Dealing with negativity by following your spiritual path

- Christine O.

Dealing with negativity by following your spiritual path

Does it seem to you that lately the world is full of hatred and negativity? There is always something bad happening around us. And every time we turn on the television or radio to find out the latest news, we only hear negative things from the world.

Vacations, socializing, sports, entertainment, etc. are some of the ways many of us try to counter, or should we say, escape, the negativity and hatred that we won't be able to deal with any other way. But one way or another, their effects are very short-lived.

So what is the long-term solution to the problem of negativity around us?

Finding a spiritual path and fully committing to it can provide us with that permanent solution.

Spirituality has the power to give us positivity and essentially make negativity, hatred and stress useless.

Let's look at some of the ways a spiritual path can lead us away from the darkness of negativity and into the bright light of positivity.

1. Spiritual knowledge helps prevent the very causes of having to deal with any negativity

We have to deal with the negativity and hatred in the world because we attracted it. Or negativity may remain in this world, but it would not draw us into its circle.

Proper understanding of the spiritual laws of Karma proves to be an integral stepping stone on the path to treating this cause. We understand how it is our “inner intentions” that primarily decide whether we attract good or bad karma.

It guides us towards adopting more positive thoughts, intentions and actions in order to live a happy and peaceful life.

And it keeps us away from any negative intentions so that we are not put in a situation where we have to deal with the negativity and hatred in the world.

2. Spirituality helps identify the real culprit of our suffering

Everyone has asked themselves at some point, “why me?” » This question adds to the negativity and hatred that already exists in this world. The answer to this question can only be found through the spiritual path.

We realize that “I myself am entirely and solely responsible for everything that is given to me and for the suffering that I experience in life.

Any suffering I experience is due to the effect of karma that I myself have bound in my past life. So I suffer because of my own mistakes, not anyone else’s.”

This spiritual knowledge helps us get immediate comfort because it calms our intellect. And only when we are calm inside can we properly deal with the negativity and hatred that prevails outside.

3. The spiritual path shows us an easy way to eradicate negativity from the world

The one who is negative spreads negativity while the one who is positive spreads positivity. And he who is pure spreads purity in the world.

Only when we are pure are we equipped to deal with the impurity that exists in the world.

The spiritual path shows us the path to becoming pure by giving us the following tools:

The “introspection” tool that helps us understand what is the cause of the mistake we made i.e. – was it our anger or false pride or some greed on our part Who led us to make this mistake?

Moreover, the tool also leads us to understand the real reasons behind this cause, i.e. what exactly led us to get angry - did we get angry to get things done or because of our frustration that the other person does not understand or for any other reason?

With this exercise we are able to place our finger exactly on the negativity or impurity inside that is causing us all the pain and suffering.

The spiritual path also offers the tool of “pratikraman”, with the help of which we apologize before God for each of our mistakes, ask Him for forgiveness with true repentance in our heart, and seek His strength so as never to repeat the same error.

By practicing the above, we become pure! This is primordial and essential for the world to become pure.

4. On the spiritual path we get rid of our ignorance

It is because of ignorance that we do not know how to behave well. And as a result, discord is caused, which ultimately gives rise to negativity and hatred in the world.

On the spiritual path, we understand this root cause of negativity and hatred, which is ignorance.

All negativity revolves around “I” and “my”. We have always believed that our body and the “name” given to identify the body is our true identity.

However, it is only on the spiritual path that we come to realize that truly, “who am I” (self-realization).

5. Spirituality helps differentiate between what is temporary and what is permanent

Negativity results from excessive valuation of the temporary. No problem arises where things have no value.

On the spiritual path, we connect to the soul, which is permanent. It is an eternal element! As a result, all things in the world are known to be temporary.

Thus, we obviously stop attaching undue importance to the temporary. Instead, we begin to value the permanent factor, that is, the pure soul, in ourselves and even in others too.

It gives a big boost to positivity in our life and other people in this world too.

6. The spiritual path leads the world in a positive direction

Negativity occurs where there is a feeling of injustice. Accepting the spiritual science of karma leads us to accept both, a positive or negative outcome, as a fair and just outcome.

