How to cleanse a place of bad energies? 10 simple things

- Célia Jeandel

How to cleanse a place of bad energies? 10 simple things

How to eliminate bad energy from a room, a house and even yourself?

Are you buying a new house? Is your office in disarray? Has your week been difficult and you can't relax at home?

Know that negative energy permeates everywhere - to curtains, objects, walls, clothes and of course people.

Home is the place where we feel safest , so it's no surprise that we tend to unload a lot of our emotional baggage within its walls in an overwhelming negative vibe.

And every time we feel a strong emotion, it can affect our environment .

Sudden bad news, family arguments, fear and in general all major emotional shocks can imprint on a place or a person .

The energy of our homes often reflects our own inner emotional state . So whatever emotional events you haven't let go of, it's likely that they're also affecting your home. A home reiki energy cleansing is then necessary.

Ready to rid your home of negative vibes and create a positive space? Below are 10 easy ways to carry out the energy cleaning process in your home.

10 Techniques to free your home from negative influences

Here are 10 essential tips to eliminate that feeling of uneasiness, whatever it may be. Some of these tips only apply to spaces, but others can also be used to cleanse your own energy.

1. Cleanse yourself from bad vibes in nature

Plants are an exceptional natural filter for negative energy and a simple way to purify the atmosphere and vibration rate of a home. Make sure every space or room you spend time in has at least one.
Plants, by nature, are beneficial to the environment : they are a simple way to keep good energies in your home.

plants are excellent for regulating the energies of the house

Any houseplant can be helpful in keeping energy clean, however specific plants have a superior cleansing effect. This is the case for lavender , eucalyptus and white sage . Place whole plants in your living room or place small, fresh bouquets in each room.

2. Sweep away negative energy

Use the power of your intention to help bring this energy out:
a simple technique is to open windows and doors. Use your hands, a broom or a large fan to release negative energy outside .

sweep away bad energies

It is your intention that will bring this energy out: you must imagine it leaving your house .

3. Let in the positive energy of the Sun

Letting in sunlight is also a great natural cleanser .

let the sun enter your house to cleanse it of energies

The rays of the Sun, essential to our life, are charged with warm and beneficial energy: they will help you chase away negative waves . Open the curtains and windows wide if possible, and bring as much of this precious light into your home as possible.

4. Re-organize your space and its vibration rate

Forget the “rules” of feng shui and arrange your furniture until it suits you. The vibrations of the place improve with good organization and lighten the visual field, leaving room for calm.

Feng shui is a system that helps harmonize and balance the energy of an environment through a specific arrangement or placement of objects. Although there are feng shui rules, as we each have our own energy system , we all have a different relationship to our spaces.

harmony and organization of the habitat

With this in mind, it is advisable to slightly change the arrangement of objects around you and observe if this changes the way you feel emotionally. Sometimes turning a couch to face a specific direction can make you feel calmer or more secure, even though there is sometimes no logical explanation for it.

Claim your space : If your space is filled with someone else’s “stuff,” take a walk and claim it as your own.

"I am taking back this space. I am choosing to make it a positive place for me now! I want to change the energy of this space." When you “settle in” this positive energy, any negative energy hanging around will no longer be compatible (big thanks to the Law of Attraction ).

5. Use Salt to capture negative energies

Simply sprinkle salt (petit grain) on the carpet. After about an hour, vacuum it up. Salt crystals have an amazing natural ability to absorb negative energy . As an alternative, you can put bowls of salt in the corners of the room and remove them after a few hours.

salt purification at home

And it works for people too. Instead of dousing yourself with salt, take a bath with 2 cups of coarse sea, Guérande or Himalayan salt. It is a purification and a cleansing at the same time.

6. Burn white sage to purify energies

You can buy white sage sticks in many places, including online. Burning it while you walk with it around your house (spinning it counterclockwise) is really great for removing the evil eye and heavy energies .

sage smoke purifies and cleanses homes

Get in the habit of saying something as you do it , like "I'm clearing this space of all stagnant energy and letting only the highest vibration stay there." It works for people too. Start at your feet, swirling the sage smoke around you until you get to your head.

7. Spray essential oils to purify the atmosphere

Buying or making a room spray with pure essential oils helps eliminate negative energy. The best essential oils to use for cleansing are: rose , lavender , frankincense and patchouli .

clean and purify with essential oils

And it still works for people too. Spray yourself (them) gently with the spray!

8. High frequency music against low vibrations

Playing high vibration music can make a big difference. We already know what difference music can make to our own energy, and it does the same for spaces. Tibetan bowls are ideal for this, their resonance is very pure and deep: it will penetrate every corner of your home like every cell in your body.

purification by sound Tibetan bowl habitat

Any music that makes you feel good will work! You can test the right frequencies, the one that suits you at the end of this article on sacred frequencies .

9. Use black Tourmaline and its power

It is the mineral best known for eliminating negative energy .

This crystal, applied to the root chakra or solar plexus, acts like a sponge to absorb negativity and offer protection. It is recommended to scatter them everywhere, especially around electronic devices as they tend to create chaotic energy in a home.

piece of tourmaline protection of the house

In addition, this crystal does not need to be cleansed, unlike the majority of stones which are energetically depleted. Black Tourmaline is great for sensitive people who easily absorb energies around them and need extra protection. Black Tourmaline is formidable when worn as a pendant.

