. Notice the direction of the wind and the patterns of the birds above you. This step is essential to prepare you for spirit animal connections. Your ability to find your spirit animal and your receptiveness to its guidance depends on your ability to observe the natural world and identify signs and symbols.

5. Travel to find your totem animals

The shamanic tradition believes that travel allows you to view your life from a deeply connected and spiritual perspective, often revealing your true inner self. Once you find your spirit animal , your journey together begins. Study your spirit animal and its basic traits and characteristics. Think about why this spirit animal chose you and how your spirit animal relates to your own personal experiences.

6. Document your dreams to define your totem animal

Dreams are often the subconscious's way of processing complex emotions, as well as manifestations of unconscious imagery and guidance. Write down your dreams and as many details as possible. You might be surprised to find a recurring pet. Pay close attention to your dream messages and specific situations in which spirit animals are present . Totem animals in dreams can symbolize deep-rooted feelings that are not fully recognized upon waking, a feeling that you find "wild" or difficult to control, and/or your most basic instincts and emotions.

7. Express your gratitude to your totem animal

Your totem animal is a powerful ally . Always thank your spirit animal for their guidance and support. They can help you navigate life, transform yourself, and see your experiences and relationships in a new light; in turn, to express your deepest gratitude and thanks. Like any relationship, a connection between a spirit and an animal requires cultivation.

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Youtube video, “What is your totem animal?” Vida46

Some main totem animals:

Elephant totem animal:

When the elephant comes to you as a spirit animal and guide, the message is typically one of connectedness. Have you lost intimacy with those in your home? Have you been lax in keeping in touch with family?

Another reason why the elephant may choose to become your animal spirit is if you have embarked on a mental exercise such as research or a career in science.

When you have an Elephant Totem , being social is essential for your well-being. Connectedness is in your nature. The elephant is sensitive, determined and loyal.

animal totem elephant

Falcon totem animal:

Hawks have a very positive outlook on life. There are truths that humans deliberately hide. The falcon totem wants to bring these truths to the light of day.

Look for the Falcon as your totem animal when you feel like you're missing something that's right in front of you. The falcon is an excellent hunter, and its energy can help you spot elusive signs, omens, messages, and even gain better perspective on your relationships.

Invoke the energy of the falcon as a power animal when “poisoned” people or situations threaten your safety and well-being.

falcon totem animal

Lion totem animal:

When the spirit of Leo “roars” its presence in your life, it offers you extraordinary strength and vitality.

The lion spirit often appears to a person who needs to reclaim their space and resume a leadership role in life. Alternatively, the Leo spirit is attracted to courageous and outspoken people who have leadership potential.

If you meet a Lioness, the goal is a little different. She will teach you to take care of your pride.

If the lion is your totem animal , you face challenges head-on, without fear. You are cunning and have the strength to outperform the competition, no matter what.

lion totem animal

Beaver totem animal:

If you are seeking the presence of Beaver energy, this is a sign that your higher self is gently nudging you to have faith and continue building towards your dreams.

By recognizing the energy of the beaver when it presents itself as your spirit animal , you may feel more motivated than before. You may also notice a great burst of creativity.

The beaver spirit reminds you : keep alternatives available and be persistent. Appreciate those around you who help you in your accomplishments and you will discover the path to success.

Beavers naturally know when it is time to act, play and be with family. Structure is very important to them. A Beaver's living and working spaces are likely very organized and reflect not only their passions, but also their family life with various small accessories like photos.

beaver totem animal

Eagle totem animal:

The Eagle as a spirit animal helps you notice that the winds of change are moving towards you.

A rebirth or renewal of sorts is about to occur, and the eagle totem prepares you for this change by showing you how to harness your inner strength and courage.

It's time to discover yourself. You may need to take a retreat to collect your mind and internalize the transformation taking place in your life.

Additionally, the eagle, as a totem animal , says "look forward." Don't give up on your quest. To do this, you must be willing to stop old-fashioned habits or ideas and embrace something new and wonderful.

With the Eagle's ability to fly so high while also being able to stay on the ground, you will be very good at big picture thinking and will make you powerful leaders and teachers.

In general, those who have the eagle as their totem animal are strong, courageous, creative and insightful.

eagle totem animal

Deer totem animal:

When the deer manifests as a spirit animal , it acts as a reminder of the power of love and compassion. Perhaps there is a situation in your life to which you have become apathetic or which you perceive in a negative light. The challenge here is not to wallow in these unhealthy feelings. It's time to let deer energy help you let go and embrace kindness.

The spirit of the deer also teaches us that peace is a powerful healer.

Look to the deer as a power totem animal when you cannot navigate through a situation quickly and peacefully. The deer will help you see the signs of where you can walk confidently.

The deer totem helps you connect to the higher self to receive important messages, often about changes in your life.

deer totem animal

Cat totem animal:

The cat-spirited animal is very selective about who it helps, so take its presence as a compliment.

The Spirit of the Cat , like the Spirit of the Tiger, can arrive gently when you no longer feel up to it, and your patience is exhausted. The cat's mind helps you hone your confidence and assures you at the right time so you can find reliable options. Teaching you when to act and when to wait is one of the greatest gifts of the cat mind.

The cat spirit also appears when you are faced with a task that you feel incapable of accomplishing.

Your spirit animal is resourceful and adaptable. The cat totem will help you change your way of thinking in order to help you change the outcome.

cat totem animal

Woodpecker totem animal:

In this case, the symbolism of the woodpecker totem is letting you know that it is time to pay attention because an opportunity has presented itself. In other words, the woodpecker meaning is telling you that big changes are happening in your life.

