What are the consequences of not living in the present?

- Christine O.

What are the consequences of not living in the present?

Your mind and thoughts focus on the future or stagnate in the past and you have difficulty enjoying the present moment.

So even if thinking about the future can be important to plan and move forward in life, it should not take over your daily life. You have to know the difference between planning and worrying.

In this article we will see what are the consequences of not living in the present.

We suffer in life by living in the past or the future

While you are eating food, enjoy your food. Or your meals become tasteless.

First do all the work that needs to be done in a single action, right where you are. When you enter into an action of eating, you must savor your food there and leave your worries of the other action outside.

Then, when you go to the bedroom, leave the worries of the kitchen or office to be taken care of where they are.

A human being suffers because he does not organize himself in this way; he does not compartmentalize his daily life. While eating a meal, he worries about what he will do when his supervisor gets angry with him.

If you have problems at work, think about them when you get there and not while you're eating with your kids. At this point, just enjoy your meal.

“Enjoy what is present, what is in front of you. Do not worry about what is not present.”

Worrying about the future ruins the present

It is better for you to take care of the present and do your best in the current situation, instead of worrying about the future.

Your worry about the future is of no use; this is detrimental because the future is not at all in our control.

The effort you put into thinking about the future could be wasted. This will only lead to worry and anxiety, which is definitely not helpful. This is not a scientific method at all.

Your best solution is to stop looking at the distant mountains and avoid tripping now!

When we go out, how far do we look ahead and walk, about 100 to 200 meters? Why don't we look further?

Because if we try to look into the distance, we might not see the danger that is nearby and therefore stumble. An accident could happen.

Therefore, we only look at short distances and continue moving forward. Every day, ensure security for today, not tomorrow.

Stay normal. Look at the safe side for today. For example, instead of worrying about children's future, improve their present by raising them with good moral values. You are responsible for it. There is no need to worry.

Living in the moment

Remembering the past leads to prejudice; prejudices ruin our interactions in daily life

Suppose you feel that someone has cheated on you. It is dangerous to continue to remember such a past act.

You simply need to see what this person is currently doing; otherwise, it is called bias. Yes, it becomes a bias when you keep the past active in your attentive awareness.

Instead, place your efforts in the direction of how you can free yourself from any kind of inner hatred and foster harmony in your relationships.

We behave towards ourselves as he did because of the unfolding of our own karma (past deeds). His conduct towards us will become positive when our unfolding karma is good.

Therefore, we do not want to keep prejudices. How do you know if the person who cheated on you earlier came today to bring you profit?

So, whenever such circumstances arise, where we have to interact with that person again, we will not hold any prejudice against him.

Opinions based on the past dominate the present and create slavery for the future

Based on the past, we exploit opinions. This is wrong and harmful. If we live with our own inner intention, that is, without forming any biased opinions, we will not bind any karma. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

And do you know that we form opinions based on our own faults, our own mistakes and our own opinions? So, rather than forming opinions, if we practice repentance for our own mistakes, the effect of the hurt will disappear.

Everything, from birth to death, is in the hands of nature; is destined and is the result of our own past karma.

But we cannot see things as they are because of our opinions that we have formed. We cannot experience the bliss of freedom because of the dense veils of opinions.

When the causes, which we ourselves created in our past life, unfold as effects in this life, giving opinions, “it is good, it is bad, it is good, it is bad” , we only create new causes and therefore new chains.

In the tension of past and future, we lose the benefit of the present

Living in the present moment is important

Let's say you can't get on the train and therefore miss an important meeting, that's now a thing of the past.

The past is gone, so there is no point in remembering it again and again. Or else you will lose the benefit of the present. This adds to your loss.

Plus, “what will happen now?” is the thing of the future, which is under the control of Nature, and therefore there is no point in worrying about it either.

So, we need to constantly live in the present and remain tension-free. The tension is for the one who gets lost in the past and for the one who tries to foresee the future. He who lives in the present has no tension.

Get out of the tunnel

As we have just seen, not living in the present can have harmful consequences on daily life. In addition to polluting your daily life, it harms your relationships.