You can also use tiger's eye, a protective stone which also has a reputation for shielding bad energies, to carry on your person or to place at the entrances to your home, or even shungite. Obsidian and labradorite will also be good allies to help you transmute negative waves into positive ones.

10. Limit dangerous electromagnetic sources

Do you suffer from fatigue when you wake up, insomnia, do you have nightmares, do you have headaches, difficulty concentrating, feeling unwell or lacking motivation? With the arrival of new technologies, mainly those of telecommunications and home automation, our habitat is subject to significant crossfire of powerful electromagnetic fields .

Wifi waves 4G 5G dangers

Turn off your mobile when you are not using it (at night for example). You will avoid being immersed in 3G, 4G and 5G signals. Same thing for your WiFi, turn off your box before going to bed.

This principle can be applied to the many electrical devices and connected objects in a home .

In addition to these breaks from bad energy "soup", have orgoneenergy accumulators in your living room, in your kitchen and in your office (loan of devices, Linky meters, game consoles and other computers), it is say orgonites .

Orgonites are composed of quartz, minerals. Like stones, they act on the physical, psychic and spiritual levels and protect your chakras from disorders linked to negative energies.

black tourmaline orgone home protection pack

In conclusion

As you embark on an energy cleansing journey, remember this important phrase: "Whatever you may be dealing with, old wounds, negative thought patterns, and stuck emotions must be managed to optimize your well-being and your home environment"

It is important to understand that YOU have more to do with your environment than anything else. Although eliminating negative energy can be extremely helpful, you still need to take responsibility for your own thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, your health, and your own relationships. The energy in a home can be a factor in our well-being, and well-being is also about changing YOUR energy :)

Energy therapy techniques help people understand how their inner emotions affect their environment . Indeed, the power of energy healing has a lot to do with intuition and feelings. And to help free yourself from these bad influences even more easily, you can use energetic tools for protection and prevention.

Come on, open the windows, light the sage, put on some music and bring change to your life! Go!

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  • Bonjour,
    Personne n’aborde le sujet de la géobiologie. C’est surprenant car les énergies négatives ne proviennent pas seulement des objets appartenant à d’autres personnes ou par des personnes qui sont entrées chez nous. Essayer de s’en débarrasser avec de la sauge, la lumière du soleil, l’air pur ou le bol tibétain ne suffit pas. Si vous avez une ou plusieurs sources qui passent sous votre maison ou une faille, toutes les techniques que vous recommandez ne seront pas suffisantes, voire inutiles. Quand le mal être est persistant il est judicieux de s’interroger et s’orienter vers d’autres possibilités, par exemple une personne habilitée à “sonder” le terrain et la maison : un géobiologue.
    Alors parler des vertus des pierres c’est bien, mais de la façon dont vous le faites, c’est limiter leur pouvoir. Osez aller jusqu’au bout, parlez des ondes négatives A L’EXTERIEUR DES MAISONS ET SOUS LES MAISONS
    Je comprends que les vendeurs de pierres, vantent les vertus des pierres à porter sur soi ou à déposer dans les pièces de la maison mais il faut TOUT EVOQUER : tous les facteurs négatifs, toutes les solutions.
    Je connais le sujet car plusieurs géobiologues sont venus chez moi et je peux vous certifier qu’avant de “nettoyer” un lieu, il y a un sacré travail d’étude effectué avec des appareils bien précis avant de passer à la phase “correction”. Mes nettoyages à la sauge, au bol tibétain, à l’encens n’ont pas suffit car il fallait voir PLUS BAS, PLUS LOIN.
    J’ai cliqué sur votre site car j’ai lu “nettoyer un lieu des mauvaises énergies” mais finalement je n’ai trouvé que des recettes basiques et limitées.

    Je pense que tout ceci est FONDAMENTAL et je regrette que vous ne l’évoquiez pas. Du coup, je suppose que vous ne publierez pas mon message mais ce n’est pas grave.
    Sans rancune


    Anne on
  • Merci pour ce bel article. Je vais finaliser l’achat de ma maison dans quelques jours, cela va m’être bien utile !

    Poirault on
  • Les énergies électromagnétiques affectent notre environnement au quotidien. Ils est impératif de s’en protéger au maximum… Les Orgonites sont plus que nécessaire pour nous en protéger. Ainsi, petit à petit, je positionne des pyramides aux endroits adéquats de ma maison, tout comme, je porte les pendentifs. Je garantie un bénéfice de bien être, nous sentons une réelle sérénité.
    Ce n’est pas psychique, ni une croyance, mais un fait.

    Sudan on
  • Merci pour tous ces conseils. Tous les matins j’ouvre les fenêtres en grand pour changer l’air et faire entrer la lumière. J’ai un diffuseur où je mets de bonnes odeurs qui ont un effet positif. Je porte mon pendentif orgonite pour me protéger et surtout je n’oublie pas d’éteindre mon téléphone avant de me coucher !

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    J’ai reçu ma commande. Les produits sont de très bonne qualité, très esthétiques
    Je recommande

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