Properties, benefits and virtues of Obsidian

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Properties, benefits and virtues of Obsidian

Obsidian is a very powerful stone, which must be handled with kindness.

Obsidian is a volcanic mineral that forms when lava cools rapidly. Its color varies depending on inclusions and impurities, ranging from deep black to shades of brown and even snowflakes. This stone has been known since ancient times and has been used by different civilizations, including the Aztecs and Romans, for its unique properties.

Physical Properties and Composition

Obsidian is mainly composed of silica, which gives it its hardness and glassy appearance. It is translucent to opaque, depending on the variety, and may have interesting inclusions, such as flakes, concentric circles or intriguing patterns. Obsidian is also known for its rough or polished texture, depending on how it is worked.

Varieties of Obsidian

  • Heavenly Eye Obsidian : This variety is characterized by its eye-shaped inclusions. It is used for introspection and dispelling illusions. It is also called Rainbow Obsidian.

  • Snow Obsidian : This variety features white snowflakes that contrast with the black background. It is often used to purify the mind and soothe the emotions.
  • Black Obsidian : Black obsidian is the most common variety. It is often used to repel negative energies and purify the environment.
  • Golden Obsidian : Golden obsidian, speckled with brilliant patterns, is valuable for its yang energy. It stimulates blood circulation and helps calm inflammation.

Uses of Obsidian

Protection and Purification

Obsidian is renowned for its ability to act as a stone of protection. It repels harmful energies and wards off negative influences. It is often worn on one's person in the form of jewelry, such as earrings or a pendant.

Healing and Emotional Balance

In lithotherapy, obsidian is used to dissolve emotional blockages. It promotes balance between yin and yang, thus stimulating emotional healing. This stone can also help calm fears and illusions.

Meditation and Spirituality

Obsidian is often associated with esoteric and spiritual practices. It is used to open the third eye, promoting introspection and mental clarity. Some consider it a stone of meditation, helping to reach deeper states of consciousness.

Lithotherapy and Energy Care

In lithotherapy, obsidian is often used to treat physical conditions such as osteoarthritis and ulcers. It also promotes blood circulation and helps relieve inflammation. Some even prepare elixirs based on obsidian to benefit from its properties.

Obsidian is an extremely protective stone.
  • It would be very useful for sensitive people. It would form a shield against negativity.
  • On a psychological level, it would restore enough energy to be able to achieve serenity of mind.
  • It would give more clarity to the intellect, remove confusion.
  • Stone repelling the evil eye, and magic.
  • Stone of clairvoyance: it helps to open the 3rd eye
  • It is a very useful stone for therapists.

Placed between the hands and on the root chakra, it would protect against very strong mental disturbances.

It would alleviate the pain of arthritis, joint pain as well as injuries or cramps.

To absorb environmental pollution or to combat geopathic stress, a large piece of obsidian would be very effective.
An obsidian placed under the pillow or near the bed is said to eliminate tension and mental stress.

Obsidian must be discharged very regularly because it absorbs all negative energies. Salt water is very suitable for this.

How to Choose Your Obsidian

When looking for obsidian, be sure to consider which variety best suits your needs. You can find polished obsidians as tumbled stones, raw obsidians for meditation, obsidians cut into cabochons for jewelry making, and much more. Also be sure to check the authenticity of the stone, as there are many fakes circulating on the market.

In conclusion, obsidian is a gemstone with multiple properties, ranging from protection to emotional healing. Whether you are a fan of lithotherapy or simply interested in minerals, obsidian deserves a special place in your gemstone collection. It is a true treasure of Mother Earth, offering a range of benefits for the body, mind and soul. It would act extremely fast and with great force.

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