12 stones to better manage your stress

- Célia Jeandel

12 stones to better manage your stress

In a dynamic, ever-changing world, overwork, stress, fear, and worry slowly seep in until you start to feel exhausted and feel like you've reached your boiling point . It can start small, without you realizing it, with low levels of irritability, poor sleeping habits and poor eating habits. This can eventually affect you physically, which can lead to headaches, insomnia, low energy levels and can lead to serious illnesses.

There are natural ways, which can be used as an alternative or in support of treatment , and which can serve as amazing tools for healing and transformation. One such amazing way to reverse heal is to harness the power of crystals.

Stone for stress and self-confidence: How to improve your well-being with crystals

Stress stones and crystals are often used to help improve our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

If you are looking for a natural method to reduce stress and improve your self-confidence, natural stones can be a great option.

Using stones against anxiety and stress:


Ever feel like your life is too cluttered?

It's like you have a constant mental overload and feel bombarded by everything around you . Besides your job and your family, part of this could be the effect of being constantly plugged into technology and what it demands of you.

In a society where most things are dictated by the media and social media , you may feel like you're thrust into a world where everything you eat, breathe, listen to, and sleep is a sham. Being bombarded day after day and not being able to cope with this constant chaos while trying to fit in can lead to anxiety.

Just as tidying up a messy room makes your space more inviting where you can focus, relax and feel less stressed, clearing your thoughts of distractions and mental jargon can bring clarity and calm to the mind , making it open for inspiration and healing.

Wearing a stone for stress regularly can help make sense of this clutter and prevent anxious and negative thoughts from taking over , so you can truly focus on your life purpose and transform your life.

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The universal stone of unconditional love, rose quartz symbolizes love in all its forms and evokes vibrations of love, harmony and compassion .

Being able to love and, more importantly, love yourself is essential to self-healing because you begin to put yourself first and address the issues that are causing your stress and anxiety. Rose quartz is a stress-relieving stone that also helps overcome emotional issues and fear, which are often the root cause of anxiety.

A heart chakra stone, rose quartz allows you to forgive and let go, which can be very liberating, allowing you to move on.

Wear it like jewelry, hold it, or meditate with it to balance your emotions and bring calm when you feel anxious. It is also an excellent stress stone to place in your home or office to keep a peaceful and harmonious environment. Pink anti-stress stone.

Raw Rose Quartz stones


Negative thoughts that overwhelm you? Carnelian is a beautiful red-orange stone that can help overcome fear and relieve feelings of depression.

When stress makes you feel low , holding or meditating with carnelian can give you a boost of energy and enthusiasm to never give up and keep going, no matter how hard things get.

Wearing this stone will help you build confidence and stay motivated and not get stuck , so you don't feel overwhelmed or easily agitated, which will make you anxious. Anti-stress and anxiety stone.

Carnelian stone bracelet


When you feel overwhelmed by a feeling of "heaviness" and experience worry and fear, black tourmaline is an excellent stone for dissipating "heavy" energy and transforming it into a light, balancing vibration. Meditate with black tourmaline to dispel worry and fear. Hold a piece in each hand and visualize your fears, insecurities, and whatever is causing your stress and anxiety being drawn into the stone, and sucked out of you.

It is also an amazing stone to place in your environment as it helps with grounding and creates a protective shield against negative vibrations and electromagnetic frequencies that can enter your energy field. It is a great stone for anxiety as it helps absorb negative energies leaving you with positive healing energy. Stone against stress and nervousness.

Raw Black Tourmaline


If you like the color turquoise, you will love the stone . Turquoise is a calming blue-green stone that can balance energies and help reduce your stress and worries. Excellent for calming, turquoise can help stabilize your emotions and can even prevent an impending panic attack, or help you recover from one more quickly. Wearing or wearing turquoise provides protection and evokes vibrations that keep you grounded and centered.

Turquoise is also a strengthening stone that will help you overcome your fear, sadness and pain and help you deeply heal the mind, body and soul. Stone that gives self-confidence.

Turquoise tumbled stone


Whether it's anger, worry, or thoughts that make you anxious and increase your heart rate, aquamarine may be the stone you need to stop this kind of "overthinking." Associated with the calming element of water, this pale blue stone is filled with calming, flowing vibrations, which calm fears or disrupt thoughts that can lead to anxiety.

Brimming with refreshing energy, aquamarine may be just what you need to calm and restore peace of mind and find emotional balance. Consider wearing it on the throat chakra as a pendant to allow freedom of expression, or hold it in your hand to slow your thoughts and calm your mind when you're anxious. Blue self-confidence stone.

