The best crystals for meditation and developing intuition

- Célia Jeandel

The best crystals for meditation and developing intuition

Ready to feel peaceful, fresh and balanced? excellent ! This post is for you. Not only will you discover the best crystals for meditation and intuition , but you will also learn:

Why you should always include crystals in your meditation practice and your quest for intuition! You will discover :

  • The selection of the best crystals for meditation and intuition.
  • How to Choose Crystals (Or How They Choose You!)
  • An additional meditation for powerful crystalline energy treatment .

Meditation to relax and put things into perspective

Meditation relaxes, revitalizes and reconditions our bodies to function in optimal health . Meditation has been scientifically proven to aid relaxation , clear the mind, and help release negative energies and unwanted thoughts.

When you add crystals to your meditation practice, your relaxed state allows you to easily tune into the specific crystal and its healing and spiritual properties . They therefore allow you to develop your intuition and develop your clairvoyance .

Simply placing a crystal in your energy field , while you meditate, allows the vibrational properties of the crystal to revitalize and re-harmonize your body's energy field .

This means that you are able to accentuate your meditations with a particular healing or spiritual approach . When you meditate, you enter a receptive state and your energy is more open to crystal vibrations .

Using healing crystals is a truly powerful technique that helps to deepen your meditation, focus your intention, and guide you to achieve a specific outcome, or several specific outcomes, during your meditation.

If your meditations are focused on spiritual development , you can wear your crystals with intention. This will help set the intention, elevate their awareness and spiritual awareness. We'll look at charging intention crystals later in this post.

Using crystals in your meditation will also help you deepen your intuition and gain clarity of vision.

What are the best crystals for meditation and intuition?

The reality is that when it comes to choosing which crystals to use in your meditation practice, there is NO set of right answers.

In fact, any natural healing crystal can be used.

However, I believe there are a few crystals that should be first choices and included in every healing or meditation kit. These crystals provide a multitude of benefits, aid in healing and promote spiritual development. So while all crystals are wonderful, these 5 crystals should be your first choice!

Quartz crystal for meditation and chakras

It's probably no surprise that quartz crystal tops the list. In fact, if this post was about the best crystal for meditation, Quartz Crystal would be it.

Raw white quartz is one of the best crystals for meditation because it can be programmed and charged with your meditative intention.

Quartz crystals bring true clarity of mind, helping you to focus better and clarify your goals and ambitions.

The best news is that Clear Quartz is capable of tuning into any vibration , making it a master healer (it can be used for every chakra ) and is also capable of amplifying the energy of crystals . This makes it perfect for use in meditation.

Selenite for spiritual development

Perfect for spiritual development and mindfulness meditation . Selenite acts as a natural meditation aid as it helps clear your mind and relax your body.

The healing properties of Selenites help your physical and spiritual body release trapped or stored negative energy and emotional blockages. Selenite helps energetically cleanse your body .

energetic selenite stone

It is also a stone of protection , keeping your energy safe and protected, allowing you to meditate safely without fear of over-stimulating your energy body or chakras . Selenite is also known as angel stone because it enhances communication with the spirit, as well as being a harmony crystal that promotes the flow of calm and harmonious energies through your body.

In short, stones have exceptional virtues for meditation and the development of your spiritual quest. Don't deprive yourself of it!

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