Learn to use the incredible power of Tiger's Eye: Meaning, properties and virtues

- Célia Jeandel

Learn to use the incredible power of Tiger's Eye: Meaning, properties and virtues

The tiger's eye fascinates. What does it mean? What are its properties? And what powers does he actually share with the Tiger?

First of all, why would you use tiger's eye...

If you are interested in getting a tiger's eye stone, sometimes also spelled tiger's eye or tiger's eye, but you are not sure what it is used for, know that it is a stone that amplifies and stimulates the energies of any quartz, crystal or stone .

It is a must if you are looking for balance and harmony in your life . You may feel like you're losing control of one aspect of your life because you're too busy managing another.

It is a wonderful stone to combine with your favorite quartz or crystal (like Citrine), where it will magnify the effects.

This will be the perfect stone for you if it is about restoring balance in your life, helping you make the right decisions, protecting you from bad influences or even giving you unfailing confidence.

As with December birthstones , tiger eye is also a good stone for releasing your fears and anxieties . It is the stone that can give you the courage, strength of mind and self-confidence to face whatever comes your way.

It will help you achieve your goals because your concentration and creativity will be greatly improved. You will be filled with confidence and optimism, and any feelings of lack or incompleteness will be dispelled. Tiger's Eye semi-precious stones will also improve your sense of self-esteem; moreover, it will help you become an ambassador of goodwill, helping and inspiring others.

Tiger's eye is traditionally used as an amulet to protect against curses or any other type of negative influences.


Properties and meanings of Tiger's Eye stone:

The largest number of Tiger's Eye stones are found in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa and Thailand . However, it can also be mined in Namibia, the United States, Canada, Western Australia, Spain, Brazil, China and Myanmar. Sources of Tiger's Eye can also be found throughout India.

The distinctive and striking tiger or cat's eye color found in this crystal makes it one of the easiest stones to identify, even for those not interested in this lifestyle.

This same color says a lot about what the tiger's eye represents (strength, boldness, confidence, intelligence, power and following your heart no matter the odds). It is a very attractive stone, and like Amethyst, tiger's eye has always been considered a mysterious and powerful talisman because it is believed to have the power to see and know everything.

It is called tiger's eye because it resembles the eye of a tiger or a cat . It is yellow-brown to golden brown in color. From Antiquity, Pliny the Elder wrote about it: “ It would be good to warn the reader that, depending on the varied number of spots and inequalities, depending on the different authors and the different nuances of the veins, the names have often changed to a substance that remained the same most of the time. ". Indeed, depending on its composition and the steps which led to its formation, the tiger's eye stone takes on different colors. When it is red, we speak of bull's eye or bull's eye . When it is blue, it is called hawk's or eagle's eye . This latest version can be tinted with green, the result of the mixture and visual proximity of yellow, gold, gray and blue streaks.

triple protection bracelet tiger's eye bull's eye hawk's eye

Tiger's eye comes in several colors

Among the most beautiful tiger eye bracelets are the triple protection bull and falcon tiger eye bracelets.

With all these properties , tiger's eye is the stone of protection and courage par excellence. It is also called “ Warrior Stone ”.

How can Tiger's Eye help you?

Tiger's Eye Healing and Health:

Not only is Tiger's Eye a stone that can amplify the energies of other stones it comes into contact with, but its healing energies can also cure illnesses or relieve pain in the human body.

Of course, it should in no way replace appropriate medical treatment , but it will also surprise you with the many benefits that this stone can bring to your body!

Tiger's Eye may be beneficial for those suffering from mental health issues or personality disorders. It will help by transmitting energies allowing you to think more clearly .

  • It is a stone that also helps clear sinus congestion and relieve vision problems.
  • It will help increase metabolism and keep your energy levels high.
  • Tiger's Eye stone is also known to help heal broken bones and facilitate rapid recovery from neck or spinal problems.
  • It can remove toxins from the body and give you the strength to recover from whatever ails you. Owning a tiger's eye stone is also an invitation to be more physically and mentally active.

As such, it's not just about understanding all these healing properties of tiger's eye , but also inviting its energies into your life in ways that prevent illness, injury, and disease in the first place. . Tiger's Eye can help build your resilience, making you more energetic and more resistant to infections and injuries.

Tiger's eye under the pillow: A natural remedy to combat insomnia and stress

Tiger's eye is also known for its soothing and calming properties.

This stone is sometimes used to help relieve stress and anxiety, helping to release negative emotions and stimulate positive energies. It is also known to help improve mental clarity and promote restful sleep.

