Sacred Masculine, 9 ways to awaken the Divine Masculine

- Célia Jeandel

Sacred Masculine, 9 ways to awaken the Divine Masculine

9 Ways to Awaken the Divine Masculine in You

For a human being to reach full maturity, the two sides, masculine and feminine, of their personality must complement each other and be in symbiosis thanks to a level of consciousness and truth.

We hear a lot these days about wild women , female spiritual ascension and the awakening of the sacred feminine . Go to any form of social media and you're bound to find discussions about sisterhood, feminine mysticism, the sacred uterus or even worship of the goddess within.

While it is essential that we honor the divine feminine , let us not forget that the divine masculine also vibrates in each person.

The only way we can truly balance our spiritual awakening is to integrate both sides of our nature as men and women, not simply just one or the other.

Why has the divine masculine been ignored?

How many times have you seen articles on the “ divine masculine” read in comparison to the very large number of articles on the divine feminine ? Be honest: not often. Maybe a few people here and there have addressed the issue...but overall, people don't pay that much attention to the topic.

Let's face it, today, society does not offer us a very large number of positive models of the divine masculine . In fact, meeting a truly mature and honest man is a bit like coming across a rare gem, or a mythical unicorn.

Why is this the case?

The sad reality is that up until this point in history, we have mostly been presented with the dark side of the masculine . We have seen how bloodthirsty, arrogant, domineering and destructive masculine energy can be. As a result, most of us have lost all interest, and respect, for this fundamental side of our existence.

The sad truth is that much suffering throughout history has been inflicted and perpetrated by men. And to this day, “man” continues to inflict oppression and spread greed, prejudice and corruption.

Crusades and witch hunts, two great world wars, genocides, tribal race wars, dictators, terrorist groups, fundamentalist religions/cults, and mass rapes and murders committed across the world... So many atrocities committed largely by men. It is no wonder that many people have a bad image of man and that the divine masculine is ignored.

The sacred masculine focuses on courage, strength, brotherhood, the warrior spirit and the protection of the family.

Benefits of awakening the divine masculine

  • More self-confidence
  • Increased ability to be objective
  • Improved critical thinking/analytical skills
  • Emotional balance
  • Connection to the warrior within
  • Increased ability to set strong boundaries
  • More self-confidence
  • Improved Willpower
  • Improved self-discipline
  • Mental clarity

9 Ways to Awaken the Divine Masculine in You

Spiritual maturity is about nurturing, honoring and balancing both sides of your nature. And ALL men, women, and non-binary or trans people have both the masculine and feminine aspects within.

Ignoring, suppressing, demonizing, or treating one type of energy as “inferior” to another is immature and ultimately creates suffering. Don't give fuel to your shadow. Do not perpetuate more division in this world.

Learn how to awaken both types of energy within you in a healthy way. Here's how:

1. Examine your wounds surrounding the Masculine

As a man or woman, what has your experience been with men? Have you had any supportive male figures in your life (for example, your father and/or brothers)? Have you experienced authoritarian, submissive or abusive relationships/relationships with men? Or have you experienced a bit of both?

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Examining your wounds will help you examine unconscious beliefs, biases, or biases you have toward men. These mental and emotional blocks are very revealing and will help you develop and strengthen a healthy connection with your inner divine masculine . Write down your experiences and think about the themes that arise such as abandonment, friendship, alienation, love, hate, emotional connection, distance, etc...

2. Take your own responsibility

Take care of yourself. Own your stocks. Take responsibility for your happiness. Don't let yourself become a victim who needs to be "saved." To awaken the divine masculine , you must be responsible for your thoughts, feelings and choices. Don't blame others when things go wrong; It’s unnecessary and a waste of energy . Respect yourself, be mature and reclaim your warrior energy .

3. Contact your inner Father

We all have many aspects of our nature. Psychologist Carl Jung called the different faces of our psyche “archetypes.” The Father is a universal archetype that we all carry within, whether we are male or female. A powerful way to awaken your divine masculine is to contact this inner Father and develop a relationship with him. It is advisable to use practices like journaling, various forms of artistic expression like painting, automatic writing, and even using tarot as a way to contact your inner Father. Find out what he wants to share with you. Remember that your inner Father is kind and caring. In what ways can you better father yourself or be the father you never really had?

