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We are Célia and Julien, above all two great enthusiasts of minerals and subtle energies. We practice yoga, meditation, relaxation, we experiment with bio-resonance and have for several years been designers of jewelry and energetic objects, mainly positive energy generators.

Today, apart from our little ones, part of our interests focus on all the alchemical phenomena and processes neglected by modern science.

We both come from a very demanding professional environment. Stress, energy pollution and overwork have long been part of our daily lives. We quickly wanted to evolve towards a more authentic approach to life and its energies, and thus flourish on a physical, mental, psychological and spiritual level.

When we both discovered orgonite, we were quickly convinced of its beneficial effects. Skeptical at first, it was through personal tests carried out on an orgonite, by observing the waves of shapes captured when they were taken in ice or by electronically measuring the result linked to the presence of an orgonite in an electromagnetic field (WiFi, meters, mobile phone, etc.), which we have realized is its formidable action and its positive impact on our environment.

The Natural Mystic Shop site has 3 main missions:

First, to be the place to get real, beautiful, and highly effective handcrafted orgonites.

Each object is made entirely by hand, using high-quality, 100% natural materials, with full awareness and using traditional, eco-responsible manufacturing processes.

Our orgone pendants allow you to benefit from the benefits of a real orgone generator anywhere and at any time.

You will also find orgonites to act on a larger space, such as an office or a living room. We mainly opted for one of the most powerful shapes: the pyramid. For outdoor uses such as in a garden or energetically depolluting a body of water, they work very well, even if it is not necessary to have aesthetically well-designed ones in this case.

Secondly, this site aims to disseminate as much information as possible on orgonites.

There you will find answers to questions that everyone may ask: testimonials and opinions on the beneficial effects of orgonites, how to use them, how to make them and with what materials, etc.... This information is linked together by themes. You will find a broader spectrum than the subject of orgonite, ranging from alternative medicine to spirituality. Since science tends to ignore or deride phenomena that are beyond current understanding, it was important to bring together as much information as possible in one place to facilitate understanding of what an orgone energy generator is. .

The third vocation of the site is to offer very elaborate and specific orgonites to facilitate the activity of people working with subtle energies.

Thus, healers, feng-shui practitioners, magnetizers, geobiologists and other energy therapists will find quality articles that will meet their expectations.

Our orgone energy generators are also made in the spirit of helping those who are on a path of evolution or personal development. So you will find on our site accumulators of positive energy of connection, self-affirmation, appeasement, level of consciousness, chakra, protection or even femininity.

We emphasize the fact that the indications given on this site concerning the use of lithotherapy stones and crystals, jewelry and other energetic objects cannot replace medical treatment. We also advise anyone who is sick to consult a doctor.

Enjoy visiting the site ! Namaste

Célia and Julien

Natural Mystic Shop is an independent and alternative French store that thrills you...differently

You can contact us at this address: contact@natural-mystic-shop.com

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