Negativity comes from the ego. Spiritual knowledge of “who am I” frees us from our attachment to the false “I” (our ego).

Negativity results from the feeling of “I am the one doing the doing.” The spiritual understanding of “who is the true doer” relieves us not only of the pressures associated with any task, but also of the associated worries, tensions and stresses.

The spiritual path even frees us from the burden of “I have to deal with the negativity and hatred in the world.” This gives us the right understanding that everything just happens; you just need to have the right intentions!

7. Power of prayer

The power of prayers is enormous! In our free time, we should always pray for the salvation of this world, “Let negativity and hatred be eliminated from this world. Let positivity flourish in people’s hearts. May everyone attain ultimate salvation!”

By sending positive vibes through prayers, we encourage positive vibrations to come together and quickly counter the prevailing negativity in this world.

It is better than the act of adding fuel to the fire with our negative actions, thoughts and intentions, in reaction to the negativity and hatred that exists in the world.

Even in cases where we find it really difficult to deal with some specific negativity and hatred that exists in the outside world, we can pray to the pure soul residing within the associated/concerned person(s) to turn the tide.

Adopt positive thoughts every day

Happy people find good in the world

Optimists seem to have different ways of dealing with the world that set them apart from the average person.

  • First, they focus their minds on what they want and continue to look for ways to get it. They are clear about the goals and they are convinced that they will achieve them sooner or later.
  • Second, optimists look for the good in every problem or difficulty. When things go wrong, they say, “That’s good!” And then they start to find something positive in the situation.

What we do know is that if you look for something good or beneficial in a person or situation, you will always find it. And that alone will help you become a more positive and joyful person.

The power of positive thinking

Optimists look for the lesson to be learned after each failure or change in situation. Rather than getting upset and blaming someone else for what happened, they take control of their emotions by saying, “What can I learn from this experience?”

You will not be able to avoid certain situations or events, which is why it is important to benefit from everything that happens to you. So, of course at the beginning it's not easy because certain events are more or less important.

But finding even one small positive detail can make a big difference.

Decide today to learn how to develop positive thinking and a positive attitude towards yourself, the people around you and your life.

How do you train your mind to think positive?

Training your mind to think positively can be achieved by taking advantage of a simple concept.

Your mind has enough bandwidth to focus on just one thought at a time. All you have to do is stay focused on the stimulating thoughts until you form the same types of neural pathways that are created when you establish a new habit.

When a negative event occurs, remember that it is your response that truly determines the outcome. Always look for the positive response or optimistic lesson when such events occur.

Positive affirmations are positive phrases that can be repeated over and over to teach you how to get rid of negative thoughts and encourage a positive attitude.

Motivation through inspirational quotes and messages is also very useful when trying to induce positive thoughts.

Decide to be happy

Decide from now on to see your glass of life half full rather than half empty. Happy people give thanks for life's many blessings rather than worrying or complaining about the things they don't have.

Most people are pretty honest and try to do their best. When you look for something good in their words and actions, you will almost always find something.

Finally, resolve to be cheerful, whatever happens. Looking on the bright side is most important when things go wrong.

Your positive attitude in action

It's easy to be joyful when everything goes according to plan. But, it's when you encounter unexpected setbacks and difficulties that you demonstrate to yourself and the world around you what kind of attitude you really have. Make sure it's positive!

How positive thinking can help you

Developing a positive attitude can help you in more ways than you think. When you think positive thoughts, you do not allow your mind (conscious or subconscious) to entertain negative thoughts or doubts.

After learning to think positively, you will notice incredible changes all around you. Your brain will actually begin to function in a state of free-flowing feel-good hormones called endorphins, which will make you feel lighter and happier.

You'll also notice a major confidence boost and feel more capable of taking on new assignments and challenges that may have previously been outside of your comfort zone.

By reducing your self-limiting beliefs, you will effectively release your brakes and experience growth like you never imagined. Essentially, you can change your entire life simply by harnessing the power of positive thinking.

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