By placing a tiger's eye under your pillow , you can benefit from its healing properties while you sleep. This stone can help calm the mind and reduce anxious thoughts that can keep you awake. It can also help balance the body's energies, helping you feel calmer and more relaxed.

To benefit from the benefits of tiger's eye under the pillow, simply place a small stone under your pillow before going to bed. You can also place it on your nightstand or carry it with you during the day to benefit from its soothing properties throughout the day.

Tiger's Eye Protection Shield

Tiger's eye is known as a formidable shield against negativity and protects you from oppressive atmospheres. We will develop these characteristics throughout the article.

Warning on a psychologically negative use of Tiger's Eye:

As previously defined, tiger's eye is an extremely powerful natural stone , particularly in terms of self-confidence but also as a protective shield. It is appropriate for this last anti-negativity property to act as a carrier with kindness and not with resentment or hatred.

Indeed, the tiger's eye tends to blame you in the event of bad thoughts.

Morality: compassion and forgiveness will be required for its use towards your "aggressors", the tiger's eye is responsible for your protection with good intentions. Remember, if the Lion is King, the Tiger is a Great Prince.

Youtube video “Tiger’s Eye Special: Why be vigilant” by Karen Guille

Tiger's eye, luck and wealth

It can bring abundance and prosperity to your life if you play your cards right.

The mystical appearance of the tiger's eye can only inspire success . Remember, this stone is named after a big cat. Like the tiger, you will feel empowered, confident and able to move forward.

And just as tigers hunt their prey in secret, so too, tiger's eye will help you connect to energies that will help you be discreet when needed. This doesn't mean it will make you sneaky, just knowing when to show your hand and when to mix up your game behind the scenes. Tiger's Eye can help you know when not to reveal your goals, but also to remain kind and sympathetic like a good co-worker would.

Tiger's Eye stone will strengthen your will and intention to succeed. This feeling of inner courage and conviction will help you when the world around you seems unstable and uncertain.

It will help you reduce your desire to make decisions on a whim and help you resist excessive spending.

It is a stone of luck and fortune , best for entrepreneurs or those who are going to enter the business world for the first time. However, even if you are not an entrepreneur, tiger's eye energy can help you achieve your dreams and desires.

This stone will give you determination and courage so that you are less afraid of what awaits you. It is a foundation stone that will help you think clearly and be bold enough to do what needs to be done. It is the best stone to have for resolving crises, and it will help you think clearly in order to make the best decision.

Use Tiger's Eye to think quickly , or to assess a person and determine whether or not they can be trusted.

Tiger's Eye Stone can do wonders for you and your personal wealth!

Tiger's Eye and Love

When it comes to romantic relationships, Tiger's Eye will encourage you to take action in your love life.

If you want to be single now because your relationship no longer makes you happy, you will find the courage to break it off with the help of your tiger's eye. If you want to have a relationship, get engaged or get married, tiger eye stone will give you the inspiration to make it happen .

It will help you understand how you really feel, what you aspire to be and give you the much-needed push to move in the right direction.

Most people tend to go with the flow and see where it takes them. More often than not, they find themselves stuck in a situation where they are no longer happy. Yet, thanks to the properties of tiger's eye we discuss here, you will find that you are less inclined to rest on your laurels and let circumstances make decisions for you.

This stone can't help but bring out the best in you.

When people make derogatory remarks or take advantage of your generosity and hospitality, tiger's eye will increase your self-esteem . It is so important to recognize if we are being treated in a way we don't deserve. Sometimes that means facing difficult realities and difficult truths.

It's impossible to suggest that this stone will be an overnight cure to these kinds of challenges, but at the same time, you may well be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it suddenly is to find the words and actions appropriate to overcome these problems.

With the help of your tiger's eye stone , you can find the courage to do what is right and find your true happiness. You won't spend too much time obsessing about what to do, or delaying something, because you'll know what to do.

You will not be/more easily influenced by your emotions . Instead, you will become calmer, more centered, and more grounded in reality. You will also have a more practical approach in life.

With the presence of the eye of the tiger in your life , you will realize that it is easier to commit. This is because you see clearly and your heart is light and free. That's because you know what you want and you know how you're going to get there. You will realize that it is easier to release your fears and stay calm in the midst of changes.

    Having the tiger's eye stone near you will help ease tensions or iron out differences in a relationship.