4. Deconstruct your conditioning

You have been conditioned, formatted on the deep meaning of “being a man”.
We all have so many cliché stereotypes when it comes to defining masculinity . Common forms of conditioning that many of us have received towards men include, for example:

  • Men shouldn't cry
  • Men should not express their emotions
  • Men must succeed professionally
  • Men should be the head of the family
  • Men are primarily logical and left-brain oriented
  • Men must be sporty
  • Men are the protectors of women and children
  • Men must “dominate” women physically, sexually and professionally
  • Men should look strong and have muscles

Once you discover what your culture has taught you about men, you will be more able to consciously redefine what masculinity means to you. This will allow you to develop a healthy relationship with your inner divine masculine .

Sacred Divine Male Spirit Guide

5. Find a male teacher/guide/character you admire

Fortunately, there are real examples of divine masculine energy incarnate in this world. These men are everywhere and may be part of your circle of friends or family members (and if so, bless you!). If you don't know anyone who reflects the divine masculine in your life, don't worry, you will meet some, and you will know how to recognize the divine side.

The divine masculine is embodied today by the Dalai Llama or teachers and spiritual masters like Adyashanti or Eckhart Tollet. There are also deceased teachers from the past such as Krishnamurti, Lao Tzu and the Buddha who express masculine energy in a mature way. You can use fictional characters or mythical gods as guides and examples. Just be sure not to over-idealize or worship these characters. Respect and learn from these role models and embody to express your own inner divine masculine .

Sacred Divine Male Buddha

6. Connect with your inner warrior

The inner warrior is another facet of the divine masculine prism. Your inner warrior is not interested in dominating, killing others, or “fighting for peace.” Your inner warrior supports and protects you. He will defend your rights peacefully, while possessing strength, courage and confidence. He will detect lies and be clairvoyant. It values ​​truth, courage and inner strength .

When you bring more warrior energy into your life, you awaken the divine masculine. You reconnect with the fullness deep within yourself. To establish a strong connection with this energy, you may want to explore how your inner warrior looks and feels. What is his personality? What does he like to do? When does he already appear in your life? And in what areas could you benefit more from its presence? Examples of ways to connect with your inner warrior include practicing martial arts, boxing, vigorous exercise, guided visualizations , becoming an activist, yang yoga, artistic self-expression…

7. Be assertive and stand up for yourself

Being assertive isn't about anger or confrontation, or throwing yourself in another person's face. Being assertive means respecting yourself and your needs. If you are a quiet or introverted person, it is likely that you have difficulty asserting yourself. Assertiveness is one of the most beautiful qualities, it requires a lot of empathy. Being assertive means approaching conflicting issues with those involved as an adult and without any aggression.

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One of the best ways to start being assertive is to define your needs. What need is not being met? How do you feel when your limits are exceeded? Assertiveness requires courage , so it's important to take small steps. Above all, always remember that your needs and opinions are just as valid as those of others.

8. Stay confident

Our body language has a powerful impact on how we feel. Try this experiment for a moment: let your shoulders fall forward, bend over, and cross your arms to be in a "C" shape. How do you feel? Now straighten your back and shoulders and leave your chest exposed to be in an “l” shape. How do you feel?

Although it may be uncomfortable and foreign at first, improving your posture will help send the unconscious signal that you are confident, calm and secure within yourself. It's an incredibly simple way to get in touch with your divine masculine side .

9. Stop being passive, start being active

Be the instigator, initiator, and giver within your relationships (and life in general). Take the initiative to do everything you can to set goals, make plans, and work toward what you dream of. Don't let passivity make you apathetic and lazy. Feed your inner fire and do something with it.


Redefining the sacred masculine

The era of armored masculinity is dead and dying at our feet. It's a bloody tangle of weapons and inflated egos glued together by myopic one-upmanship and frozen rage.

But buried in the rot and decay are the seeds of a new way of being a man in this world, an awakening of our consciousness of the sacred brought about by the re-emergence of the divine feminine . No amount of armor can prevent this. No weapon can keep him at bay.

The New Shiva becomes robust and powerful alongside the New Shakti. The world may not be ready for this new man to emerge, but he must emerge, if we are to continue living on a planet that demands a healthier, more sustainable man to appear.

