How to connect to the energy of your stone and use it on a daily basis?

- Célia Jeandel

How to connect to the energy of your stone and use it on a daily basis?

Connect to the energy of your stone

Learning to feel the energy of your crystals and stones is the first step in knowing how to work with them. There are many ways to open the lines of communication between you and your natural stone.

A personal energetic experience and relationship

To fully understand how it works, we must first recognize the existence of subtle and invisible energies that make up us and everything that is manifested. This aura of energy directs our state of being on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels .

Stones and Energies

The wearing and use of stones comes in response to a need : to restore harmony, to “heal” a problem, to protect oneself from bad energies, to act against stress, to support healing, to reduce pain, to energize part of the body, fight against migraines and headaches, promote restful sleep, and many other things.

The energies of healing stones are also used to improve abilities, to help with meditation, to increase endurance in physical effort, to increase joy in life or to develop intuition.

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One of the most important things about working with crystals and stones is that you have your own personal experience with stones.

Know your protection stone

Let a crystal energy reading guide you toward a better future by tapping into the wonderful world of lithotherapy. More therapeutic than magical, this transformational experience uses crystal energy to open you up to the raw, shattering your preconceptions.

From this uninhibited mental and spiritual plane, you can better identify the energetic blockages that have hindered your personal development .

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Freely choosing from thousands of unique crystals, this experience delves into your intuition to explore why you were drawn to these specific crystal energies , and what the deepest realms of your subconscious are trying to communicate through your selection.

Your chosen combination of crystals shares a story. This story is about YOU, your subconscious. It now constitutes protection.

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Power of the subconscious and mental dimension

Your subconscious influences you on an important level : a positive mind encourages you to love unconditionally, have faith and dream big. A neutral mind encourages you to take time, breathe, be patient, and weigh your options. A negative mind makes you live in doubt and fear, surrounded by old hurts and addictions. How can you tell which subconscious you live in? Crystals will illuminate your life with the power that their energy displays. Once this information is revealed, it's easier to decipher why you sometimes get stuck, live in the past, or... sometimes sabotage your own life. 

In knowledge lies power

Realizing what you are doing to improve gives you the freedom to change. Every day you can start the process and start again from scratch. Crystals and their energies act as a tool to bring you a message with a personalized action plan to help you achieve your goals. Being clear on your desired outcome and making conscious changes on a daily basis is the best way to create long-term happiness, abundance and health.

Lithotherapy is a holistic treatment method because it interacts at all levels of the being. Actions are carried out throughout your subtle energy system and are transmitted to other planes of manifestation in relation to the type of energy of the stone: at the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

We find this phenomenon amplified when the crystals are compressed in the orgonite resin: they thus interact better with the metals present, mainly copper, and blend perfectly with the energy stones .

How to connect to the energy of your stone and use it on a daily basis?

Tuning and using your stone's energy

The 6 phases to connect you to your energy stones

1- To begin an energetic relationship with your stones, begin by rubbing your hands together to awaken the energy centers in your hands. You then create an energy field. You may feel sensations in your hands, tingling or warmth.

2- Then put your hands on the stone or place the stone directly in your hands . Tune in to the frequency of your stone. Notice the sensations that come to you . What do you sense from your crystal? Take a few moments to truly connect with the energy of your stone and tune into the vibrations . Start with your physical body. What physical sensations do you feel when you hold the stone? Are you hot or cold? Do you feel energetic or grounded? Is your heart racing or maybe you feel dizzy? Just check how your physical body feels when you hold the stone.

3- Continue to hold the stone and listen to the emotional sensations you feel. Notice how you feel emotionally. Do you feel happy or excited, calm, grateful, sad or relaxed? Notice how you feel, what energy flows through you when you hold the stone.

4- While continuing to hold the crystal or stone,
tune into your mental state . What are you experiencing mentally? Do you feel scattered? Or do you experience mental clarity? Do you feel the stress and anxiety melt away? You just have to listen to what is happening, be present with your own experience for a few minutes.

5- Now with this information and your experiences with your crystal, visualize, see if you can get an idea of ​​how the energy of the stone can help you in your life. If the stone made you feel calm and relaxed, this stone may be perfect for relieving your stress or helping you sleep. Maybe the stone made you feel excited and awake . This stone might be the perfect stone to use when you need to feel energized and productive. There is no real right or wrong to your interpretations on how to use your stone. Be your own guide and trust what happens to you.

6- You can now hold the stone close to your heart and listen to its messages. The session is over.
Don't forget to thank the crystal and send it love and light to connect with you today. Also think about clean, purify and recharge it regularly .

Interview Luc Bodin / 1001 keys to life on Youtube, "How to use the power of stones?"

Maintaining the Energy Levels of Your Stones

Thus, with natural mineral stones you have the possibility (intuitive and sensitive) to apply energy treatments directly to you to contribute to well-being, support personal development or even healing.

Once a stone has transmitted its energy to you , it will need to be purified and recharged after a while so that it regains all its capabilities, otherwise its colors will fade or its structure crack. .

Maintaining the energy levels of your stone requires monitoring and maintenance.

Obviously the use of stone energies remains, like all alternative medicine, a complement to any medical treatment undertaken. Lithotherapy can in no way replace the advice and follow-up of conventional doctors.

If you would like more information on how to work with crystals and stones in your daily life,
do not hesitate to visit our website or contact us by email contact@natural-

If you have an approach or an experience to share with us, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!

How to connect to the energy of your stone and use it on a daily basis?

More details on managing the energy of your stones by purifying or recharging your stones? Know which method is suitable for each?

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