Aquamarine pearl bracelet


If you find yourself dwelling on thoughts often, drifting off quickly, or your mind is always "busy," smoky quartz can help calm it with its powerful ability to calm, relax, and manage tension.

Worn by soldiers in combat, smoky quartz helps overcome fear and face situations with courage. This helps deal with anxiety issues that are often rooted in fear, and need a boost of courage to face and deal with.

Wear the stone like a bracelet, preferably in contact with the skin, to always remain focused, better tolerate problematic situations and face life with courage. Stone that calms anxieties.

Smoky quartz crystals in close-up


Known as the “Stone of Peace,” sodalite emits a calming and comforting vibration that combats nervousness that can make you emotional or overly nervous. It can help calm the mind and relieve panic attacks.

If you have difficulty expressing yourself, others find it difficult to understand what you mean, this is a great stone for calming anxious energy and expressing yourself by sharing your ideas and views with others. Self-confidence anti-stress stone.

Sodalite polished and cut into beads


The most recommended stone for reducing stress and improving self-confidence is amethyst. This natural stone is known for its calming and balancing properties, making it an ideal choice to help reduce stress and improve self-confidence.

Amethyst is also known to help improve mental clarity and reduce anxiety, which can help boost self-esteem. By wearing an amethyst as a pendant or placing it in your environment, you can feel calmer, more relaxed and more confident.

An excellent all-purpose stone, amethyst resonates with the higher chakras, such as the crown chakra and third eye chakra, bringing clarity to chaos and resolving confusion and clutter that can induce stress and anxiety. Amethyst is a stress-relieving stone that helps combat issues that can cause mental stress and allows you to handle situations rationally and consciously. Place it on your forehead to reduce tension headaches or to take control and feel calm, even when you're overworked.

Amethyst also helps overcome feelings of sadness, obsessive behaviors, mood swings, and insomnia , which can trigger anxious thoughts. If you seek to face every situation in a calm, collected and mindful manner, wear amethyst jewelry or carry the stone with you. Amethyst anti-stress stone.

Amethyst geode


Chrysocolla is an incredible stone for relieving emotions of fear, nervousness and anxiety and can be your "safety blanket" when facing situations where you need to be in the spotlight, such as giving a speech, doing networking in a social context or giving a presentation. Carry it with you whenever you need to deal with a crowd.

It can also help resolve situations where poor communication can lead to arguments and misunderstandings. To avoid confrontation and articulate what you need to say with confidence, this is the stress stone to have on hand.

Chrysocolla Bracelet

Natural stone anti-stress bracelet


When you want to eliminate feelings of worry and stress, hematite is the perfect stone to help ground you and bring you closer to the Earth's natural vibrational frequencies . By feeling more centered and more in harmony with your own energies, you will feel more balanced and less anxious.

Hematite also helps you find your inner strength , necessary to combat worrying thoughts and negative emotions. Hematite is excellent to use for grounding before beginning a healing crystal meditation routine. Mineral stone against anxiety.

Raw Hematite stone


Popularly known as the stone of prosperity and abundance, citrine is an excellent stone for raising your energy levels and replacing negative energy with positive vibrations. A stone of joy, citrine is called the “Merchant’s Stone” because it can help attract prosperity by dissolving blockages linked to finance.

If you are anxious about your finances and want to attract abundance, wear citrine as jewelry or carry it on your person . In times of stress, citrine helps increase energy levels by grounding negative energy and revitalizing the mind, helping you relax and progress. Stone against stress.

Citrine Geode


A beautiful multi-colored stone, fluorite can relax you just by looking at it . An excellent energy balancing stone, fluorite helps you concentrate and calm your emotions to think clearly and put you at ease in stressful situations.

Known as the "Rainbow Keeper", fluorite evokes feelings of peace, harmony and balancing energy and is an excellent stone to use for meditating on anxiety and stress. Stone for stress and self-confidence.

Raw Fluorite stone

To finish...

There are many different stones for stress and anxiety, and just as each person is different, each person will have a different relationship with each stone . Once again in lithotherapy, it is better to trust your feelings or your intuition to choose the stone you want to use.

Crystals can be a natural and effective method for reducing stress and improving self-confidence.

By working with calming stones like amethyst, you can help strengthen your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Take the time to find the one that appeals to you and learn more about the properties of each to decide which one can help you best.

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