    • It will promote harmony and balance and encourage you to stay calm and focused.

    wearer of a real tiger's eye bracelet

    Wearing a bracelet is a good way to have a tiger's eye on you

    The overall meaning of Tiger's Eye stone makes it a stone of balance that can help you see, understand, and accept both sides of a story or situation. You'll find that there are often so many different and often invisible factors at play in any given situation, and it's so easy to snowball.

    Rather than being the villain or the hero , this stone will encourage you to be a mediator or the voice of reason in any situation. You will better understand the causes and effects of situations, and why it is not always black and white. It will make you realize that life is simply not a question of yes or no, because there are many scenarios that can unfold that are out of your control.

    Having the energy of the Tiger's Eye in your life will make you realize the consequences of your actions. It will make you understand the repercussions of your choices and decisions.

    • It will sharpen your senses so that you are not taken advantage of by people you love and trust. It will protect you from people who have less than honorable intentions towards you.
    • It will get rid of that which causes discord and inspire devotion and true love. The tiger's eye is a kind of good luck charm, because you can do anything when you really commit to it. You can have the love story you've always dreamed of.

    So keep an eye of the tiger close to you if you want to help combat addictive behaviors that affect your happiness with your partner. The tiger's eye stone is able to encourage both your own strength and that of your partner.

    Wear it on your body for greater insight and perception , especially when you find yourself in situations you are unfamiliar with.

    A happy life is always possible when you have the loving and protective energy of Tiger's Eye working with you . You just need to have confidence in what it can do for you and your relationship with this fabulous stone.

    How to use Tiger's Eye to get the best results?

    By wearing tiger's eye as jewelry , you keep the energy of the stone close to your chakra, making it more effective.

    Tiger's eye acts on several of your chakras . In addition to the Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra, Tiger's Eye also connects to the Solar Plexus, meaning this stone connects to and encourages your deepest, most intimate emotional and spiritual aspects. In addition to activating sensual power, Tiger's Eye will help you learn to trust and connect to your instincts.

    The chakras thus connected to the stone constitute your deepest and truest self , and you can connect to the world around you in a new and exciting way - success and abundance, but also pleasure and relaxation - thanks to the effective use of tiger's eye energy.

    It is best to wear tiger's eye as a ring, bracelet or pendant so that it is always close to your body . A tiger eye bracelet is a particularly wonderful way to give yourself all the benefits of this stone. It will also help relieve painful joints, which is especially important if you work a lot with computers, or if you need to stay flexible.

    However, because tiger's eye is so versatile , there is no right or wrong way to use it. You can place it in your home, keep it close to you physically, or even put it under your pillow to ensure that the messages and visions that manifest in your dreams are experienced more fully.

    What is important is the proximity to the stone . Keep it in your purse or pocket so its healing vibrations are always close to your body. You can also hold your tiger's eye stone in your hands when you pray or meditate.

    If you do not want to wear it on your body , following Feng-Shui principles you can put it in raw stone, tumbled stone or cabochon in the south corner of your room, your home or your office to promote activity , love, warmth, enlightenment and enthusiasm.

    The “Tigers stone” will bring more passion and emotion, solidify relationships and seal friendships.

    tiger's eye and hematite pendant

    Tiger's eye and hematite pendant

    Recharging and purification of tiger's eye

    You can find the method of purifying and recharging your favorite stones by consulting this article or by downloading our free eBook.

    To conclude on the tiger's eye stone...

    Tiger's eye and its benefits against physical ailments

    • Helps fight hemorrhoids
    • Preserves the endocrine glands (the adrenals in particular)
    • Regulates the nervous system
    • Calms abdominal pain due to stress
    • Maintains visual acuity (especially at night)
    • Relieves joint pain (osteoarthritis, rheumatism)
    • Softens the knees and makes walking easier
    • Accelerates fracture repair
    • Activates digestive functions, more especially biliary
    • Stops the action of bad bacteria
    • Improves reflexes
    • Promotes the practice of all sports

    Tiger's eye and its benefits on the psyche and relationships

    • Stimulates the sense of observation and understanding of things
    • Improves willpower and perseverance
    • Remove emotional blockages
    • Helps to focus
    • Help with meditation
    • Activates will and vitality
    • Promotes introspection (difficult memories can sometimes arise)
    • Brings discernment and intuition
    • Soothe fears
    • Restore self-confidence
    • Helps overcome shyness

    Tiger's eye is a stone to possess and to offer and it is suitable for both men and women. Rather common, it is easy to buy and it exists on the market in several forms.

    Whether as a necklace, bracelet, ring , wearing tiger's eye jewelry is a real plus for conquering the world and achieving your goals more easily by overcoming obstacles.

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