So it’s up to you to seize the moment.

Whether it's the renewal of an old project, the completion of a new project or simply a chance meeting with someone in your life. Additionally, however you perceive it, the woodpecker spirit animal allows you to understand that the door is wide open for you right now and that success is yours on demand.

woodpecker totem animal

Turtle totem animal:

When the turtle comes to you as a spirit animal , it carries the message of staying true to your path and being at peace with your choices.

It can also be a sign that you are carrying too much weight on your shoulders. You can't fix anything if you're overwhelmed.

Drop the negative things that are holding your back, go into your shell and meditate. Pull yourself together, embrace your emotional power and reclaim your serenity.

As one of the first animals on Earth, the Turtle Totem has the ability to express abundant wisdom and dig deep into the Great Mysteries.

turtle totem animal

Bear totem animal:

When the bear as a spirit animal comes to stand by your side, you have the assurance of renewed power and courage. No matter what adversity you face, the bear keeps you grounded until the difficulties pass.

The bear totem usually comes at a time of self-examination. This might be a time when you need some "cave time" so you can truly listen to your heart instead of voices that, while well-meaning, all seem to think they know what's best for you.

This also means you need to take care of yourself too, often by taking regular retreats to refuel.

bear totem animal

Butterfly animal totem:

As a spiritual animal guide, the butterfly whispers to you your hidden potentials.

If you have the butterfly as your totem animal , you will find lightness of spirit. You love the beauty of nature and are guided when it comes to maintaining balance with the environment.

By working with your Butterfly animal spirit , you will discover that you are better equipped to see difficult situations from another perspective. As you fly on His wings, your perspective becomes more holistic and hopeful.

Butterflies are naturally sociable, colorful and dynamic. They strive to live each moment to the fullest.

Dance like a butterfly on the wind and celebrate your journey!

butterfly totem animal

Raven totem animal:

Crows are known to be very protective and they work in groups to drive away the seemingly impossible enemy.

With the energy of the raven as your totem animal , you can be as maddening as you are comical, as light as you are dark, and as inventive as you are naive.

One of your greatest strengths is how you often understand the world around you by observing and interpreting omens and signs.

raven totem animal

Snake totem animal:

When the snake begins to appear as a spiritual animal and guide, it is time to get rid of illusions, unhealthy beliefs and unreasonable expectations whether emotional, physical or spiritual. The only way to achieve wholeness is to walk in truth and live each moment to its fullness.

The energy of the snake totem can help you glide gracefully through even the most distressing experiences.

If the snake is your Totem , you can really hold the attention of a group with your charisma and confidence. Like the Snake, you will be flexible and able to change your path both verbally and physically depending on situations.

the spirit of the snake, totem animal

Owl totem animal:

When the owl totem enters your life, you have the opportunity to become much more observant. You will notice many important details that you missed before. The world is filled with layers of symbolism and meaning, and the owl gives you "new" eyes to see them.

The owl totem, or owl totem, is a totem of discernment. Let this spirit guide you through confusing situations. Start trusting your spiritual radar about people and use the beauty of the night to inspire your creativity.

The owl spirit has mastered silence and finds its strength there. With the owl as your totem animal , you won't waste precious energy talking aimlessly.

animal totem of the Owl, animal observer

Squirrel totem animal:

If your totem is the squirrel , you are often resourceful and you have a way of manifesting all the things you need.

In fact, you always have everything you need for the present and the future.

With the squirrel spirit as your totem , you choose to prepare for all occasions. You are also ready to socialize at any time.

People with this spirit animal are very good at balancing their lives with work and play. You are also extremely curious and always need to know what is going on wherever you are.

You are also social, with a great sense of humor. You also enjoy traveling and exploring new places, preferring busy cities to remote areas.

The totem animal squirrel

Otter totem animal:

The otter appears as a spirit animal as a wake-up call to be more receptive and aware of emotions in oneself and others. Don't get stuck in the quagmire of worry.

Another message from the otter totem is to relax. You can't carry on under stress and pressure without it robbing you of the joy of life. Giving to yourself is an act of self-love and kindness that manifests itself over time through giving to others.

When you have the otter in your life , you find great pleasure in education, enjoyment of the beauty of nature, love of children and family. She is not a material creature because carrying too much prevents her from sinking on water without a burden.

the otter, totem animal

Wolf totem animal:

As a spirit animal, the wolf comes to support us and teach us about issues of personal power, balance, self-control and our animal instincts. The Wolf Spirit that keeps you constantly alert to potential danger.

Wolves are incredible examples of standing on the seat of one's own power. They make it known that they can and are willing to fight to the death, but they rarely initiate combat.

If you're not sure where your circle is, the howl of your wolf totem can help you find others who share your point of view. It also gives you the ability to clearly mark your territory if someone were to threaten this sacred space.

wolf totem animal

To conclude,

Totemism is a belief system where a person's traits are considered to have a kinship or mystical relationship with a spiritual being, such as an animal or plant that serves as an emblem or symbol of the group or community. 'individual.

It is found in several beliefs , and not only in Native American spirituality. Totem animals manifest in different ways, mainly in shamanic culture. They have always had a protective nature and are sacred, bridging the gap between intuition and spiritual healing.

It is possible to have one or more animal totems , which reveal themselves to us at the appropriate time to transmit a message or knowledge. Likewise, the list of totem animals is not exhaustive: the hummingbird, the doe, the frog, the dragonfly, the spider, the sheep, the panther or even the coyote can be your totem animals. It is the totem animal that presents itself to you, not the other way around!

Will you be able to listen to your inner animal ?

How to find your totem animal?

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