Just as men and women have a feminine appearance, both sexes also have a masculine appearance. According to analytical psychologist Carl Jung, the feminine aspect of a man is called the anima and the masculine aspect of a woman is called the animus . The New Man, this Shiva incarnate, has the ability to tap into his anima, thereby awakening the divine energy of Shakti from its unconscious state to a state of conscious awareness.

He uses this energy to create rather than destroy, to catalyze rather than weaponize, to heal instead of injure. He understands, as Andrea Gibson wrote: “We must create. It's the only thing louder than destruction." And so it continually creates ever-changing arenas for further creation.

For thousands of years, humanity has been afraid of light. Even Plato recognized this in his time, saying:

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."


Plato the sacred and divine masculine

The redefinition of the sacred masculine principle is the dawn of a vibrant new light, a mature masculinity that is not abusive, dominating or grandiose, but generative, creative and empowering.

He is unashamedly vulnerable, revealing that his now discarded armor of invulnerability was nothing more than an illusion that hid his true power. It is now free and open to rediscover and reconnect with the power of nature and the cosmos. Tanks be damned. Warmongers be damned.

He is ready to build real relationships with authenticity and integrity. The Great Mystery passes through him, constantly reminding him that he is and that it is him. He is a force of nature first, a man second, the spear of Gaia herself. And no amount of perceived invulnerability can guard against that.

Without the parochial armor of old weighing him down, he frees himself to honor the path of descent, where he engages with the unconscious underworld and is initiated by the Great Mystery itself.

Through this initiation, he discovers his anima . He discovers his shadow. He discovers a plethora of sub-selves all vying for his subconscious.

He learns to make them all conscious. He learns to fight with them, to engage with them, to play with them, thus marking the beginning of his individualization.

After his initiation, he takes the first steps toward self-realization, leaving behind the codependence of his youth and the independence of his courage, and engaging deeply in the interdependence of his divine masculinity .

He has gone from "New Man" to "New God" in a powerful feat of self-transcendence that, he realizes, will require many other feats in the same way.

With the sacred feminine , this new God is ready to engage with the world in ways never before seen. He is the multitude of Whitman, Faust of Goethe, Prometheus of Shelly, Sisyphus of Camus and Übermensch of Nietzsche.

He is the king, the warrior, the magician and the lover of Robert Moore, all wrapped up in an open evolving creature. A happy animal, he is Iron John, Wild Man, Father Sky and Green Man. It is eco-systemic, soul-centered , the prolific planter of the seeds of healthy, lasting change.

He rides the fifth horseman of the apocalypse, protecting her in her time of need, but more importantly empowering her and helping her see that she is the most powerful thing to ever exist on the planet.

He is the tip of the spear, constantly overcoming himself and adapting to the ever-changing air he passes through.

“The true struggle of the heroic individual is not only to free himself from conflict with society, but rather to use the conflict itself as a source of self-regeneration.”

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

He is a lover by nature who understands that love does not imply pacifism . His love is his honor, his honesty is his sincerity in a dishonorable and dishonest world. He learned to swallow his pride. He learned to forgive .

Indeed, he learned to forgive everything, not because everything is worthy of forgiveness, but because it is worthy of peace. And through such vulnerable forgiveness, his love shines as a powerful beacon of hope for others .

He understands that love is a double-edged sword, with which he chooses to stab himself, again and again, in order to discover the harsh pain of Truth. He accepts that true love is a beautiful annihilation. Exactly as Ken Wilber said:

“True love will take you far beyond yourself; and so true love will devastate you.”

Ken Wilber

In the end, the sacred masculine remains precisely because of such devastation, rising from its ashes like the Phoenix. The various outdated types of power that have presented themselves before him, militaristic and crude, are the ashes from which he gathers into a force to be reckoned with, a new power that will turn the tables on humanity's notions of power until 'now.

Beware of militaristic men who pride themselves on being the conquerors of the world, their time is soon over. Their untenable ideals and parochial idols are rapidly disintegrating all around them.

Soon there will be nothing left of their invulnerable constructs of power.

It is time to make room for the new healthy man, the new vulnerable God, and the truer power of the sacred masculine.

Divine Masculine Sacred

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