The best way to live in the present is to be in nature. It's easy to be present when you're surrounded by nature.

Landscapes like deserts, oceans and forests have a way of slapping us out of our complacency with their awe-inducing beauty.

Suddenly, every breath we take is alive; nourishing more than our lungs because each of them nourishes our soul.

We allow ourselves to look up when we are in nature. We enjoy little wonders like the way light pours through the leaves of trees or the sweet sounds of birds.

But then we go home and close ourselves off to these things. Even though the birds are still chirping and the sky is just as bright, we feel that our daily lives are not special enough to engage in subtle acknowledgments.

What good does this tunnel vision do us? Does being less aware of the moment we are in make us more productive?

Living in the moment is important

By telling ourselves that we are too busy to seize the moment and live in the present, what we are really saying is that we are not worthy of this moment. If you've ever had an anxiety problem, you may be particularly familiar with this problem.

It's a dilemma that many people suffer from, when they try to be fully present in a particular moment, but can't seem to stop thinking.

Everything from worries about the future to self-criticism start to flood in and they find themselves in their self-imposed tunnel.

So what is the answer to the question so many of us are asking? Why can't you just enjoy the moment?

First, we must let go of the idea that certain moments are not worthy of us. If you can focus on something to fear or judge or dislike, why can't you focus on something rewarding instead?

The next time you're stuck in traffic, challenge yourself to be present in that moment; live in the present.

No, not over the anger caused by the traffic jam or the other driver who cut you off, you might feel inclined to give in. But instead, find something pleasant to devote your attention to and breathe.

Living in the present: ritual with selenite

Breathing is the most integral aspect of living in the present moment. So much so that it has become a cliché.

And that's a shame, because some may choose not to invest in this simple solution due to the abundance of advice in our culture.

Do yourself a favor, breathe like you would if you were standing on top of a mountain. Consume your breath. And let your ally, the Selenite crystal, help you in this effort.

Selenite is like liquid light. Bright positivity flows from this stone and washes away your worries with purifying vibrations. It brings you back to the present.

By grounding yourself, it takes you out of your cluttered mind and redirects your focus back to your body.

Orgone pyramids made from selenite add another level of equation.

With a pyramid in each hand, they create a shield of protective and calming energy. From this state of calm, it is easier to find “the moment”.

Even if you can't escape to a faraway place to recharge and return to the present, make sure to take at least 10 minutes for a mental vacation.

To help you, we are going to introduce you to a crystal ritual for living in the present.

Live in the present with this selenite crystal ritual

What you will need:

  • 1 or 2 selenite orgone pyramids
  • 1 piece of Palo Santo wooden stick or cone (you can substitute a copal incense stick or incense if that's what you have)
  • an incense holder and a bowl to collect the ashes

The steps of the current ritual:

  1. Find a place outside where you can sit and enjoy some daylight. When you find the spot, just acknowledge the warmth of the sun on your skin. If possible, take off your shoes so your toes can feel the grass, sand, or ground beneath you.
  2. Sit down and light your incense. The purpose of incense, and of this ritual in general, is to awaken your senses. To become hyper aware of everything you feel, see and smell in the moment. The rich scents of palo santo, copal and incense stir and purify the energy affected by their smoke. They purify the mind and emotions and reset the spirit. As you absorb their sweet aroma, consciously take deep breaths.
  3. Place your selenite orgone pyramid in the palm of your hand, one in each hand if you have two. You can choose to lie flat or stay seated. For 10 minutes, keep your eyes closed and focus only on what you can feel, smell and hear. If the thoughts start to creep in, it's okay. Don't judge yourself, just redirect attention by consciously drawing another width - inside and outside.
  4. When you leave this state of mindfulness, your eyes will feel more open than they did before you entered it. You chose to be more aware of the colors and the breeze and the little things that excite you. You choose to be in the moment.

Carry this wish throughout your day. When you need a reminder to be mindfully present, repeat the practice. We don't have enough moments in this life to skip the ones we deem unimportant.

Selenite is also powerful for recharging your jewelry and crystals. In this case, you will need to choose it in the form of a reloading tray .

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